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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, 2013

The second pre-season test of 2013 concluded yesterday at the Circuit de Catalunya. Here’s a bumper collection of over 200 new pictures from the four-day test.

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus F1 Team/LAT, Williams/LAT, McLaren/Hoch Zwei, Mercedes, Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Getty Images/Red Bull, Sahara Force India F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team, Caterham/LAT, Marussia, HRT, Pirelli

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6 comments on “Barcelona test one in over 200 pictures”

  1. Is Mr Price to be at the 2nd Barcelona test?? I loved his pictures last year. Don’t get me wrong these are all great, but I was just wondering.

  2. I love the title @keithcollantine, and great images too!

  3. “This page is in Catalan, would you like to translate it?” No thanks, Chrome.

    Nice pictures. The nose on the Williams looks so much nicer than it was in launch-spec. I’d have considered voting for it a the best looking car had it looked like that at the time. @keithcollantine Maybe you could do a mid- or end-of-season repeat of the poll, based purely on the most recent specs of all the cars. Last year I voted for the McLaren, but after they changed the nose, I preferred the HRT.

  4. I hope Lewis and Nico can work something out with their matching helmets. One of them needs to go non-yellow. As far as I know Lewis has had yellow since he was quite young and Nico hasn’t….so, Nico, change your helmet.

  5. I’m really looking forward to this season, the last of the screaming NA engines. However, which car do we all think is the best looking this year? For me, livery-wise I love the new Caterham colours, but I’ve always been a sucker for green, while I do not like the new RBR scheme. I think the new Toro Rosso is the best looking car for 2012 – it just looks FAST.

    What does everyone else reckon?

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