Sergio Perez, McLaren, Yas Marina, 2013

Double points ‘will create much better finale’ – Perez

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Sergio Perez, McLaren, Yas Marina, 2013In the round-up: Sergio Perez becomes the second driver to speak up on the controversial double points plan – but unlike Sebastian Vettel he’s in favour of the change.


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Perez backs F1 double points plan (Reuters)

“For some it will be right and for some it will be wrong, but I see the positive. I think it will create a much better final race where things can completely change for everyone.”

Mallya explains Di Resta axing (Sky)

“I like him, he’s a great friend and hopefully he’ll remain a great friend. But every team needs to move on. We gave Paul a good stint with us, it wasn’t just a one-year stint. So we gave him the opportunity, he delivered for us.”

Mallya admits Perez opens up ‘a whole new opportunity’ for team (ESPN)

“We will certainly target sponsors from Mexico and other Latin American countries, so it’s a new opportunity being opened up.”

F1’s Ecclestone faces inquiry call (BBC)

Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry: “We cannot just walk away from this case. It does seem to me that we have a duty to investigate this. What is the Serious Fraud Office for if not for investigating cases like this?”

F1 bosses vote Vettel as best driver (Autosport)

“As much as getting the respect and appreciation from outside people, it is very nice to get the same from people on the inside.”

2014 Golden Globes Awards

Ron Howard’s Rush has been nominated for Best Motions Picture, Drama.

Double points a formula for farce (The Telegraph)

“The ambition to invigorate Formula One with a few extra permutations is a sensible one, yet in its Solomonic wisdom the FIA has merely compounded the problems, making a farce of the 2014 contest from the very start.”


Comment of the day

@KeeleyObsessed likes the look of next year’s driver line-ups so far:

Red Bull now have two drivers from their Young Driver Programme in the team, and Vettel gets his first chance to prove himself against another driver since he?s come to form.

Ferrari have two World champions in Alonso and Raikkonen, and they couldn?t be more different out of the car.

Lotus have Grosjean and Maldonado. This time last year that could have been considered the nightmare team, but Grosjean has come good and there?s some hope that the team may be able to control Maldonado. Time will tell.

Mercedes have Hamilton and Rosberg, who were close last year and look to be close again, hopefully fighting for the championship.

McLaren have Button and Magnussen, two completely different ends of the spectrum, one driver who has just about done it all and had all the ups and downs, and new blood with Magnussen as he tries to make an impact. Williams have a similar situation though not as extreme in Massa and Bottas.

Toro Rosso have given Kvyat a chance to jump GP2/Formula Renault 3.5 and get straight into F1, lets hope he can get to grips with it.

And now we?ve got Perez and Hulkenberg in Force India, a line-up of drivers that can be incredibly good on their day and have proven that at several points. My money would be on Hulkenberg to edge Perez next season, but it?s certainly going to be an exciting line-up.

So even if the 2014 cars are so different to each other in terms of performance, the intra-team battles should easily keep us interested!


Audi R18 e-tron quattro 2014

Audi revealed their 2014 World Endurance Championship contender – the R18 etron quattro is all-new, apart from the name. More pictures here:

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Siddharth!

If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Norbert Haug stepped down as vice-president of Mercedes-Benz motorsport on this day last year, at the end of a disappointing season in which their F1 team had gone from winning a race to struggling to score points.

Less than 12 months later Mercedes have finished second in the constructors’ championship this year but also seen team principal Ross Brawn leave, with a new management structure headed up by Toto Wolff on the business side and Paddy Lowe on the engineering side.

Images ?? McLaren/Hoch Zwei, Audi

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  • 106 comments on “Double points ‘will create much better finale’ – Perez”

    1. You’re wrong, Perez.

      1. No kidding. I just removed him from the drivers I support on this site…

        1. @us_peter Always interesting to know what makes people support/not support different drivers. You’re not the only person this has swung it for – see @omarr-pepper‘s comment below.

        2. You’d stop supporting a driver just because he has an opinion you don’t like? That’s a bit of an overreaction don’t you think?

          1. @claran, no I don’t. He’s taken a position supporting a gimmick that I think is a very negative one. Why would I continue to support a driver who’s in favor of eroding the sport?

            Vettel however has earned new respect from me for not pandering to the governing body and calling this ridiculous rule out for what it is… absurd.

