Marcus Ericsson, Sauber, Yas Marina, 2014

Full driver line-up confirmed for first test of 2015

2015 F1 season

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Marcus Ericsson, Sauber, Yas Marina, 2014The full driver line-up has been confirmed for the first F1 test of the 2015 season by the teams and the Jerez circuit.

Daniel Ricciardo is scheduled to be the first driver to get behind the wheel of Red Bull’s new RB11 when the car makes its debut on Sunday.

Of Toro Rosso’s two rookie drivers, Carlos Sainz Jnr will be the first to drive the new STR10, with Max Verstappen due to drive for the first time on Monday. Felipe Nasr, the only other new driver in the field this year, will also get his first run on Monday.

Only eight teams will be present at the test as Force India have confirmed they will not run and the two teams which went into administration at the end of last year will also not be present.

TeamCarSunday 1stMonday 2ndTuesday 3rdWednesday 4th
MercedesW06Nico RosbergLewis HamiltonNico RosbergLewis Hamilton
Red BullRB11Daniel RicciardoDaniil KvyatDaniel RicciardoDaniil Kvyat
WilliamsFW37Valtteri BottasValtteri BottasFelipe MassaFelipe Massa
FerrariSF15-TSebastian VettelSebastian VettelKimi RaikkonenKimi Raikkonen
McLarenMP4-30Fernando AlonsoJenson ButtonFernando AlonsoJenson Button
Force IndiaNot present
Toro RossoSTR10Carlos Sainz JnrMax VerstappenCarlos Sainz JnrMax Verstappen
LotusE23Pastor MaldonadoRomain GrosjeanPastor MaldonadoRomain Grosjean
Manor (Marussia)Not present
SauberC34Marcus EricssonFelipe NasrFelipe NasrMarcus Ericsson
CaterhamNot present

2015 F1 season

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  • 10 comments on “Full driver line-up confirmed for first test of 2015”

    1. signs for force india are not very encouraging, are they?

      1. No. I think they have made a mistake not running at all! It worked great for Lotus last year! (not).
        Although I’m losing interest in Formula 1 as it is. 8 or 9 teams is terrible! WEC is so much stronger and in my eyes has a better quality of racing.

      2. When ALO wanted to race LeMans…..a big NO! Came from headquarters. Do you think H├╝lkenberg would compete in the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans in a third factory-backed Porsche 919 Hybrid without having problems with VJM? He will also contest the Spa-Francorchamps round of the World Endurance Championship as “preparation”. Force India is gone….its been a good 8 years,,,,thats it.

        I know every year we complain about VJM finances and he always manages to present a decent car….but last years (at least 3) the car has no development through season. So basically..they do a good job for 3 or 5 races. When the other teams start to catch up….off Force India goes.

        Its a pity to loose (yet) another team. The more this happens…the more I respect Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Sauber. Those guys are in F1 for good.

        1. I think force india is here to stay for another 2 years atleast. We have good investors coming in from Mexico and we will be fine. Skeptics will always be skeptics.

    2. Looking forward to see what Nasr can do. I liked some of his races in GP2 and I think he was better than Palmer. Whether either of them deserve a seat in F1 is to be seen. Also really wondering how Sainz and Verstappen wil go against each other.

      I guess pre-season will go back to its usual way of sandbagging unlike last season where milage was everything?

    3. Carlos Sainz Jr. Two days test? Strange.

      1. Why is it strange, they both get 2 days each

      2. Every driver testing gets two day. Nothing strange about it

    4. At last!!!!! Sauber photo!!!!! Thanks Keith!!!!

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