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Massa: “I don?t help Fernando, I just help myself”

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Singapore, 2013Felipe Massa has faced further questions over his recent claim he would not support team mate Fernando Alonso in the championship after losing his place at the team.

Massa made the comments in an interview with Brazilian television, leading Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo to insist: “He will definitely do so, giving us a hand for the constructors’ and Alonso for the drivers’.”

Asked again about his comments in the build-up to the Singapore Grand Prix Massa said: “I don?t help Fernando, I don?t help Ferrari, I don?t help anyone, I just help myself.”

“I plan to do the best I can for the last seven races, coming at the end of what has been a fantastic and very long career with Ferrari,” he added.

Massa said that with Kimi Raikkonen alongside Alonso next year Ferrari will have “a top quality driver pairing”.

Massa, who has partnered both drivers at Ferrari over the past seven years, said: “They are very different in terms of personality, as am I, because we all have our own character and I hope it all works out well for both of them and the team.”

He reiterated his desire to stay in F1 but said he doesn’t want to make up the numbers: “We are talking to some teams and we hope we can find the best direction for me and to find the best possible car.”

“I?ve said before I don?t want to be in Formula One just to be on the grid and part of the picture. I want to be fighting for the best possible results. I want to find the best opportunity to fight for wins, for the championship and for the best for me. I know I have a lot to give to a team.”

2013 Singapore Grand Prix

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61 comments on “Massa: “I don?t help Fernando, I just help myself””

  1. Massa sure talks like a backmarker, for someone who says he isn’t one. “I want to win”. “I want a top drive”. “I’m racing for me”.

    Lads, there is only one top drive, and Daniel got it. Everyone else will get what red bull leave on the table.

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      19th September 2013, 19:40

      Lotus is quite a good drive. Enough to have at least a win during the year. Mercedes got 3, but plummeted after that. Lotus may be the best after Red Bull or Ferrari, cause they have reliability . And enough speed to annoy Fernando. That would be great, a renewed Lotus with Massa and Hulkenberg. Let’s see if it happens.
      But let’s see if Ferrari let Massa do the rebel kid act. Or first, if he can really be better (or a match) for Fernando in the last races.

      1. @omarr-pepper totally agree! I’m quite curious and I hope he will find a seat, no less than sauber… lotus would be super nice for him!

      2. @omarr-pepper A brazilian site stated that Massa is “battling” with Hulkenberg for a seat at Lotus, and depends on some money from Nicolas Todt to get it.

        1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          19th September 2013, 21:33

          Oh! @corix now I think I don’t want Massa to throw Hulkenberg out of the seat. I don’t agree with Lotus if they keep Romain when they have a couple of strong options. Money talks so loud in F1, it’s a “Total” shame.

          1. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
            19th September 2013, 22:02

            A “Total” shame indeeed… 30,000,000 to be exact.

        2. http://www.f1zone.net/news/massa-offering-financial-boost-to-2014-team/20425/ I read this one @corix, nothing about Nic Todt finding money, I think its more likely that Santander might nip in a bit to support their brazillian market, Bernie could help Lotus with an advance payment and they could find a couple of other Brazillian companies to find a solid package (surely those who were thinking of supporting Razia could be in play too?).

          The article also mentions that apart form Lotus, its mid field teams he is looking at (although Williams and Sauber are really back of the midfield currently).

          I like the last sentence of that article, stating that he doesn’t feel that bad about Ferrari replacing him because of the qualities of Kimi as his replacement.

          1. We’ll have to wait and see it. But it would be a shame if Hulk loses his seat to Massa.

      3. @omarr-pepper

        in 2013, I would not rank Lotus above Mercedes, that os actually battling Ferrari for P3 in WCC and in 2014 Mercedes could find itself in a very solid position. Lotus is at best, car#4, close to #2 and #3 but below.

    2. That’s so brash and dismissive of other top teams. Daniel got a fantastic opportunity and took it but by no means are Red Bull running a unchallenged monopoly here. I think Red Bull’s success this year has more to do with other teams failing to step up to the mark -excuse the pun!- than one might think; although I still reserve a lot of commendation for their performance thus far.

      1. You mean teams have not bothered this year because of next year, basically gifting red bull the championship??

        1. Not at all, for whatever reason some teams have not performed as well as they would have hoped. For instance the Mclarens could have been contending for the top spots, thus shaving points off RBR, if they had developed a more agile 2013 car. Credit where credit is due

    3. Too bad, Massa should not make such statement. Now how will Ferrari screw with his race now?

      1. Tbh, the majority of Ferrari’s actions were vocal ‘orders’ (i.e. you will move over, you will have your gearbox opened etc).

