Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Sepang, 2013

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix grid

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Sepang, 2013

Row 11. Sebastian Vettel 1’49.674
Red Bull
2. Felipe Massa 1’50.587
Row 23. Fernando Alonso 1’50.727
4. Lewis Hamilton 1’51.699
Row 35. Mark Webber 1’52.244
Red Bull
6. Nico Rosberg 1’52.519
Row 47. Jenson Button 1’53.175
8. Adrian Sutil 1’53.439
Force India
Row 59. Sergio Perez 1’54.136
10. Kimi Raikkonen 1’52.97
Row 611. Romain Grosjean 1’37.636
12. Nico Hulkenberg 1’38.125
Row 713. Daniel Ricciardo 1’38.822
Toro Rosso
14. Esteban Gutierrez 1’39.221
Row 815. Paul di Resta 1’44.509
Force India
16. Pastor Maldonado No time
Row 917. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’38.157
Toro Rosso
18. Valtteri Bottas 1’38.207
Row 1019. Jules Bianchi 1’38.434
20. Charles Pic 1’39.314
Row 1121. Max Chilton 1’39.672
22. Giedo van der Garde 1’39.932

*Three-place penalty for impeding Nico Rosberg

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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109 comments on “2013 Malaysian Grand Prix grid”

  1. Ferrari’s best average position on the grid since Monza 2010.

    1. for sure they would get pole position this year sooner or later!

      1. for sure they would get pole position this year sooner or later!

        For thure, I see what you did there!

      2. for sure it will be an even extra motivational boost for them and if things will keep going like this for sure we will have more drivers in the title hunt! ;)

    2. Massa justifying the decision not to replace him at the end of last year.

      1. Just got home from work! Holy moly!

        Go Massa! :D
        Did not expect that.

      2. I would still say that based purely on the information they had at the time there was no reason to keep him. I suppose their blind faith had to pay off eventually after 2 and a half terrible years.

    3. @kingshark What about Montreal 2011? :)

      1. @enigma
        Montreal 2011 had an equally good grid position, but not better. :)

        1. @kingshark Equally best since Monza 2010 then? :)

  2. Err, wow.

    Very good job from Massa too.

    1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
      23rd March 2013, 9:09

      @david-a : Yeah, as Martin Brundle said : “A new and improved Massa!”

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        24th March 2013, 2:33

        Felipe 2.0

  3. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
    23rd March 2013, 9:07

    Vettel 1st, Raikkonen 7th. dejavu?

    1. Hopefully, but in fact very possible!

      1. thankfully, this time Sutil can’t do same strategy to disrupt front runners.

        1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
          23rd March 2013, 9:15

          Grosjean could. and obviously he seems to do it better than Sutil’s last race.

          1. Oops, that’s worrying.

          2. MB (@muralibhats)
            23rd March 2013, 9:21

            How can Grosjean do this. Everyone have free will in deciding tyres this time. In Melbourne, the front runners were stuck to super softs.

        2. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
          23rd March 2013, 9:16

          @eggry : Sutil wasn’t “disrupting” the front-runners. He was racing well, and was at the front as he hadn’t boxed yet.

          1. @shreyasf1fan sorry, I’m not blaming him. he did his job really well but because of him, that’s also true that he affected top teams strategy and race. That’s what I’d like to say.

        3. Will not it be a free tire choice for everybody tomorrow?

          1. sorry, I forgot it was wet session. it’s true. wow.

          2. the only way to go now is to put hard at the start just in case of some rain in the closing stages. One thing that I’m pretty sure of is RBR starting on the harder compound.

          3. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
            23rd March 2013, 9:30

            that’s right. and those time in last year Silverstone when WEB managed to pass ALO through different tyre choice could be replicated.
            If you’re Sebastian, which tyre will you use?

          4. @adityafakhri
            For Seb I think use the softer compound first, just because he can hold people up as he eeks out their lifespan.

            Assuming he stay in the lead. Makes him open to being jumped. But you take that risk either way. And it’d pay off later on strategy wise.

  4. Vettel’s made a good call. The fresh tyres made the difference!

    1. Shame for him about the Ferrari’s making the same call – only question is if both can pass him or just 1.

  5. I am massively happy to see Massa on the front row, and ahead of Fernando for the fifth race in a row. That was massive, for sure, I kid you not.

    1. Fourth* I think.

  6. Hamilton ran out of tyres there in the end, but the Merc definately looks the 2nd quickest in qualy spec the way Rosberg was getting it round earlier – be interested to see how much the race pace moves on this week now they’ll be on a standard strategy from the start.

