Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2015

Rate the race: 2015 Canadian Grand Prix

2015 Canadian Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2015

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293 comments on “Rate the race: 2015 Canadian Grand Prix”

  1. D R S

    1. I hear you mate. That DRS was especially terrible at this race. Too easy overtaking without any rush or intensity….. FIA please ditch it for 2017 if not 2016….

      1. If they would just add more underbody tunnels and ground effects, then we could get rid of the HUGE, COMPLEX front wings and they wouldn’t need DRS and it’s fake passes. Those front wings are killing the sport!

        1. 1000% correct.Are they really that retarded who ever makes these idiot rules about those wings? This season it is way harder to follow another car with new noses + these huge stupid wings.

        2. @john-h, @daved – DRS could work just fine, just give them two minutes of DRS for the entire race. Done.

          1. That would probably work better…making it similar to the “push to pass” they have in Indycar where they get to use it 8 times a race.

            But I’d still rather they just fixed the reason it’s even needed. Those front wings are so complex (and expensive!) that anytime they get in dirty air they become totally useless. So it’s impossible to get up behind a car and pass. Underbody effects are not nearly as sensitive to dirty air and would allow much closer racing.
            My God, they all complain about costs…yet spend $20-$50 MILLION per year on trying to tweak those front wings. And they’re so big that they stick out and get broken anytime they touch another car and your whole race goes away.
            There is NO redeeming quality to those stupid front wings yet nobody talks about reducing their size/importance/expense. I find that stunningly stupid.

          2. @xtwl Meant to tag you for the above comment.

          3. Yes, the “overtake button” solution used in other series (Brazilian stock car comes to my mind) with a limited number of uses allowed could work much better than DRS-zones.

      2. no one seams to understand what DRS is there for,
        do you want other slow cars holding up faster cars?
        like Vettel/Massa coming through the pack?
        how did them manage to make it back to the front?
        and another Rosb within 1sec of Ham did you see him get passed?

        you’re all clutching at straws with no thought about the driver that has the same straight line speed,
        if you want to watch cars follow the leader around and around then sure get rid of DRS but i can tell you as a long time F1 fan more races than not will end up just like Monaco which ends in a crash or a procession,

        i do agree some tracks need tweaking, but to get rid of it full time is just asking for boring races.

        1. @lethalnz I’m sure we all understand the concept of DRS and what it is intended for. But you are ignoring the heart of the problem which is that F1 has a problem if the fix is to go too far the other way and create fake passes with the thinking that that somehow appeases the fans. You see, getting rid of DRS is not asking for boring races if they tweak other things rather than trying to tweak DRS like that is going to make a difference to those who understand these passes are not memorable nor noteworthy. Smaller wings on more reasonable tires, and using ground effects for downforce rather than wings, would go a long way toward us seeing driver vs. driver passes of skill rather than driver vs victim due to a button that opens a wing. And these days at some tracks a driver can barely even get within the DRS required time gap without ruining his tires. Drivers cannot push to their limits nor the cars’ and that makes no sense in the pinnacle of racing.

          1. when you start to understand F1 and what the teams do to make their cars go faster do the straight in a DRS zone you might just see its near impossible to pass one another,
            go read about what teams do about speed down the straight,

          2. Kroon (@kroonracing)
            8th June 2015, 18:42

            “Fake passes?” Do you mean passes by a slower car only able to pass due to DRS? Wouldn’t the just overtaken, faster car be able to repass then?

    2. Hear hear… Seb and Massa would’ve finished in the points anyway but they’d have worked for it… instead of being given the places midway through the straight…


    3. In this track the DRS effect is even worse, as the two zones are consecutive, the driver at back uses it at the first zone to overtake and at the second to create a gap.

      1. The passes were nearly universally complete at the final chicane.

    4. Yeah, but then coming close enough to use the DRS was hard. I was amazed Ferrari was actually able to overtake all those Mercedes cars. I thought Vettel would have surely gotten stuck behind one of them. I actually thought he would get stuck behind Hulkenberg! But he overtook him in a very interesting manner actually….
      A complete aerodynamic overhaul is necessary though….