        If he’s just not listening to them for the next 7 races, the best they can do is let him get on with it and hopefully score some decent points. They stand to lose more than him by chastising him or ruining his races to make a point.

        1. Without the burden of being Alonso´s loyal servant, he’ll feel light and much more able to mind his own business…

      2. Ferrari needs the points for the constructors championship. They’ll leave Massa alone.

  2. IMO Massa’s words are a little bit too harsh. Sure he’s been a no. 2 driver to Alonso since 2010 but let’s not forget that this same team supported him during the 2008 season. The Massa-ferrari relationship might end on a bitter note

    1. Considering Alonso’s championship chances are slim, @f1freek, Ferrari would benefit from a Massa win as much as he would. At that point a win is a win, no matter who takes it.

      1. Still far better than seeing Vettel take the win for sure @fixy!

    2. but let’s not forget that this same team supported him during the 2008 season

      @f1freek Past deeds is not a measure of future action, Ferrari have treated Massa like a schoolboy post 2008… Also at the end of the day its a contract, give and take… No one is indebted in that way

  3. Maybe Massa’s comments have been taken out of context. That wouldn’t be surprising.

    1. @jaymz I don’t believe I have taken them out of context, it certainly wasn’t my intention.

      1. I’m sure the angry Brazilian journalists took it out of context!

      2. It sounds to me like an exasperated response to being asked continuously to explain what he meant when his original statement was simple and easy to understand, he may have overstated his case in order to change the subject.

      3. I read somewhere (Benson on twitter?) that the words from Felipe where he mentioned

        “I don’t help Fernando, I don’t help Ferrari, I don’t help anyone, I just help myself.”

        were said in a joking manner, while Alonso and Dominicaly were sat next to him @keithcollantine.
        On the other hand, we all saw that video where Massa states that Alonso is not faster than him, so I would think he might say it in jest, but in fact is serious about wanting/needing to help himself now over any teammates or team visions of what is better for them.

  4. It’s encouraging at least to hear him say these things after a long time. Sure, he though it before every season, but he was lying to himself, whilst I now think he really believes what he says.

  5. If he wants to be at the front as much as possible he could always drive the safety car.

    1. That’s funny :)

      1. Excellent!

    2. He would still crash whenever the track was wet.

  6. Ever since Felipe has been ousted from Ferrari, his words are like an agitated guy trying to get his own back on the team.

    Whether it’s right or wrong is subjective but to me he sounds like a driver who is angry at Ferrari’s decision, spiced up by media’s reaction to Kimi’s arrival and his impression as a no. 2 driver.

    1. I think you are right. “I don’t help Fernando, I don’t help Ferrari, I don’t help anyone, I just help myself.” That sounds so the opposite of what LdM claims to want in his drivers, and I’ve certainly never heard FM speak this way before.

      1. I watched his interview with Galvão Bueno. He never said that.

    2. I agree, it does come across as rather bitter. I don’t really know how he can be that angry with the decision though – he’s been underperforming massively in a top team since 2010.

  7. “I don’t help Fernando, I don’t help Ferrari, I don’t help anyone, I just help myself.”

    It’s a bit late for this chat Felipe. Ok we have the benefit of hindsight, but for me he should have left Ferrari after Hockenheim and not hung around for further acts of humiliation. That might have defined his later career for the better. Sticking it to the man is one thing, knowing when to do it is quite another.

    1. I get your point, but I don’t think he would have done his career any good breaking a contract mid-season and incurring a massive lawsuit to boot. It would have been better, using your same hindsight, to ignore the team order, but that would also have had it’s negative consequences, and I don’t think fans supporting him for ‘sticking it to the man’ would have necessarily equated to food on the table in the way of top WDC rides suddenly opening up to him.

      1. but I don’t think he would have done his career any good breaking a contract mid-season and incurring a massive lawsuit to boot

        Sorry @robbie , I didn’t make it clear – I meant at the end of 2010, not mid-season.
        I think some of the other teams would have admired his reasons for leaving on his own terms, rather than employ someone that has basically been told he’s not good enough.

        Getting a drive in a midfield team for 2011 would have given him time to rebuild some respect in the pit-lane 2 years on. It’s all too late for that now, even if he did get a drive at Sauber and do quite well, he’s not getting back into a top team that’s for sure.

        1. Leave Ferrari for a midfield team?

          Are you sure?

          1. Well, Ferrari presently is a middlefield team.

    2. +1
      Too little too late for Felipe. His credibility has already been smashed to pieces, this just sounds like a desperate man’s last plea for help. He’s in need of a drive next year and maybe he thinks that by suddenly talking tough now, he’ll fool a team (such as Lotus) into signing him. That being said, a team like Lotus could do worse than sign Massa, but then again, there are other options out there.