    Should be a nice clear track for Lewis at the start anyway with Ferrari shooting off in front and Webber playing road block again.

  7. From the looks of it Vettel was struggling in Q1 & 2, so to get pole may have been purely a result of his wet weather driving and the great decision on his side of the garage to jump to a new set of inters. Either way, fantastic lap – 9 tenths ahead of Massa!

    1. @vettel1
      I have to say, I don’t like this guy, but 1 second/lap faster than anyone else in a wet qualy session is very impressive. Props to Seb.

    2. I think VET was saving tires in Q1 and Q2.

      1. yeah i think he, sutil, raikkonen and someone else in the top 10 have an extra pair of tyres.

      2. @mike-dee – it was said that in Q2 he went out on a used set of mediums that is very true.

        @jleigh – interesting proposal: usually it works that downforce prevents the tyre from sliding across the track so actually conserving them, but since graining is more of a factor now perhaps the tyre is literally being pulled apart due to the sheer force going through it when it corners.

        1. @vettel1 Seb has said that he feels there car is a lot faster than the tyres. So much so that apparently RB are asking for Pirelli to reintroduce the 2012 tyres. (Apparently Merc are too which I find odd)

          1. @jleigh – if it continues I can see them reverting to an Abu Dhabi 2012-esque set-up; that worked very well with the tyres and was great for overtaking if Red Bull lost qualifying pace because of it, but I do think Pirelli have overstepped the mark this year – I like the extra challenge, but it shouldn’t have such a big influence as they have now.

    3. For me it shows that the RB has too much downforce for the tyres. All through winter and practice sessions all I’ve heard is how incredibly planted the RB looks, but due to the tyres, they haven’t necessarily been able to get the full potential of their car. In the wet however, the tyres are no longer a limit and all the downforce makes them mega quick. If Webber had changed as well, I feel we would be seeing a dominant RB front row.

      1. I heard sort of downforce saturation last year. If that’s true in Red bull’s case. then dry session would be headache for them. I don’t know the race would be wet or dry though.

    4. @vettel1 and the cars working range makes it pretty favourable in colder conditions as Mark told earlier, they could both be leading again the pack and Raikkonen could had started 7th again. Strange patterns early days, even in very differing scenarios, coincidence.

  8. Very promising grid for great race considering their race pace. Good.

  9. Alonso for the win tomorrow.

    1. Hehe or Kimi with his tyres.

    2. Very well possible. He’s usually very good around this track, won here 3 times.

  10. “So Fernando, Felipe is faster than YOU!” =x

    1. :))) +1

      1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
        23rd March 2013, 9:20

        @d-f1delis : I don’t understand why some people are so “anti-Alonso”. He is a great racer – better than Massa – and he will finish the race ahead of Massa.

        1. I don’t understand why some people are so “anti-Alonso”.

          Mostly bitterness, people still like using the old Germany 2010 joke; even though the exact same happened in Hockenheim back in 2008, yet you didn’t hear anyone prancing around in their panties when Heikki let Lewis by.

          Yes, I also believe that Alonso is going to finish ahead tomorrow in the race, as usual.

          1. I’m sorry, but you wheel this Heikki example everytime this comes up. The difference is that he was not told on the radio to move over, unless you have some other evidence? I also don’t remember Hamilton coming on the radio saying “this is ridiculous” at any point before the move – so no – it is not the same thing and that is why people are not ‘prancing around in their panties’ at this point in time, or never have done in the past (or at least, not in relation to this issue).

            I have actually really warmed to your favourite driver these last few years, but it’s not bitterness that people wheel out the joke – it’s the fact that a blatant and illegal team order was given over the radio after Alonso had complained which shattered Massa’s confidence for the rest of the season and resigned him to permanent number 2 status.

          2. Also, that Hamilton went on to overtake 2 (?) other drivers and win the race while Kovalainen was capable of sod all in the same race shows that the circumstances were hugely different. Before the team-orders rule was dropped there was 2 ways for drivers to swap positions- common sense, barely even requiring prodding from the team, and unnecessary, obviously against the entire intention of the rule race-fixing. At that point in the season there was no reason for Ferrari to blatantly fiddle with the order of the 2 leading cars.

        2. I’m not “Anti-Alonso”. I just hate this political(“part of the game”/”team work”/whatever)… Is he better than Massa ? Definitely. But let he show it on the track.