        3. Followed your lead. Removed satis

      2. I hope all this drivers and teams that support double points being bitten in the last race, losing his championship position…

        1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          13th December 2013, 0:48

          @celeste Yep, that would change their minds. The problem is that when someone loses it’s because somebody else wins, so it will be bitter for some (I hope Perez being the first) and sweet for others (imagine Maldonado beating Perez? **)

        2. @celeste
          I have to say this time i’m 1000% agree with you on this which in other way just proves how serious the situation is

      3. Surprisingly, Perez is in favour despite being fully aware of what is wrong with the rule which he puts forward as arguments for the rule, but 9 out of 10 F1fanatics see as the main arguments against the rule.

      4. Indeed.

        I think drivers should look beyond the “double points” idea. I mean, F1, with all the technology and stuff, they think of ways to improve the performance of a car under a set of rules, yet it has to take confort from such a simplstic way of failing to adress a problem.

        It’s very, very wrong. They came up with the DRS and Pirelli tyres, which are fair tries, but this is just blatant incapability to fix anything. If this was the next step, then it means they really lost it and there’s no way to go back.

        If they had to resort to double points, it means that what teams and fans have been hoping for (a competitive field, wheel to wheel racing…) will never, ever, happen again.

      5. I find very interesting to see how Pérez has a very different mentality from Vettel, he’s used to be chasing just a couple of points for higher positions in the championship all the time, whereas Sebastian has more to loose, he’s been fighting for the title for the past 5 seasons, so it’s only logical that Sergio would think like that.

        I reckon most of the young “midfield drivers” will have a similar opinion and the experienced ones in the top teams will be against it.

      6. Fans don’t like tie and they are an important part of the sport. It’s a shame people don’t hear us.

        In my own standings, I know it is not official, I will not give anybody double points for the last race, my champion will be the one with more points from the old system.

      7. I’m not surprised, it seems like Perez likes these show-gimmicks, I remember when he was asked by what he’d change with the rules if he could (I think it was in 2011), he said he’d introduce some kind of reversed grid, GP2 style.

      8. If this is true – that Räikkönen earns 50,000 € per point scored. Then, he is the second driver, who would really be into this. Winning the last race, instead earning a 1,25 million bonus, he would get 2,5.
        “Shut up, I know my math, stupid.”

      9. Perez likes wresting so what, he also believes he is a great driver.

      10. Quite simply.

    2. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
      13th December 2013, 0:10

      I feel a bit like Peter Griffin right now. Shut up Perez.

        1. @dennis Seeing as all new devices end up getting outlawed by the FIA it’s probably a good thing. I couldn’t write a headline that said “Keith to be banned”…

          1. @keithcollantine
            You’re witty enough to turn this into something more magnificent.

            “FIA scared. Keith proves to be too hot for F1.”


            “91% of f1fanatic users want Keith back.”


            “Adrian Newey sad: Keith is among the most ingenious features in the history of the sport.”

        2. LOL! Love it!!

          Makes about as much sense as double points. And that has wiped the smile off my face…

        3. thats awesome, going straight on my facebook wall, lol

    3. He’s 15th in line to get his choice based on his 2013 position.

      Well Webber and probably either di Resta or Sutil is out from the people who finished ahead so Vergne’s up a few places, right?

      1. So Vergne wants 25 (no idea why), Rosberg wants 6 (as it was the number his dad used when he won the 1982 title), and Perez wants 11 (as he used it in karting and GP2).

        1. Vergne’s birthday is 25 April, I think that’s why he wants 25.

    4. We should listen to Perez, he is good at predicting things .. after all he is the current world champion, right?!

      Maybe that was too mean, but while I’m at it, I hope some numbers of the past will only go to special drivers, not guys who use the F1 revolving door. So while I’m saying this Maldonado is probably already going for 27 or 28 .. ugh I just don’t really like the permanent numbers even if I’m the only one.

      Now something more positive: the Audi looks good, should keep the paint job for at least one car.

      1. I’m with you on permanent numbers. I don’t like it at all. Seems like a bad marketing gimmick. I think they should’ve assigned permanent numbers to the teams rather than drivers. That would’ve given incentive to the teams to actually work the numbers into the livery and feature them once again rather than trying to hide them.

        1. @us_peter, Jee Peter , the FIA is trying its hardest to make F1 as American as apple pie, you should be grateful that you will now be able to understand and appreciate F1.

