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Rain threatening Brazilian Grand Prix weekend

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix weather

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Interlagos, 2012F1 weather watchers can always look forward to some of the most interesting and unpredictable conditions of the season at the Brazilian Grand Prix. It looks like this year will not disappoint.

Aside from the opening laps of the Malaysian Grand Prix all the race action this year has taken place on dry-weather tyres and the wets haven’t been used in a race all year long. That may change on Sunday.

Hot temperatures will greet teams at the track for the pre-weekend activities today. But after basking in 30C-plus warmth on Thursday the mercury will fall by around ten degrees on Friday and remain around that level.

Thunderstorms on Thursday afternoon will herald a change to cloudier conditions and occasional showers lasting throughout the rest of the race weekend. Saturday will be the coolest of the three days, with temperatures potentially not making it past 20C.

As always the forecast for the region around the track is prone to changing at short notice. There will be regular updates on the track conditions during each session on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Location of Interlagos

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2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

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37 comments on “Rain threatening Brazilian Grand Prix weekend”

  1. Good. Malaysia was quite a good race despite all post-race attention for Multi-21. It equals the playing field a bit and I believe Interlagos could become the best race of the season.

    1. Wet weather?

      Well that’s Hamilton buggered! Who wants to take a bet that if the race requires changing tires that Hamilton will make the wrong call?

  2. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
    21st November 2013, 11:57

    There hasn’t been enough wet weather racing this season. Game on!

    1. Let’s hope they don’t go crying all about for red flags…

  3. Planet F1 are saying that will be light rain on Saturday while Sunday will be very heavy rain increasing throughout the race

  4. Pirelli have brought some development tyres for the teams to try – so it will rain on Friday morning.

    1. Which is another dumb thing by Pirelli as they can’t get a single thing right

      1. If the teams and the FIA won’t consent to testing, how is that Pirelli’s fault?

      2. “Hey, we’ve got some development tyres. Let’s give it to the teams at Interlagos, where it always rains!”

        Genius …

        1. would you rather they did it while the championship was still going on?

  5. Rain threatening Vettel’s record

    1. That Red Bull is so much faster than the rest, I would still expect Vettel to win comfortably if it rains. It might shake the order behind him a bit though so fingers crossed.

    2. Vettel’s got a good record in the wet, and the early qualifying sessions show the Red Bull is equally good when the rains come down. Sorry.

      1. Don’t be sorry @vettel1. I saw the weltmeister becoming a rainmaster in Brazil 2012, sure he can do it again.

        1. The sorry was mainly with respect to the disappointment you might have @jeff1s :P

      2. Rain may add to Vettel’s advantages, but it surely increases variability as well. And I think he had enough consistency in the dry, that the increased variation (even with a better expected result) makes him worse off.

        Was it Di Resta last year who took out an unsuspecting Hamilton? You can’t plan for that sort of driving.

        1. Hulkenberg – Backmarkers got in the way, Hulk was trying to pass, lost the back end and started to spin, whacked Hamilton.

          Shame really, as either could have won.

  6. So basically we can expect a nice dry Brazilian Grand Prix!

  7. If the threat of rain is real, I’m seriously putting a Hulkenberg Podium up there!

  8. I think we will see a rare Caterham or Marussia in the top 10. I predict it to be a red flag with SC periods just like Malaysia 2012

    1. @williamthink or hope?

      1. @Jerseyf1 Considering the Marussias and Caterhams folly seems to be in the aero department (based on watching them have exactly the same speed in the straights and I can’t imagine them not having decent steering), I would consider a fully wet race the prime time for exactly this.

        1. I’m living in a different world today…

          They can run the same speed alongside even Red Bull but in the corner they don’t have the downforce. In the rain this issue will be lessened considerably.

  9. Interlagos is such a good track, and the completely unpredictable weather that it can produce can make absolute classics like 2008 and 2012. Autosport reported Abu Dhabi could be 2014’s season finale, which would be disappointing, as Interlagos holds the perfect season finale for me.

    And say it doesn’t rain, will it be the first time in F1 history that a season hasn’t seen the wet tyres used?

    1. I reckon that is highly unlikely. You mean in the race as it was extremely heavy back in Australia

      1. Yeah, just the races I meant.

    2. Intermediates were used in Malaysia.

      1. The full wets weren’t though.

    3. Not the first time, at least the 1986 and 1987 seasons saw no running of wet tyres in the races.

  10. Rain threatening boredom.

  11. Brazil + Rain + Competitive Sauber + Hulkenberg = EPIC WIN

  12. I would still bet money that it’s going to be a fully dry race.

  13. Could be totally wrong, but won’t the lack of grip created by rain in theory magnify the Red Bull’s downforce advantage?

    Unless the inability to floor it for the exhaust-blowing negates some of that.

  14. The RB’s have their KERS based TC, so coupled with the chassis they already have I don’t expect the rain to be any equalizer against them.

  15. Hmm. If it does rain, Mercedes are to watch here. Really, Newey said after the Belgain Gp race, that “Mercedes’ pace in the wet was very impressive.”

  16. I only predict one storm occurring this weekend….

    Hurricane Seb. It’s a wrap.

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