          1. because the track till now what have shown? we have 3 years of partnership…

        3. He is a great racer – better than Massa – and he will finish the race ahead of Massa.

          He is very much a great racer, but you cannot say he will finish ahead of Massa – that implies there is a 100% chance he will, which is far from reality. Sure, he likely will but Massa was very good in the first two stints of the race in Australia remember and was keeping Alonso at bay…

          1. @vettel1
            Unless something very strange happens, I think it’s safe to say Alonso will very likely finish ahead tomorrow. He’ll have better long-run pace, and will be given the optimal strategy.

          2. @vettel1 Max do you think Vettel can keep Hamilton behind tomorrow for the whole race?;)

          3. @Vettel1

            You are absolutely right that there is no way we can guarantee that Alonso will finish ahead of Massa,… Having said that I expect him to finish ahead of Massa though… But you never know.. Fernando could run into trouble or Felipe might have one hell of a race.. If Alonso cant win it .. I would be really happy to see Massa or Hamilton winning..

            And the first two stints in Australia… not sure why people keep saying Massa was outpacing Alonso… As far as I can remember Alonso was only about a sec behind Massa and that gap never increased… and we all saw once Alonso got ahead he was quite a bit faster than Massa..

          4. @kingshark

            and will be given the optimal strategy.

            I’d like to hope Ferrari won’t shoot their own driver in the foot so early on, especially considering Massa seems to be a match for Alonso for now. Indeed though, as I’ve said it is likely Alonso will finish ahead but far from a foregone conclusion.

          5. @arrrang – I think he has more pressing concerns than Hamilton honestly! ;)

          6. @arrang – Hamilton ruined his changes of having a good start tomorrow by trying too hard to get the pole. His tyres are most likely the worst out the front runners.

          7. @vettel1 – you know I was reffering more to the race situation- AFTER the first corner;) but with all honesty we will have a great fight for the win tomorrow!

          8. @ziccaso they will probably all start on fresh hard tires.

          9. @arrrang – as was I – I think Ferrari are still a greater threat! ;) Here’s hoping, and I would like to see tyres not being the influential factor also.

        4. Because he may very well not do it. Do remember that Massa was better than him from the second half of 2006 to the middle of 2009, as well as in the second half of last year.

  11. Good strategy call from Massa to cross the line after Alonso on a quickly evolving track.

    1. +1 Now if only he can finish ahead in the race…..

      1. I sense a Ferrari one-two. I predicted ALO, MAS but wouldn’t mind a reversed order;)

        1. It would be nice, but I think tyres and rain make it a lottery.

          Luckily this track has a good DRS zone, so Massa wont be able to slow Alonso down too much during the race.

  12. Really glad for Felipe, I hope he can fight for the win in the race. Also very great job from Bianchi, There’s no doubt who is the king of the backmarkers.

    1. Bianchi is surely a rising star . Just needs a good car

      1. He will get one. Remember where Alonso started out?

  13. Dang it ! I wanted to have an aggressive prediction and went with HAM for pole . Got my hopes up when he had provisional pole and then I lost it when he was beaten by red bull and the ferraris . My mistake .should have gone with VET and made a safe prediction. Congrats Vettel , but you will get beaten tomorrow :P

    1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
      23rd March 2013, 9:24

      the real challenge to predict is tomorrow. although my prediction for pole was true, I’m not sure about tomorrow.

  14. Alonso underperforms again… if I were Domenicali I would elevate Massa to no.1 status..

    1. :-) . LOL good one

      1. @wsrgo

        Alonso underperforms again…

        Quoted for tomorrow’s race.

        1. @kingshark

          Quoted for tomorrow’s race.

          Oh dear, I’m in real trouble now..

          1. @wsrgo

            What makes you think that Alonso under performed?? he was just a tenth slower than his team mate… anyway the points are awarded on Sunday…

    2. And I think Hamilton will be the favourite for tomorrow…he has got much better long-run pace than the guys behind.

        1. @Nomore. I think he stands a chance of a podium

    3. If Domenicali is drunk, he should do that ;)

      1. Well then he should do it then ;-)

    4. Fernando is cracking under pressure from Massa they should definitely replace him with Perez… Not.

    5. I think that we should already start a pole “Who should replace Alonso at Ferrari for the rest of the seasson?”
      – Heidfeld
      – Fissichella
      – Bruno Senna
      – Petrov

      1. Piquet jr?

      2. @arrrang Or maybe Ralf Schumacher??