          1. @hohum exactly, and the more “American” it becomes, the less appealing it is to me. I don’t follow any American sports and I’d like to keep it that way.

            1. @us-peter, please forgive me, I do hope you realised my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek when I castigated you, as an Australian with no interest in Cricket or any form of Football I understand where you are coming from only too well.

          2. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
            13th December 2013, 3:18

            Not really. American motorsports assigns numbers to the cars/teams, not individual drivers for the most part.

        2. @us_peter Yeah, I would’ve preferred if they kept the number system the same, this new one seems very complicated, when is a number retired? every test driver has to pick his number too? integrated in the helmet, who’s going to see it there? and last but not least, number 0 is not possible anymore :(

          Before it was simple, one car one number for the whole year, the higher the number the better the team (but a shame they didn’t let them use 13)

        3. @us_peter

          Formula 1 is becoming the Apple of sports. From the leading innovator to just copying others and giving it a slight fine tune. This numbers idea is taken from Moto GP, the #46 of Valentino Rossi must be appealing for the folks now running the show and, IMHO, will not add anything to F1 but kill an old tradition of giving the champion the #1.

          I think they’ve hired people from WWF to run F1 and it’s becoming a joke. I’m really hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Never in my life I’ve ever felt so pessimistic about F1’s future, I’ve just decided to cancel my trip to Austria to see F1 on my b’day weekend next year, I’m heading to Brazil instead for the World Cup…

          F1s recent run of new rules are not making the sport any bit more appealing to occasional viewers and is destroying existing fan base. How long will they realize DRS is bad? I was in favor of it when it was introduced but I’ve changed my mind after one season because like John Maynard Keynes: “when facts change, I change my mind”. Plus, über fragile tyres, potential outstanding fuel saving measures for 2014, double points…

          1. @jcost the regs say that the incumbent WDC may choose to run #1 or his assigned number.

            1. @optimaximal indeed, but he can skip it and probably will. Actually the #1 potentially will lose its appeal if drivers decide to “sell” their number in lieu of a non-permanent number.

      2. You aren’t the only one. I just always liked the idea of teams earning the lower numbers.

    5. Does anyone know anything about Kobayashi’s future? Is he targeting an F1 seat, will he stay with AF Corse, or try something else? I remember reading in the summer that he’ll plan to use the money donated to him to get a seat back in F1 for 2014, or else he’ll return it. I remember reading a few guys here donated him, did you get your money back already?

      I would love to welcome him back, but having heard barely anything this season about him makes me think he doesn’t really want to, I hope which is not the case.

      1. @hunocsi I’ve been wondering the same thing. No mention to all in any news. Another driver left out in the cold?
        I hope he can build a connection with Honda and make a comeback since I doubt Ferrari would have much use for him in F1 b

      2. Yep, some news anybody?

    6. Headline translation: Perez now fan’s least favorite driver

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        13th December 2013, 0:53

        @f1ferrarifan1 deleted from my “who do you support” list. Before he opened his mouth to release that sh….., I was about to become a full-time Force India fan, now it’s just Nico.

        1. ShaneB457 (@shaneb12345678910)
          13th December 2013, 1:03

          Bit extreme don’t you think? Or are you being sarcastic? After all Perez just expressed his opinion!

          1. I’m sure it’s the opinion of team team as well and Perez is merely the mouthpiece.

          2. Yes it was sarcasm. I actually like Perez a lot, I just think it’s unfortunate he (or any other driver/team) spoke out in support of this absurd rule.

      2. Headline translation: Perez now fan’s least favorite driver

        He has been for a long time, ever since he crashed into the fan’s favourite in Monaco.

        1. I actually supported him for that @kingshark as I think Kimi didn’t conduct himself very well after the event that transpired, sounding a bit like he had rights above normal racing drivers.

    7. I wonder if Perez would say that is he was still at Mclaren ? I’d guess not. One would expect Mclaren to build a stromger package than FI and had he been kept by Mclaren he could well be a championship contender given the right car of course. I guess unless we have a brawn situation its easier to rule out FI than Mclaren for the championship. So I guess hes thinking of his personal gain from double points as he would be unlikly to lose a chamionship because of it wheras Vettel is thinking of personal loss knowing how 50 points could affect the championship.

