Marcus Ericsson, Caterham, Sochi, 2014

Caterham administrators expect Abu Dhabi comeback

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Marcus Ericsson, Caterham, Sochi, 2014In the round-up: Caterham will be back on the grid at the final round of the season, according to administrators appointed to run the team.


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Administrator expects Caterham to race in Abu Dhabi (Reuters)

“I think I’ve got enough confidence now to say I’d be very surprised if we were not racing in Abu Dhabi. I’m now really hopeful for the future of the team.”

Hamilton: Rosberg crash put me on ‘war’ footing (The Telegraph)

“After Spa I felt like, ‘I’m going to turn this up. I’m going to have to turn this up. This means war’, that kind of feeling. In reflecting on it, I took that energy and took that negative bomb and turned it into a positive.”

Sauber criticises Ferrari’s attitude (Autosport)

Monsha Kaltenborn: “Wasn’t it Marco [Mattiacci] who also said that he’s getting questions on ROI [return on investment] from his partners? How does he plan to keep that going so well with the way things are going here?”

Claire Williams – how we’re bringing F1 tech to the road (Autocar)

“When the team wasn’t doing well, I felt massively frustrated, though I had no responsibility for it at the time. I hated hearing people say we were fading the way Tyrrell had done. It hurt.”

Bernie Ecclestone wins appeal court backing on £80m damages claim (The Guardian)

“The appeal court judge, Lord Justice Patten, on Wednesday refused to give Constantin permission to mount an appeal against Mr Justice Newey’s ruling.”

Caterham not connected to Forza Rossa project, says Kolles (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“The problem is that some people think that this administration situation has something to do with Forza Rossa, and it does not have anything to do with it.”

Where does all the money go? (BBC)

“Ferrari look like they will finish fourth in the constructors’ championship this season. But the structure of the rest of their contract means they will earn more money from F1’s income than Williams, who are on course for third, and possibly Red Bull, who will be second.”

How Formula One Made $250 Million From Hospitality During The Downturn (Forbes)

“Formula One auto racing has revealed that its revenue from corporate hospitality came to $253.6 million over the past three years and grew at a compound rate of 3.7% despite the protracted economic downturn.”


Comment of the day

Missing out on an F1 return with Caterham was a blessing in disguise for Rubens Barrichello, according to @Colossal-Squid:

I’m hugely fond of Barrichello, but reading this news I’d have to question why he’d want to return in such circumstances. There’s absolutely no doubt that the man truly loves Formula 1, and he had a career most drivers would kill for.

However, after being in it for so long, why come back for three races? Did he really think he’d be able to get a seat for next year, when there are younger brighter talents (and drivers with fatter wallets) trying to get in? Would he have been fit enough, or able to adapt to racing in these new cars? He hasn’t raced in F1 since 2011 and as we saw with Schumacher, it gets to a point where ever a few seasons outside of the cockpit can mean that the sport can pass you by.

Look at how Jerome D’Ambrosio and Heikki Kovalainen – far younger drivers – struggled in competitive machinery in 2012 and 2013. Being parachuted into a seat is not easy. In my opinion I’d rather see a fresh face get a shot in a car over a 42-year-old with over 320 races to his name.

The only benefit I’d see to Barrichello returning for the last few races was to give him a proper goodbye to the sport. The writing seemed to be on the wall for his future in F1 back in 2011, but he didn’t give himself the opportunity of properly celebrating his career and bowing out at Interlagos back then. It would have been nice to see.

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On this day in F1

1994 F1 seasonA stunning victory in a rain-hit Japanese Grand Prix left Damon Hill one point behind championship leader Michael Schumacher with one race to spare on this day 20 years ago.

However Martin Brundle was involved in a shocking accident which left a marshal with a broken leg – and which could have had far worse consequences.

Image © Renault/DPPI

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  • 36 comments on “Caterham administrators expect Abu Dhabi comeback”

    1. Hey everyone, just on the topic of Sauber: it looks like Sutil and Gutierrez are on the hunt for a new team as Sauber have signed Williams test & reserve driver and GP2 frontrunner Felipe Nasr to partner Marcus Ericsson at Sauber in the 2015 season.

        1. @mattypf1 Thanks for the link!

          I’m pretty happy Nasr is getting a chance in F1. While there are drivers in GP2 that are seen as better prospects (Vandoorne and Coletti being two) I think Nasr has great speed and if he can develop properly he could be something special. He’s still a bit rough around the edges with his racecraft but I’m happy to see a new talent in the sport!

        2. ColdFly F1 (@)
          6th November 2014, 1:55

          @mattypf1, thanks for the links.

          Interestingly it seems more about Banco do Brasil sponsoring Sauber and Nasr coming as part of the package.
          Banco do Brasil was mentioned 10x versus Nasr 5x in the Sauber article.

          1. @coldfly @mattypf1 Pretty much this… The only reason for his presence at Williams was because the banks name was on the Williams chassis. Funnily enough, Williams are lucky they’ve done so well this year, given they won’t have the crutch that is Pastor’s contract buy out next year, along with losing this sponsorship.

