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BRDC sells lease on Silverstone land

2013 F1 season

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Nico Hulkenberg, Sauber, Silverstone, 2013The British Racing Drivers’ Club has sold a lease on land in and around the Silverstone circuit to MEPC, a commercial property management company.

The proceeds from the ??32m sale has allowed the BRDC to pay off loans from Lloyds Banking Group and Northamptonshire County Council.

MEPC’s 999-year lease on the Silverstone Industrial Estate and development land around of circuit does not include the management or development of the circuit.

The BRDC have been seeking an investor since making alterations to the track in 2010 and constructing the new Wing pits and paddock complex.

Chairman Stuart Rolt said the MEPC deal will “see the realisation of a high-quality development, which will add to the ever growing status of Silverstone as a world-class centre for motor sport and vehicle engineering”.

“We are also confident that in MEPC we have a partner which fully appreciates the status of Silverstone as a race circuit, its history, the ethos of the BRDC and the importance of doing everything to ensure that reputation is enhanced in the future,” he added.

MEPC’s chief executive officer Rick de Blaby said they had “specific projects” planned for the next two years, but the “ongoing development of Silverstone could be a ten-year project”.

2013 F1 season

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  • 9 comments on “BRDC sells lease on Silverstone land”

    1. Great… now someone build a bloody bridge or dig a tunnel from the outside of Club or Vale corner of the inside of Club of Vale corner.

      1. What about a pedestrian crossing? Would be cheaper.

        1. A little more dangerous, though.

      2. I think a bridge would be better. What with rain possibly flooding it! Make it a nice and futuristic one and it could be a hit.

    2. Oh good. Now they can spend even more money on the infield while ignoring the real fans who are not allowed in that area in F1.

      The toilets, parking, catering etc are all a disgrace and the ticket prices keep rising.

    3. MEPC’s 999-year lease on the Silverstone Industrial Estate and development land around of circuit

      That sounds scary for all reasons or do I misjudge?!

      1. Haha, I’d like to know how the lease is calculated and in what currency, if any, it’s payable in, say, 320 years.

        1. The way I read it is that they have leased a piece of land for a £32M lump sum today. In 999 years they will retake ownership of the land.

          1. Wish I could be around in 1000 years to see who will take over the lease…

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