      1. at McLaren more than any other team drivers say what they are told to say and 2x points for last race is now official policy for all but the most independent drivers and teams.

    8. The audi E-tron, the future of Formula 1!

    9. Checo you are not gaining fans supporting that…

    10. Since Perez has finally been announced, can we expect Telmex et al to appear on both Force India and Sauber cars if Gutierrez stays? Perhaps a slight change of livery for Force India is in order! Orange, green and blue?

      1. @deej92 – I doubt it. Most of the sponsorship from the Slims has been through Claro. And it hasn’t been worked into the livery, either; for the most part, it’s been a large logo. I hope it continues – I’m red/green colour-blind, so it would be hell on my eyes unless they dropped the green.

        1. It’s actually been mostly Claro on McLaren and Telmex on Sauber.

          1. @optimaxial – I might be colour-blind, but I’m not *that* colour-blind. Telmex appears on the front wing endplates and next to the cockpit of the Sauber. Claro has the big red circle on the engine cowling. There might be more Telmex logos, but the Claro ones are much, much bigger.

    11. whatever He want to say, I can’t wait too see Him VS Nico Hulkenberg duel on the same car At least that can proof which one better as both are highly rated driver that many said deserve top seats.

    12. You can see why they have gone for Perez. Probably about the same standard of driver as Paul but for an extra ~£15m sponsorship money the Mexican brings it’s an easy choice.

      I’ll take solace in that fact di Resta hasn’t been punted for a driver who has money but is also way off the pace!

    13. I do not agree with the new double-points rule, but I expected and respect Perez position. I mean, what did you wanted him to say? To bash a decision taken by the FIA world council? He is a professional F1 driver and he is showing nothing but professionalism, he is given a rule and has to adapt and abide by it, so he better try to embrace the positive side if it (if any…) and WORK with it, it’s his job.

      I do not agree with the people in this forum bashing Sergio and being disrespectful (what has he done to all of you saying you hate him…), kudos for him! I wish him nothing but the best with Force India, hoping he delivers great racing to all of us F1 fans.

      1. Very true!

        I dislike the rule, myself… But I cannot disagree with anything that Checo said.
        Good on him for speaking his mind, I say :)

      2. +1

        As much as I think that the double points rule is very strange, I can’t blame Perez for giving his opinion. :D

    14. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      13th December 2013, 2:13

      Personally I don’t believe that Perez is speaking his mind. I think he’s just happy that he’s found a seat for next year, and didn’t want to start saying negative things.

      I don’t support this double points rule at all, but it’s no reason to withdraw your support from Sergio, or to say some of the pretty disrespectful comments that have been left above.

      1. @tophercheese21 I’m with you, I’m a Di Resta fan and I don’t like the double points rule but you have to admit that Perez is still one of the 22 best single-seater drivers in the world and that the fact he “likes” Abu Double (be it the first reaction, PR or a genuine opinion) doesn’t make me think less of him. After all, drivers are there to race cars, not to be populists, who say what fans want to hear them say.

    15. Double points may well make for a more exciting finale as it will be safe to expect teams to push exceptionally hard to gain a little extra ground. I still object on the grounds that it is a gimmick and will decrease the value of other races.
      With new engines of unknown reliability making their way in, part of me fears that at COTA and Interlagos, we might see some teams deliberately underperforming to preserve their engines and gearboxes for the sake of having an advantage at the finale.
      Putting aside the sheer stupidity of the double points, what in the world possessed them to think that trying to draw more attention to such a wretched grand prix would boost viewership? If anything, casual/first time viewers will turn on the tele, see a bunch of cars following each around a parking lot in the desert and never bother to watch again. It’s like drawing the attention of an attractive women to your most hideous wart.

    16. @KeithCollantine After Webber’s announcement and move to the World Endurance Championships, I am starting to follow the WEC now. Request if you can follow/cover WEC like F1. It would be very nice.

      Maybe we can call F1 fanatic as Racing Fanatic !!!!

      1. Would be great if Keith could give WEC the same sort of support as he gives Indycar, possibly a seperate blog WEC Fanatic could be run in parallel and attract more readers and more revenue giving Keith the full-time career he deserves.

      2. @tmax, follow the link for more pics of the Audi, there is already a WEC group @F1fanatic, who’da thunk it.

        1. @tmax @hohum And there’s always a live feed shown on the website with the F1 fanatic live.

    17. I hate the new double points