Bernie Ecclestone, Ong Beng Seng, Singapore, 2012

Singapore confirms F1 contract extension to 2017

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Bernie Ecclestone, Ong Beng Seng, Singapore, 2012The Singapore Grand Prix will remain on the F1 calendar for at least the next five years.

The race organisers announced a contract extension with Formula One Management which will keep the race on the calendar until the 2017 season.

A provisional 2013 F1 calendar was revealed yesterday.

The first Singapore Grand Prix was held in 2008.

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25 comments on “Singapore confirms F1 contract extension to 2017”

  1. Good news, it’s a unique track with a proper USP as well, we need more ‘headline’ race in F1 imo

    1. Yeah, it’s a good event this. Not sure I see the point in having a GP in both Singapore and Malaysia though. Same with Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. There’s other places with money that would give the calendar a better geographical spread.

      1. It’s great news Singapore has extended the contract.

        I don’t really care much about geographical spread though if they keep only the interesting circuits and add new ones like the Laguna Seca.

        And ditch all the boring ones like Abu Dhabi (i dont give a damn the circuit is futuristic and looks like a Star Wars movie; the action is non-existent), Bahrain and the other Herman Tilke mis-creations.

        1. +1
          abu dhabi needs to go off the list. .that race is an absolute snoozefest

      2. @necrodethmortem Well I certainly appreciate having two opportunities to watch a Grand Prix. Plus, the latter’s a lot cheaper :P

  2. But still no news if the track will stay the same, no? Wasn’t it in 2010 when they announced that the track would be redesigned (maybe removing the area around T10 Singapore Sling complete and doing something with the waterfront where Crashgate occurred), but we haven’t heard anything after that. Or are they still considering moving the track somewhere out of the city center?

    1. Don think it would be shifted out of the city center by any chance.

      That said, a couple of modifications would be good to increase overtaking and keep things interesting.

      I could see them doing perhaps a loop around the water Fountain-of-wealth round-about at Suntec City after Turn 5 and before Turn 7 but it could be too dangerous if a repeat of Webber Valencia 2010 happens and a driver launches into the air and into the water fountain itself (unless they do a safety net or something).

    2. The waterfront area is rather lame, granted but is a good excuse to land bums on the 20,000 seats there and cash in on them.

      I would rather ditch that segment though if i have my way.

    3. Yes I remember that too, but it’s been dead silence since then, but Colin Syn has just said they will be modifying the track slightly. I think the section around (and under) the grandstand is pretty awful – wish they could turn the grandstand around and have it looking inland just for this one event so that the track could go straight and make the last right angle corner under the expressway into more of a passing opportunity. As it stands, there are just too many 90 degree corners here.

    4. @kaiie – The organisers have said that they will consider changes to the circuit if they think they can solve the problem of shutting down the centre of the city for the race. They want to move (at least part of) it out to the Marina Bay Sands if they can – which is going to be tricky, because there’s not a lot out there, and assuming they want to keep using the current pit facilities, their hands are even further tied.

  3. I like Singapore. I really do. I like the atmosphere, I like the concept of a night race, and I particularly love the way it’s so demanding on cars and drivers; it gives the race a real character. But I still feel the circuit needs work. Desperately. There’s simply too many corners, too many chicanes. Would it really be so difficult to make a few modifications?

      1. @scuderiavincero – Alright, then. How about this instead?

        The only problem is the grandstands along the waterfront, which would need to be turned around.

        1. I do like the last sector there, reminds me of Vale in Silverstone. On the subject of the Grandstands, I’m sure the Singaporeans can think of something. My own idea involves building something like this:

          One side serves The Float@Marina Bay, while the other side serves the street circuit. A slightly radical idea involves installing temporary grandstands on the alternate side for different events.

    1. Like your modification as it ditches the ridiculous passing under the grandstands for yet another 2 more 90 degree turns. A waterfront

      They could also do with installing a right turn after Anderson Bridge followed by a short straight and a hairpin turn back onto the esplanade bridge. Have watched all 4 editions and haven seen a overtaking move after the cars emerge from Anderson Bridge!

    2. I think the circuit is fine, it’s a real test for the drivers and I don’t see any real need for any changes.

    3. @prisoner-monkeys The thing is, if the track gets faster and shorter, it will no longer be as gruesome as it is now. I also think the ‘Singapore Sling’ — though a bit silly looking — is a unique corner that requires a lot of skill to get right; and how many of the new tracks have corners with a name that everybody who follows F1 immediately knows what you’re talking about? It’s become a part of the legend, so it should stay.

      Another thing: on your layout there is far too little run-off for the last corner and I think you know that I’m usually one of the last to complain about lack of run-off. A better solution would be to go straight at turn 16 and then rejoin at turn 19. The pontoon can be moved to turn 22 if they really must keep that gimmick. I also think it would be better to tighten turn 1 for overtaking and loosen turn 3 for the sake of not having a huge traction zone after each turn.

    4. Michael Brown (@)
      22nd September 2012, 16:59

      That’s nice, but the Singapore Sling should always stay.

      1. @lite992 – It does keep the Singapore Sling. The Slin is at the junction between St. Andrew’s Road and Connaught Drive, near the Supreme Court and the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. It was only ever included because there was no room for run-off on the outside of that corner, and so the cars had to be slowed down on the approach; if the actual corner was at the intersection of North Bridge Road and Parliament Place (one junction to the west), or at the interection of Connaught Drive and Fullerton Road (one junction east), then the Sling would not be necessary because there would be room for run-off.

  4. Brill news :D I love this circuit and I’m glad to see much more of it.

  5. As a local I am elated to hear that the race was extended!

    The race might be tedious to watch on TV but on track the atmosphere is immense. Yesterday, I was near the track along the fastest section and the roar of the engines was absolutely terrifying. The ground shook every time a car went by.

  6. Singapore Dissapointment

    Such a magnificent location with amazing architectural structures and at night this city truely is one of the most spectacular cities anywhere on earth. Then there is that track.

    How is it possible to have so BAD of a race track built within such a visually stunning location??

    I think of the mistake called turn 10. This awful attempt at designing a chicane is poorly placed and it continually caught driver after driver off guard and presents a really lame approach and exit. Better placed at the initial entrance to the corner and done so by having just a single island that would force the driving line to the outside and thus become a braking point which would slow the cars down and allow them to end up single file through the skinny bridge.

    Then there is the novel under the grandstands bit. Imagine paying for that ticket where you only see the cars for 5 seconds each lap. Big deal about the sound from under the stands. Very little appeal for spectators.

    As for the rest of the track it sort of just becomes the same lap after lap. Similar corners and bumpy straights that restrict the cars getting that head of steam they are built for. Actually rather boring…

    The race tommorrow will certainly be nothing more than a parade with the exception of those who will do some wall wacking. Only mechanical failures will juggle the final race standings

    I rate this race a 10/3

    10 for the city itself and 3 for a very boring race track….at least Abu Dahbi is just around the corner

  7. I’d change the bit between the start line and the finish line,

    disappointed that it’s been extended as I’ve never been a fan of the track

  8. Excellent news, this is a race I would love to attend and hope to do so before it’s contract is up! I have 5 more opportunities.

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