Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Monza, 2013

2013 Italian Grand Prix grid

2013 Italian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Monza, 2013

Row 11. Sebastian Vettel 1’23.755
Red Bull
2. Mark Webber 1’23.968
Red Bull
Row 23. Nico Hulkenberg 1’24.065
4. Felipe Massa 1’24.132
Row 35. Fernando Alonso 1’24.142
6. Nico Rosberg 1’24.192
Row 47. Daniel Ricciardo 1’24.209
Toro Rosso
8. Sergio Perez 1’24.502
Row 59. Jenson Button 1’24.515
10. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’28.05
Toro Rosso
Row 611. Kimi Raikkonen 1’24.61
12. Lewis Hamilton 1’24.803
Row 713. Romain Grosjean 1’24.848
14. Pastor Maldonado 1’25.011
Row 815. Paul di Resta 1’25.077
Force India
16. Esteban Gutierrez 1’25.226
Row 917. Adrian Sutil* 1’24.932
Force India
18. Valtteri Bottas 1’25.291
Row 1019. Giedo van der Garde 1’26.406
20. Charles Pic 1’26.563
Row 1121. Jules Bianchi 1’27.085
22. Max Chilton 1’27.48

*Three-place penalty for impeding Lewis Hamilton

2013 Italian Grand Prix

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93 comments on “2013 Italian Grand Prix grid”

  1. Shocking.

  2. That’s it.

    1. seems like Red Bull has reached 2011 level of performance. the rest of the season would be waste of time.

    2. I has wondered Ferrari’s towing tactics actually works. They would gain in straights but they would lose in corners. I know Monza is most straight-full track but I always has had doubt about the idea.

      1. It works in theory. But in practice, I think it mainly is a huge distraction as you need to get it absolutely right.

        1. @mike-dee Yeah, I think it worked in Q2 but not in Q3…shame.

      2. @eggry didn’t they try the same trick at Monza last year in qualy and stuff it up then?

        1. They always failed in final crucial moment. It’s time to abandon the idea.

        2. Worked for Massa last year. Alonso had a parts failure when he attempted his Q3 lap.

  3. Ha! I would hope I’m not the only one who is incredibly satisfied that Alonso’s and Ferrari’s contrived attempt at giving him an advantage flopped badly.

    1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
      7th September 2013, 14:07

      You pretty much are, there’s nothing wrong with a team trying that trick to improve position. Get professional help, there’s slight damage.

      1. No, he isn’t

      2. Yeah, a little bit personal there.

    2. @mouse_nightshirt I think it’s hilarious haha! They ought to just do it properly!

    3. David not Coulthard (@)
      7th September 2013, 14:12

      I think the mistake was a bit funny (read: I’m a Red Bull fan), but it doesn’t really satisfy me since I wouldn’t have minded if Ferrari did try to do it. I mean, it’s legal, and the Spirit of the Rules wouldn’t have minded.

    4. Massa wants that Ferrrari seat next year haha :D
      Great job from him today but Hülkenberg was the man!

      1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
        7th September 2013, 14:45

        Ironically, compromising this tactic might in fact put him in an even worse position for next year.

        1. Well, he needs somehow to show the people at Ferrrai that he has some pace, which he has done. He’ll probably give Fernando his position back tomorrow during the race …

    5. It didn’t work two years in a row! Maybe they can reprise USGP to pop Alonso up a place, since Massa broke the rules by driving faster than his team mate.

  4. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
    7th September 2013, 14:06

    Massa : Screwing Ferrari since eternity :|

    1. @shreyasf1fan more like Ferrari screwing itself since eternity. When a team needs to work such strategy to just fight for a place in the front row it’s their fault, not the drivers that cannot make a tow work which is fairly difficult in F1 cars.

      1. exactly … it’s payback time

    2. Haha, I have to admit I laughed when Alonso said Felipe is too far even though I’m a Ferrari fan.

      1. felipe is……….. faster……. than…………

        1. Well the last three and a half years has not really proved that Felipe is faster than Fernando… has it?

          Anyway that was pretty stupid from Ferrari to try that.. it was never going to work..

          1. @puneethvb I was talking about the moment not his entire career .

      2. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
        7th September 2013, 14:11

        @eggry Yeah that was embarrassing as an Alonso fan :p

        1. @shreyasf1fan well that was embarrassing but still we can laugh at it and move on :D
          I believe Alonso has a fair chance to win tomorrow.

      3. That was embarrassing, he should speak in Italian.

    3. Well we criticize Felipe when he is too slow and now you gonna criticize him when he’s ahead of Alonso? :P
      Massa deserves a seat in a top team but I think he must leave Ferrari to a team who can really give him a chance

    4. @shreyasf1fan Of course, Massa should slow down and give up on getting some slipstream himself (from Webber) to help Alonso… :/

    5. How so? Alonso had a pretty big mistake in S2.

  5. Brilliant irony as Keith said with Ferrari – well that went badly.

    Fantastic result for Red Bull and particularly Nico Hülkenberg – Ferrari, are you watching?

