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2013 Malaysian Grand Prix TV Times

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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It’s a packed weekend of single-seater racing with the Malaysian Grand Prix plus the start of the IndyCar and GP2 seasons.

F1 Fanatic Live will be running throughout all the F1 and GP2 sessions plus the first round of the IndyCar season from St Petersburg. Look out for the live page on the site during every session and follow all the action with your fellow F1 Fanatics.

Here are the details of where you can watch all three races in the UK:

Friday 22nd March 2013

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
Malaysian Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F11:452:003:30
GP2 Malaysia practice liveSky Sports F13:503:554:25
Malaysian Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F15:456:007:30
GP2 Malaysia qualifying liveSky Sports F17:507:557:25

Saturday 23rd March 2013

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
GP2 Malaysia feature race liveSky Sports F13:103:154:20
Malaysian Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F14:455:006:00
Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F17:008:00
Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying highlightsBBC1 & BBCHD13:00

Sunday 24th March 2013

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
GP2 Malaysia sprint race liveSky Sports F14:104:155:05
Malaysian Grand Prix liveSky Sports F16:308:00
Malaysian Grand Prix highlightsBBC1 & BBCHD14:30
IndyCar Grand Prix of St Petersburg liveESPN16:1517:00

Please share details of the F1 coverage in your area below.

If you’re unable to watch the race at your location, join the F1 in Pubs forum to find a place to watch the race:

Find times for every F1 session this year and all the 2013 race dates with the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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31 comments on “2013 Malaysian Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. Wouldn’t it have been magical (not to mention painfully, obviously the sensible thing to do) if the BBC had decided to cover either of the first 2 rounds this year, and not select a ‘TBC’ race which clearly had the chance of never even happening?

    1. I wish the BBC would have selected the opener last weekend, but understand their strategy is much different to sky. There’s no way they would ever pick Australia or Malaysia, which is sad for fans who don’t have sky.

      1. Did they not pick pick at least one of them last year?

        1. No. The BBC doesn’t like races a long way outside European time-zones; it also tends to choose the most entertaining races rather than the ones with the biggest market impact.

      2. i’m sure its about money-saving. it costs alot to send a large crew over to melbourne. the crew they did have there were probably a lot fewer in personnel than at a ‘live’ race.

        1. It’s more to do with how the races are picked. I think I read each broadcaster takes turns to select three races each, the BBC pick first.

          The BBC need to target audience numbers, so picking a race thats on early morning isn’t what they want. The BBC’s first three must include the British GP and I guess the season final in Brazil. Then one other spa or Canada for example.

          Sky then pick their three exclusive races. Their target is to get as many people to sign up as possible. The most effective way of doing this to get the first two races, so they make fans feel like they are missing out and hope some crumble and buy sky. This then goes on until all races have been picked.

          I guess BBC picked the tbc race as it would ‘ve been a euro race so they were basing it more on timezones, keeping in mind their targets for huge audiences.

          I don’t think BBC got the first two races last season, I think started in China.

          1. Stupid question.. But why does Sky needs to pick races when they have a licence to show all the races?

          2. Sky’s pick is for races which the BBC aren’t allowed to cover I believe, so that they get the better races exclusively.

          3. In addition to this, I believe the BBC can’t show more than 2 in a row live and Sky can’t have 2 in a row exclusively.

            I imagine for BBC’s first 3 picks, they went for the British GP, Brazil and Canada (or Belgium).

            I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Sky then picked Australia and Malaysia so that anyone wanting to watch the start of the new F1 season would be tempted to take out a Sky subscription.

          4. They got the TBC race because as the pickings fall it meant that they would be left with the 2 nobody wanted, which was probably TBC and Bahrain as they were the ones that were unlikely to happen.

        2. Yeah, Sky just pick their exclusive races, so in effect they are both picking what the BBC shows. BBC picking what they show, Sky picking what they can’t.

          I’m not sure but I think the two race rule applies to both the BBC and Sky. Given their strategy to deprive fans without sky, I think they would jump on the first three races if this were possible. After all they get them all anyway, so their main plan is to hurt the BBC as much as possible. While the Sky coverage is excellent, they do want to hurt a proportion of the fans, so they feel left out and join Sky. I’m not saying Sky don’t care for fans, because some of the things they do really have gone above and beyond. But it’s obvious they want and need people to sign up, so they do need to make some feel like they really need sky.

    2. Because of the way picking 20 races in groups of three works, the BBC would almost certainly have been left with the choice of TBC and Bahrain for the last race.

      Even a 1% chance of covering a Turkish or French Grand Prix would be infinitely preferable in my estimation to 100% chance of covering Bahrain.

  2. Thanks for adding in the GP2 and IndyCar times @keithcollantine, most helpful!

    Also this weekend is the Pirelli World Challenge which supports the IndyCar. Think an Americanised BTSS but multiclass with the Porsche Supercup and Clio Cup thrown in with the BTCC guys.

