Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2015

Hamilton ‘never really felt under pressure’

2015 Canadian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2015Lewis Hamilton said he never felt in serious danger of losing the lead in the Canadian Grand Prix, despite team mate Nico Rosberg running him close in the second half of the race.

Hamilton crossed the line just over two seconds ahead of his team mate, who had repeatedly come close to getting within DRS range of the leading Mercedes.

“I didn’t feel I had the most comfortable balance,” Hamilton admitted afterwards. “I generally had a lot of understeer.”

“But I never really felt too much under pressure. Nico was quick but I felt I always had it under control. I had a bit of time in my pocket to be able to pull it out when I needed to. It was never too serious.”

“It was a great race – I don’t know how it was to watch but I felt it was intense and I really enjoyed it.”

Hamilton dedicated his fourth victory in the Canadian Grand Prix to his race engineer Peter Bonnington’s father, who died during the week.

“For me personally, and I’m sure I speak for the team, I want to dedicate this to my engine Bono’s father,” said Hamilton. “I know it’s been a tough weekend for him but he’s been amazing all weekend and helped me win this today so this is dedicated to him.”

2015 Canadian Grand Prix

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12 comments on “Hamilton ‘never really felt under pressure’”

  1. It was a great race – I don’t know how it was to watch

    I’ll invite him to watch it at my home. I have comforable chairs in which to fall asleep.

    1. Matthew Coyne
      7th June 2015, 21:31

      Think that is a little harsh, it really wasn’t a bad race by F1 standards, it perhaps was a poor race by Montreal standards though.

      There was alot going on with ALOT of good battles and overtakes which were just simply missed by the tv cameras focussing on the wrong thing all the time – there were several times where the commentators were telling us someone had got passed someone else which we didn’t see happen on track or in a replay.

    2. Peppermint-Lemon (@)
      7th June 2015, 22:22

      It was boring I thought. Same old.

      Predictable: Hamilton win, Rosberg not allowed to win, Vettel better than Kim, Grosgean bad driving, amateurish sounding radio transmissions.

      1. Rosberg not allowed to win haha. Yeah you missed Spain and Monaco.

      2. how was nico not allowed to win.he only got into drs zone once,and thats when lewis was in traffic and was having to do some serious lift and coasting.lewis always upped his pace when he had to tho.but fuel saving for half the race,didnt allow him to pull away,like in the first half of the race.

      3. the guys writing the rules and doing their best to mitigate ‘ground effect’/diversity in racing solutions have a lot to do with cars not being able to pass this year/in the past.

  2. come on keith,if you really think lewis didnt have the race under control,youre clutching at straws.but if it makes you feel better.

    1. Michael Brown
      8th June 2015, 3:06

      It was one of Hamilton’s wins in which he kept Rosberg close but could pull away if he wanted to.

  3. It was great to watch in person! Although I’m sure if I was home on the sofa it would be a lot more boring

    1. To me at least that’s way more important than how good it is to watch at home. You guys paid loads to see the race – I didn’t pay anything. How did the cars sound, did you see them last year and did they sound any louder? I think there might be a slightly different noise in when they get on the power out of slow corners but I can’t describe it very well and I don’t know why they would be different.

      1. In my best estimation, the cars are louder this year. Any louder may require ear plugs. The balance of engine noise to comfort is almost perfect. Last year ones conversation was over the engine noise but this year, conversations have to be paused when cars are nearby.

    2. I was at the race and found it boring for the most part. Seb’s & Massa’s charge was fun but other than that nothing really stood out.

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