    Well done to Ricciardo yet again and horrible result for Hamilton and Räikkönen.

    What an eventful qualifying!

  6. Poor Vergne. I suppose because he finished that lap and it was the only one he did in Q3, he’s going to have to start on those tyres he dragged through the gravel.

    1. I didn’t thought of that :s
      It’s gonna be tough race for him, especiallu with Kimi and Lewis behind him!

    2. I think he can get them replaced if they are damaged.

      1. @tmf42 I assume only if they’re deemed to be damaged to the extent of being unsafe, but you are correct.

        At the start of the race each car which took part in Q3 must be fitted with the tyres with which the driver set his grid time. This will only be necessary if dry-weather tyres were used to set the grid time and if dry-weather are used at the start of the race.
        Any such tyres damaged during Q3 will be inspected by the FIA technical delegate who will decide, at his absolute discretion, whether any may be replaced and, if so, which tyres they should be replaced with.
        A penalty under Article 16.3(b) will be imposed on any driver whose car is not fitted with the tyres with which he set his grid time (except if damaged tyres have been replaced with the approval of the FIA technical delegate).

  7. Hulkenberg should get the Ferrari seat ahead of Raikkonen.

  8. Incredible effort from Hulkenberg!

  9. Won’t somebody please give a better drive to the Hulk??

  10. With Massa, a Sauber and Webber ahead of him, Alonso may well be 2nd after the start.

    1. Unfortunately Vettel would have gone for a holiday to the mountains by then :( . Red Bull seem to be shattering rivals to bits.Unless something dramatic happens , Tomorrow is Vettel’s race to lose.

  11. I don’t quite understand why Ferrari depend on Massa to give advantage to Alonso.

    1. It’s just a desperate attempt from Ferrari to get Alonso up the grid a bit. But, as others said, it sort of backfired.

      1. Don’t worry, Massa’s gearbox will ‘fail’ like it did at COTA last year.

  12. Rather boring and disappointing quali..happy for hulk though.

  13. What do we think about Sutil – 5 place penalty?

    1. Unfortunately that will do nothing to change Hamilton’s position . He blew his banker . Had to pay the price . But I think Red Bull were unstoppable today. So no big deal . Maximum he could have got 3rd to 6th . Disappointed for Kimi and Rosberg too. :(

      1. @hamilfan he wasn’t improving though I don’t think on that lap, so I doubt it’d have made much difference at all anyway. It all fell to pieces when he ran wide at the exit of Parabolica…

        1. I disagree, Sutil ruined two laps for Hamilton.
          The one at the Parabolica where he was hindered and the next lap where he didn’t had the straight-line on the pit-straight because of Sutils error at the Parabolica.

          1. HAM was supposed to do a better lap before the one with the parabolica incident, he said it himself on BBC

        2. @vettel1 That’s what I meant when I said he blew his banker. Anyhow let’s see what happens in the race . Maybe a top 5 would be good.

          1. @hamilfan ah, I see ;) Well, it’s forecast to be wet…

            @paeschili I’m not disagreeing with you by any means, but had he got the banker in he may not have ended up behind Sutil at all.

          2. @vettel1. On the contrary , my friend , happily for you it’s forecast to be VET ;)

          3. @hamilfan – we’ll see, both are decent wet drivers (as is Hülkenberg) – I wouldn’t mind him getting a debut win!

    2. as far as Sutil is concerned , I don’t think they should give him a penalty . Its just the nature of parabolica I think

    3. you gotta look at telemetry and team radio communication to judge this – so we’ll see. It looks bad but might not be Sutil’s fault.

    4. Wasn’t Sutil on a hot lap himself?

  14. Massa you did it perfectly. I loved when Alonso said on radio- Felipe is too far ahead.

    On a serious note great great drive from Hulk. He deserves a top seat..either Lotus or Ferrari. And as usual Seb was just amazing.

  15. Both Lotuses eliminated in Q2 along with Hamilton amd Hulkenberg in 3rd place for Sauber? I did not see that coming. Somebody please give Hulkenberg a seat at a decent team, preferably Lotus or Ferrari, he’s the most deserving candidate and definitely more capable than Ricciardo who got a Red Bull seat mostly due to Toro Rosso’s connections with Red Bull. I just hope he doesn’t end up like Bottas did at Montreal.

    1. +1 It would be great to see him on the podium tomorrow :D

      1. He would already be on the podium at Interlagos last year if he didn’t punt Hamilton out of the race… I felt that his drive-through penalty was quite unfair as it was because of the rain but anyways, tomorrow is his best chance of getting a podium since Interlagos last year, fingers crossed that he doesn’t go backwards like Bottas did at Montreal. He’s driving a lot like Kubica did for Renault in 2010, pushing the car up to positions it has no business being in.

