Red Bull-Renault RB8, Autosport International 2013

F1 cars at Autosport International 2013

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Red Bull-Renault RB8, Autosport International 2013

Pictures of 23 different F1 cars at the Autosport International 2013 which begins today at the Birmingham NEC.

The show opens to the public for two days beginning on Saturday.

F1 pictures

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13 comments on “F1 cars at Autosport International 2013”

  1. Looking forward to heading down at the weekend courtesy of F1F’s competition. These pictures are just wetting my appetite.

  2. A lot of great cars on display. I do envy those living nearby…

  3. Isn’t that Ferrari’s steering wheel on the Caterham?

  4. does appear to be a repainted version of it yes. Good spot.

  5. I think the Ferrari is an F60 maybe.

    1. It’s the F150º Italia, from 2011.

  6. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    10th January 2013, 15:55

    In my opinion the Lotus 98T JPS-livery is the most beautiful car in F1 history.

  7. Ferrari = F60
    McLaren = MP4-19


  8. Can’ wait to go there on Saturday. Looking forward to these cars and Richard Burns cars

  9. Great pics – always nice to see the gorgeous 98T. That’s not an Arrows A2 though Keith, it looks like an A3. The A2 was the thoroughly unsuccessful Buzz-bomb wing car.

    1. @bluestar77 Yep it is the A3, have updated the captions.

  10. I went today with my college and it was a great show.
    There was also a Sauber, Marussia and Williams, though all were older cars with this years livery. I think the Williams was a 2009 car with a 2008 or earlier front wing (not flat)
    There was also 2 2011 McLarens and 2011 Lotus/Caterhams, though in different places.
    Aside from F1 there were a collection of NGTC British Touring Cars, a couple of LMP cars and a huge amount of GT cars, especially Aston Martins and Ferrari 458’s

  11. The McLaren MP4-19 was a beautiful car. Looks even better with the slicks.

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