            Maybe they can link back up with McGregor and get VDG in as their tester.

            1. Williams gets Banco of Brasil sponsorship tied in with some other Brazillian guy called Felipe too @optimaximal. I doubt the bank would / could lower their sponsorship, its rather more likely that they have now dug a bit deeper to get more drivers in seats.

      1. Finaaaaaallly Sutil’s gone, although it’s bitter sweet since he’s being replaced be a one Marcus Ericsson

      2. I’m actually pretty sad about this. We won’t get to see the amazing Jennifer Becks anymore :/

        1. This is the only reason to regret Sutil leaving.

          On the other stuff, I’m a bit disappointed Williams have been silent on the whole financial schamozzle this last week.
          It reminds me or the moral that goes along the lines of “first they came for the ____ and I did nothing. Then they came for the ___ and I still stood by. Then they came for me and no one did anything.”
          It was only a year or two back that Williams looked like they were circling the drain.
          The myopic self-interest of ALL the teams is depressing. I’m not asking them to get their cheque books out, just make a stand and hold the CVC to be more accountable for the health of the sport.
          Compared to the big name professional US sporting series’, including NASCAR, it’s embarrassing.

          1. I couldn’t give a monkey’s about Sutil’s girlfriend but that’s a great moral! F1 teams are definitely “myopic” (and F1 as an enterprise) when it comes to self-preservation. I love F1 but I want to see healthier sport for the teams and fans without the pay-walls and financial inequality between teams and “rights holders” Ugh!

        2. @f1freek Relax, she’ll probably upgrade to Nasr or someone else in the paddock…

        3. Won’t miss Sutil. . .

          Cant stand all the wags, Rosbergs thing would wear that smile no matter what his position on track is, as soon as she spots she’s on camera she goes into spooky smiling staring psycho mode, and it freaks me out!

      3. So Sauber go from one uninspiring lineup (Sutil, Guttierez) to another (Ericsson, Nasr).

        Still, no criticism of the team. Given the current state of financial affairs for the midfield teams (can we still call them that?) Sauber really didn’t have much choice, other than to go for what I assume were the two largest pay cheques on offer.

        1. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
          6th November 2014, 3:47

          Nasr is constantly doing good in the FP1’s he gets. I think it was a good pickup by Sauber. Nasr brings some money I imagine, and he’s decently quick.

          1. Nasr brings Banco do Brazil sponsorship which also helped Williams revival

        2. Very uninspiring, but cant talk just yet. We will see how it all pans out. They had their hands tied in terms of money so it made sense to hire Ericsson and Nasr.
          At the moment, Verstappen is the only rookie who’s even remotely exciting me IMHO

      4. Awesome. Nasr is always fun to watch, I hope he does well with Sauber. I was hoping that he would replace Massa at Williams, but that could still happen in 2016 I guess.

    2. Approve very much of the new entry, from what I can see of it.

      But why do they need to uglify it by painting the ground green? I’ve only just recovered from having to look at COTA’s silly red cycle paths…

      1. Well hopefully we won’t see drivers receiving silly penalties for cutting that white line anymore.

    3. I have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge crush on Claire Williams (don’t ask why, I just find her beautiful), so I’m totally glad Williams has not gone Tyrrell ways (sorry Ken, not my cup of tea) so we get to see her much more often.

      1. Hahaha me too, I’m 38 Lol.

      2. I’m glad its not just me. There is something about that lady… Very, very lovely.

      3. Yeah, I was gutted when I saw the ring appear on her finger and remembered I hadn’t put it there!

        1. I’ve got to admit, I’ve also felt gutted after realising she’s married… ! :P

      4. Count me in to the CW Fan Club.

    4. I hope Williams has been showing Massa pictures of the new pit lane entry with explanations of how the white line works for the last few weeks.

      1. I can imagine him crossing the new pit entry.

      2. I’m certain Felipe will find a way to drive dangerously and without any form of peripheral vision or anticipation – and then smear his name all over every article about the resulting crash, complaining that we need to do more about safety in the sport.
        He taught Maldonado all he knows.

        Still, we will get to see Claire Williams explain the problem… Every cloud and all that.

        1. UNeedAFinn2Win
          6th November 2014, 9:01

          Coming within a cats whiskers to giving his life for the sport that provides you two hours of entertainment while you slouch on your couch on a sunday eating cheetos and scratching your behind will make him care and bring up safety, yeah.
          Sure he has overstayed his welcome as far as performance goes but some respect.

          1. For the driver he was before his accident, and for coming back, I have all the respect in the world for the man. But for the driver he it’s today?


    5. @keithcollantine Where is the story about Felipe Nasr joining Sauber alongside Ericsson?

    6. First time seeing team-radio messages in Autosport print version…. I’d guess from whose book they stole that page.

      1. @jcost Not @keithcollantine‘s since he hasn’t quite release a book with team radio messages on it (or for that matter any at all).

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