    Races live on the website here

  3. Hi Keith, I know during the week I voiced my dissatisfaction with the drivers’ attitudes in press conferences, but I think it would be very useful if you began putting up the times for driver/team principal press conferences as well :)

  4. Gonna be a cracking weekend all round. Its also the first weekend of the World Touring Car Championship from Monza with a strong British contingent including Rob Huff, Alex MacDowall, James Thompson, James Nash, Tom Boardman and Tom Chilton. Live coverage of both races (plus Auto GP) on British Eurosport.

  5. Germany: (CET / start of coverage)

    02:55 Sky Sport 1/HD1
    06:00 Sport1 (highlights)

    06:55 Sky Sport 1/HD1
    07:00 Sport1
    14:00 & 21:00 Sport1 (highlights FP1+FP2)

    05:55 Sky Sport 1/HD1
    07:45 RTL (highlights)

    08:30 RTL
    08:50 Sky Sport 1/HD1
    16:00 & 22:00 Sport1 (highlights)

    07:45 RTL
    08:00 Sky Sport 1/HD1
    17:15 Sport1 (highlights)

    R1: Sat 04:10 Sky Sport 1/HD1
    R2: Sun 05:10 Sky Sport 1/HD1

    1. I’ve just installed a satellite pointed at hotbird and I get RTL CH. Have I just gone through this effrt and they’re not going to have the race live??

      Sorry I’ve just reread your comment, I see I’ll miss practive but they’ve still got qualifying and the race live. Not bad for 40 quid. Much better than sky!

      1. If possible point your dish at 19.2°E Astra and you’ll be able to watch the practice session on Sport1. During the non-asian races they will show both FP1 and FP2 live free-to-air. RTL GER is also FTA over 19.2°E

    2. Thanks @goofy, that saves me having to check the epg, or making silly mistakes w. the one hour difference.

  6. IndyCar on ESPN? Boooo!!!

    1. Man that sucks, I really enjoyed IndyCar last season – every race was hugely entertaining I thought!

      Can I justify getting ESPN? …. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe :/ dammit!

    2. @slr @graham228221 Before anyone signs up and gets disappointed, they haven’t committed to live coverage of all the races yet. However I’m told you can sign up and quit any time, there’s no minimum contract.

      1. Ah thanks for the info @keithcollantine really helpful! If you can just sign up for a month at a time then I am more tempted. I can’t imagine watching it for much else, maybe the NASCAR sprint cup, but even then it looks like they just show highlights.

        At least I can just sign up for a month for the Indy 500, if they show it.

  7. USA on NBCSports Net, all times Eastern & this includes Indycar stuff marked with {IRL}.

    Thursday March 21st 2013
    07:00pm — Ryan Hunter-Reay: An American Champion {IRL}

    Friday March 22nd 2013
    02:00am — F1 Free Practice 2 [Live]

    Saturday March 23rd 2013
    12:00am — F1 Free Practice 2
    01:30am — Mobil1: The Grid
    04:00am — F1 Qualifying [Live]
    01:00pm — F1 Qualifying
    02:30pm — Indycar Qualifying [Live]{IRL}
    06:30pm — Ryan Hunter-Reay: An American Champion {IRL}

    Sunday March 24th 2013
    02:30am — Ryan Hunter-Reay: An American Champion {IRL}
    03:30am — F1 Pre-Race [Live]
    04:00am — F1 Malaysia GP [Live]
    06:00am — F1 Extra [Live]
    11:00am — Indylights @ St Pete {IRL}
    :00pm — Indycar GP of St Pete [Live]{IRL}
    03:00pm — F1 Malaysia GP
    05:30pm — F1 Extra
    10:30pm — F1 Malaysia GP

    There is No GP2 Coverage in the USA this year, as NBCSN did not pick-up the rights for that (yet) & SPEED did not renew theirs.

    1. This might be a stupid question, but how does one watch something on the NBC Sports Network?

      I’m in the US at the moment, and I’m not sure if it is a cable channel, a streaming site, or some kind of network that encompasses a number of channels / sites. The site seems to be just news and gossip, with no streaming that I can see. The Android app is woeful, and I can’t find any information about where the cable channels are or how to get them.

      Any help? cheers.

      1. It’s a cable channel, probably one of the higher-up ones. (The channel numbers and coverage vary, so I can’t more than that.) I think they promised to stream the races live online, but I can’t find any sign that they’re actually doing so. (They definitely have the capability, that’s how I watched the Olympics, but F1 is probably a pretty low priority.)

      2. It’s a cable channel & it’s location varies by provider like @pelican said. On that website if you scroll down a bit on the right side you’ll see a widget named “NBC Sports Network Finder”, type the 5-digit zip code of the place you’re located into that widget & then click the button then it should load a page that contains a list of the local cable & satellite providers along with what channels NBCSports Network is on for those providers.

      3. @kirk here is a list of the most common providers and the channel for NBCSports

        DirecTV – 220
        Dish Network – 159
        Comcast – 44
        Cox – 54
        U-Verse – 640
        Time Warner – 29
        Verizon – 90

  8. @keithcollantine I think the session end time for GP2 qualifying is a typo.

  9. @keithcollantine The tables state the GP2 Qualifying Session ends at 7:25 instead of 8:25

  10. Looks like its a case Sky+ for me… A rare weekend where I’m not a hermit crab…!

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