      1. @hellotraverse You never know with Lotus . As Martin Brundle says ,” they have a dire need for money”. I hope they go with Hulkenberg or else it will be a massive let down if they just employ some kiddo with a good bag of gold.

  8. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    19th September 2013, 21:40

    That’s angry talk between Felipe and Fernando (before their time together at Ferrari. European GP 2007.

    1. So what?
      Could you also find something from their childhood, when they were deprived of candies?
      I mean, I see no reason is this your comment.

  9. It will be interesting to see whether he can back up these strong words with strong performances on track. Can Massa talk up the self confidence that he seems to need?

    If Massa does ignore team orders, it will be very interesting to see Ferrari’s reaction. Will they fire him, and sacrifice any chance of 2nd in the WCC? With the championship on the line I’m sure Massa would still play the team game, but currently Fernando is too far away to be thinking of the championship.

    1. Yeah, FA needs to finish ahead of SV and I don’t see how FM is going to be a lot of help in that regard anyway. There might be a time or two for the rest of the season that FM might be able to help, or not hinder FA, for a few points here or there, but ultimately only FA can help himself and at the same time hope SV has a few car failures at this stage. In spite of FM’s words, I doubt he wants to show any prospective teams that after all he has done in F1 he can be a goof too. ie. it is no time for FM to be taking steps backwards, and I don’t mean on the track. I’m not sure his strong words of ‘driving for himself’ would endear him to teams that were thinking of him driving for THEM.

  10. I don’t understand Massa’s stance at this point in his Ferrari career. I think he’s focused on his needs a little bit late with his relationship with Ferrari. He’s announced he’s leaving Ferrari, so why all the chest pumping on the way out? Surely he’s been a great career driver for Ferrari, why would he risk all that good will between the 2 parties now that he’s leaving?

    1. I think he’s trying to sell himself and his ‘story’ to other teams and potential sponsors. Maybe he thinks he can regain confidence this way.

  11. Just go away Massa.You didn’t deserve to drive for Ferrari this long and you don’t deserve another chance.Invest the money you didn’t earn and retire and let real racers in.Hulk deserves that seat at Lotus to prove what he can do.

    1. Thankfully, people finally see this.

  12. This looks like its going to end badly for both Massa and Ferrari. The curse of the Ferrari No 2 driver always rears its at the end of their time with the team. Happened with Irvine, Barrichello and now Massa. So now, what is Ferrari going to do to curb Massa’s new found rebellious streak?

    1. @pking008

      The curse of the Ferrari No 2 driver

      “Felipe baby, we’ve got a KERS issue , KERS setting, 2 please”

  13. nothing will change in the remaining races, massa isnt going to find half a second in raw pace, and if asked WILL help fernando, massa knows ferrari better than anyone and the team comes first, he wont leave on a bitter note.

  14. Go help yourself Massa.

  15. Massa should just go out of F1 with some grace and dignity. Ferrari persevered with two years longer than he deserved. Show some gratitude.

  16. A little hurt pride is understandable.
    But really, Felipe, the team gave you two seasons to recover from the accident – a more than fair shake.
    If he had delivered results as recently as the last three races, he could have saved his spot.
    I like Felipe as a guy, but well past time to go.

  17. don’t think massa actually helped himself whatsoever but we will see over the off season, don’t think any other team would want to hire and slow driver that can’t produce results with an average car and can’t even give any backup to any future teammate’s

  18. Well c’mon guys, all the greats make mistakes, ehem, Tiger Woods… Kobe Bryant?!? I think he’s just having one of those moments.


  19. “I don’t help Fernando, I don’t help Ferrari, I don’t help anyone, I just help myself.”

    Very mature Massa, and this after everything Ferrari have given him over the years.

  20. How is this any different than Alonso saying “No team mate can push me harder than I push myself”?

    If Alonso doesn’t need help; Massa should just be driving for the best result he can get for himself. If that helps Alonso, great. If that helps Ferrari, even better, but when a driver drives as a support for either a team or another driver they don’t have the edge that you need to win in F1.

  21. Is he bitter because he is leaving or is he bitter that he was promised or believed he was promised the Ferrari 2014 seat. Maybe he feels he has been told too late to save his career at another top team!
    He has said over the past few days he has talked to McLaren? Could he bring something more than just his driving skills i.e. an insight into Ferrari technical direction that would help McLaren? And would he bring Smedley with him??

  22. The WDC is over. A certain Mr Vettel is champion. If Massa can compete with Alonso, it shows how good a driver he is and might get him a seat. What benefit would it be for him to drive around helping Alonso now?

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