        1. @wsrgo I like the idea! poor guy could finaly come out of his brother shadow.

          But they don’t need to look that far- there’s Anthony Davidson always somewhere at the paddock ;)

          1. @arrrang Yeah…or maybe Ferrari could pull off a coup and sign Christian replace Alonso.

  15. I will be genuinly happy to see Felipe win tomorrow. Ferrari have been very quick off the line recently, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see one of them leading after T1. But it would be very good news for F1 if it was Massa.

    1. I’d normally love to see that because I really like Massa. But I dont want him to win because I dont think I’ll be able to take reading the simply minded comments that will come from the “massa is faster than you” crowd.

  16. Considering how the launch control and tyre management worked one week ago for Ferrari, I’m quite optimistic for the race. My prediction is that they’ll have to take care more of Hamilton than Vettel, Mercedes has shown consistency during the whole weekend and I wouldn’t be surprised of seeing them fighting for victory.

    On the contrary, I don’t believe that Lotus will be able to perform again their ‘trick’ with tyres, a 4th-5th place for Kimi is more likely if no accidents happen to the guys in front of him.

    And McLarens? The uncertain weather is the classic ‘Button situation’, maybe a shower can help him to achieve an unpredictable win as Alonso did one year ago…

  17. I know so many have said it, but well done Felipe. Looks like he’s been gradually ramping up his game since coming back from the accident, rather than going all out from the get go. Hopefully will make the constructors championship more interesting than the last three years!

    1. @splittimes – I know it’s early days yet, but I think you could even say Ferrari are constructor’s favourites currently – Massa is doing a good deal better than Webber relative to his teammate, and Vettel & Alonso are fairly close. Massa is doing a very good job though – maybe Ferrari’s decision to retain him was the right one after all (fingers crossed)!

  18. Hamilton/Rosberg will be fighting for the victory along with the top 3 and kimi…

  19. I don’t think it was the fresh set of tyres that helped Vettel be a second quicker than Massa. I think it was the fact that the car was setup for rain. Red Bull had a good nose there, from my point of view. I’m sure he’s going to win tomorrow though. The Ferraris have a really strong pace. Plus, Hamilton and Sutil, again were quite good. I don’t think they should be underestimated. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

    1. I meant to say I’m sure Vettel is not going to win tomorrow. Sorry about that…

    2. The RBR9 is probably one of the best in the wet, but so is the Mercedes and neither of those, nor Webber was close to Vettel – he outclassed everyone in Q3 today. But for the race tomorrow it will be difficult for him, especially if it is dry all race, then he will get in trouble with tire wear, and Kimi might triumph again, despite starting 10th.

    3. I think it was the fact that the car was setup for rain

      There is no rain set up in a track like Sepang, the “rain set up” is relevant only on 2 circuits on the calendar Spa & Monza. In all the circuits you need the maximum downforce of the car and that’s exactly the case when it rains. Spa & Monza are low downforce circuits ,you don’t need the maximum amount of downforce from the car to be the fastest in dry conditions, but when it rains you do
      So like i said this “rain set up” talk is only relevant in Spa & Monza

      I’m sure he’s going to win tomorrow though

      Well it depends on the weather, that RB9 is the fastest car on a single lap, even in race pace it is very strong but their problem is that they have an extra amount of downforce which is very good but not with the 2013 Pirelli tyres ,the weather tomorrow is uncertain but i’m sure the dry conditions will be a nightmare for the Bulls, their only chance is the rain

      1. Well it depends on the weather, that RB9 is the fastest car on a single lap, even in race pace it is very strong but their problem is that they have an extra amount of downforce which is very good but not with the 2013 Pirelli tyres ,the weather tomorrow is uncertain but i’m sure the dry conditions will be a nightmare for the Bulls, their only chance is the rain

        Yes, I agree with that, I meant to say NOT going to win, but I hit send too early.

    4. @cutteroz

      I don’t think it was the fresh set of tyres that helped Vettel be a second quicker than Massa.

      Well both Ferraris were on fresh tyres as well, so that’s definitely not the difference. But it could be they’re hoping for rain.

      @tifoso1989 There’s no big setup change between dry and wet but there’s certainly a few things in the setup you can change to be quicker in the wet.

  20. The fun part is, that we still don’t really know who is fast and who is not after this qualifying! Might get interesting tomorrow though.

  21. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    24th March 2013, 2:34

    Obviously Vettel would get pole, but for sure it’s great to see Massa on the front row again.

  22. Bianchi is going to win any way. ;)

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