  16. FF Forza Ferrari? more like Ferrari Farce. Hamilton was a shambles s was Kimi. It’s over. Also I loved how Jean-Eric Vergne tried to have the yellow flags deployed, by yanking his steering wheel to the left onto the gravel, that was no accident.

    1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
      7th September 2013, 14:18

      @liambo Why would JEV do so?

      1. Especially when he wants to show RB he deserves that seat …

        Great car control from him on the gravel btw, I would have crashed into the wall :P

    2. @liambo if you’re implying that was to help RBR, what utter nonesense.

      1. What Red Bull?

        1. @liambo yes, Red Bull Racing.

    3. he as you said “yanked” his wheel left because he had oversteer and was correcting it and the front end gripped up too much for what he was expecting

      1. I know JEV didn’t do that in purpose- I take that back. Just P’d Off that not one of THREE ..Kimi, Lewis and Alonso challenged Vettel for pole. It’s been another short season. always next year ;)

  17. Incredible hulk !! deserves better car.
    Sutil mixing professional and personal life. don’t deserve to be in F1.
    Already penalised in Canada for the same mistake.

  18. @keithcollantine: please can you tell us what happened to Kimi and Lewis? I’m sat here at Ascari Tribune… Almost all the 20 people I’ve been with all the week-end…we’re just gutted! We thiught Ferrari could have been on pole! Twitter is full of angry comments and insults to Sutil… Really annoying Saturday! why that man was allowed to come back in F1?

    1. @lafyf1fanatic put simply, Lotus weren’t quick enough and Hamilton screwed himself over by running wide at the exit of parabolica. Ferrari screwed themselves over partially (although I don’t think they were quick enough for pole) by failing to properly execute the towing strategy and Sutil was just really clumsy (I hope; I would hate if that were intentional).

        1. We also have people here saying that Fernando has ‘insulted’ Ferrari over the radio, calling them names!. Something Schumi never did in his time there! :( What a Saturday! OMG! Well I hope the other guys can make up from where they will start.

          1. This is why I wish the FOM would release Alonso’s radio messages. I suspect there’s some pretty juicy stuff in them.

    2. Alonso did as well as could be expected, really. He’s effectively starting on the second row (will Massa have his gearbox seal broken again?) and second row is an outstanding start position for him, all things considered.

      Hamilton has been struggling for the last couple of days. His off-road excursion in Q3 was only the latest mishap – he went off in the same place in practice and has missed chicanes/braking points several times.

    3. I read that sutil slowed Hamilton at the parabolica, but Hamilton was already slow at the first sector 28.8… 1.5 slower then vettel at first sector. maybe it was the lap before, but I thought that was hamiltons warm up lap…

  19. Best possible result for Ferrari. Alonso can take over 4th or 3rd (courtesy Webber) at the start and hopefully chase the Red Bulls.
    Best for also scoring a little more WCC points as Merc and Lotus are not in the best of their shapes in this race.

  20. Stunning lap by Vettel. Never saw it coming.

    1. Something must be wrong if you had not seen it coming from P2 and P3. Hahaha.

      1. … and Q1 and Q2 and his first lap in Q3…

  21. Fernando’s comment over team radio was ridiculous

    1. So as his team which can’t provide a good car for ages.

    2. Not as ridiculous as his team’s imcompetency

  22. brilliant. Ferrari strategy backfired and am so glad massa is ahead.
    absolute perfect drive by Sebastien and Nico. Ferrari should hire him and Kimi and be done with it.

    this whole sutil vs Hamilton thing is getting retarded.

  23. If you didn’t mean it, don’t say it in the first place. Plenty of vile statements have been followed with “it was a joke”.

  24. Alonso himself said Massa had slowed down so that he could gain approx 0.15s from slipstreaming.

    Not only did Massa *not* screw Alonso / Ferrari, he may have actually had the pace to place better in qualifying. Baffling that commenters are blaming him, frankly.

  25. At the start of the year, after a few races, I thought to myself, if Mercedes is going to win at any track, it would be monza, and maybe spa. now they are 6th and 12th. the last race at spa the pole was a bit lucky because of the rain, and it seems like redbull have stepped up after the summer break, while as usual, Mercedes will fade as the year goes on. McLaren are starting to up their game now I feel, like they did in the bad 2009 season when they improved greatly towards the end of the year.

  26. All eyes on Row 7 at the start?

    1. @faulty Kimi , Romain , Lewis , Pastor .. OMG … why does that sound gut wrenching ? add to that Vergne in front

      1. Shreyas Mohanty (@)
        7th September 2013, 20:43

        @hamilfan When you put it that way, ****. Monza has a reeaallyy narrow turn 1.

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