Vitantonio Liuzzi 75th Grand Prix helmet, HRT, Monza, 2011

Liuzzi’s new helmet and Toro Rosso’s new sponsor

2011 Italian GP Thursday pictures

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Vitantonio Liuzzi is using a special helmet design for his 75th Grand Prix start which coincides with his home race this weekend.

According to HRT:

The base of the special edition Monza helmet will be pearl white. It will be signed with Vitantonio Liuzzi’s traditional autograph.

On the top part of the helmet Vitantonio’s logo will be displayed as will the blason of the Republic of Italy.

The illustration of a thinking “Genius” will be depicted at the top, while on the bottom part, the writing The Italian Genuises is engraved in gold leaves. The back and sides of the helmet will also have a dark carbon base and also picture Vitantonio?s car driving the HRT Formula One inside the garage; the mechanics of the team will be depicted along with the famous figures of Italy?s great history: Julius Caesar, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and Dante Alighieri.

Meanwhile Toro Rosso are running with the prominent logos of new sponsor Cepsa on their rear wings.

Nico Rosberg received the Lorenzo Bandini trophy in recognition of his performance in 2010.

And Kamui Kobayashi, Jarno Trulli Rubens Barrichello, Timo Glock, and Mark Webber joined in a creative project with Pirelli. The five used wet and intermediate tyres to create a piece of art on a 10-metre sheet of paper in the paddock.

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20 comments on “Liuzzi’s new helmet and Toro Rosso’s new sponsor”

  1. Very cool helmet!

    1. Indeed! I like it more than last year’s, although all Liuzzi’s helmets are very cool!

    2. Certainly not very dull!

    3. Hmmm. Not such a fan of it. It seems… a bit too busy for me. Too much going on with that helmet.

    4. Its certainly a lot more interesting than what Vettel comes up with each other week.

  2. Additional angles of Liuzzi’s helmet:

    1. *Italy’s unification ;)

  3. Kind of getting sick of how often drivers change their helmets. I know it’s to celebrate 75 gp, but really, does he need to?
    I prefered it when a driver’s helmet was as iconic as the car. Like Senna’s yellow one, Schumacher’s red one, Barrichello’s, Stewart’s, Hill’s,…..and so on.
    I use to be able to identify any driver by his helmet alone. But ask me to identify Vettel’s? I don’t think I could sadly.

    1. Yep, anyway Schumacher changed his own helmet a couple of times at least he started with a blue one which he had to change mid season 2000 because of barrichellos blue helmet

    2. I completely agree. Martin Brundle likened it to changing your signature on a weekly basis. He’s not a fan either!

      I can understand updates to the design, but I think in the basics it should stay the same.

    3. I don’t have trouble picking Vettel, he’s the that’s NOT Webber ;)

      Now Schumacher and Rosberg are annoying, you almost have to go by the camera colour now.

      1. but that was only for the belgian race to celebrate his 20th anniversary of his debut race. I believe Schumacher will be back to red this weekend.

      2. Schumacher’s gold helmet was a one-off thing to celebrate his twentieth anniversay. That’s a milestone worth commemorating.

        1. Indeed. And he’s reverted to his default silver and red cap too.

          The gold cap was way better, though. :)

    4. Thats easy, its the helmet in the first car :D

  4. Thanks very much for these Keith! Monza+Felipe+Fernando+helmet design= me in absolute heaven.

    1. I think its the picture from the presentation of the Ferrari F1 gaming wheel (for PS3 and PC apparently)!

  5. Looks like potato printing for milliionaires

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