    5. I saw 2 overtakes without DRS Hulkenberg after the start after turn 2 i saw it from above and several laps later Max outbraked i think the lotus of Maldonado but the rest was all DRS so 1 + 2 overtakes make 3 really boring i was even hoping for a crash which normally i don’t because of the possiblilty of harm. If i missed the other overtakes please tell!

    6. Vettel was a bit impatient and didn’t want to wait another lap for another DRS zone to just breeze past. He went for it out of DRS zones too, which is actually much more pleasurable for the viewer but we got used to DRS I guess. Or Mercedes breezing past simply because they are a second faster. That sort of thing looks much less aggressive and more cleaner, so people talk about how clumsy the attacks out of DRS zones are. True that it would be smarter for him to wait a few more laps or DRS zones, but not for our pleasure.

  2. Mark (@marlarkey)
    7th June 2015, 20:32

    Some good moments but I’m not sure about most of the race because I fell asleep

    1. And the best moment was the marmot on track! Good thing Massa weaved a little bit to the right, poor creature ;-)

      1. He should have been appointed honorary steward, that little thing.

      2. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
        7th June 2015, 20:55

        @gdewilde that little brave animal deserves the DOTW.

        1. Dodger Of The Weekend?

          1. +1!!! LOL

    2. This was the first race this year i didn’t fall asleep in. Not because of the racing mind you. I think it was more to do with the 4am start here in Oz and that id put a coffee on at about 4.30. Then the birds started squawking endlessly at about 5.15 ruining any chance I had of a nap.

      Things I liked:
      Watching the river run from the helicopter shots.

      Things I didn’t:
      Electronic clutch assisted bite point starts – Removing 90% of the drama of a start
      Aero dependent lap time – Removing the ability for cars to follow closely and actually race
      Constant coaching over the radio turning the race into an economy run- Removing the variables of driver style
      DRS – Painting over the aero cracks
      Tarmac run off- Ruining the reward for accuracy and allowing drivers without the talent to get away with it
      Pay drivers – Wasting fuel on centre stage
      Digital advertising overlays on the track – Pathetic
      Semi automatic gear boxes – Removing a variable and a driver input
      20 cars instead of 26

  3. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    7th June 2015, 20:32

    This is has got to be one of the worst f1 seasons of all time, another very dull race.

    1. Mark (@marlarkey)
      7th June 2015, 20:33

      +1 extremely boring season overall… glad I didn’t shell out for a GP trip this year

      1. @marlarkey I’m going to Silverstone this year. I hope both Mercedes engines explode (I’ll try to make it happen.) and both Ferrari cars somehow have a mega fight.

        1. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
          7th June 2015, 21:37

          Please do this.

        2. @xtwl

          I hope both Mercedes engines explode (I’ll try to make it happen.)

          Don’t go saying things like that! You’ll get brought up on terrorism charges!!

    2. disagree i think this has been a good season so far.

      certainly way better than the crap we were stuck with 10 years ago.

      1. I thought people liked the 2005 season?

        1. I can’t remember it very well but I’m pretty sure it was better than this borefest

          1. Erm, it really wasn’t. It was 9/10 Alonso or Raikkonen vying for the win. Only thing that was exciting that years was McLaren’s reliability.

          2. 2005 was better than 2004 because Alonso and Kimi were fighting to end Schumacher’s run of consecutive titles but it was not that great.

        2. 2005 was quite interesting. 2004 was boring (nope, very exciting! :D) or 2002 maybe. Ferrari all the way.

      2. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
        7th June 2015, 20:49

        2005 was decent from what I remember, and not one boring team having such an advantage over all the other teams.

        1. Regardless of the racing, at least it sounded good in 2005 and had some atmosphere – making it automatically better than the nonsense they call F1 these days. Honestly, I don’t care what anyone says – these engines have killed A LOT of what made F1 what it should be, ear shatteringly AWESOME! Like I said, even if the racing is crap, at least it would sound good!

        2. 2005 was fantastic as they had the rule that the tyre had to last the whole race. So the end of the race was brilliant. And the racing was real as you it was your own fault if you had burnt out your tyre. Go watch Imola, Europe, Spa and Japan a few off the top of my head that were classics.

          Ferrari convinced FIA to change rules back for 2006, luckily the sport had Fernando Alonso so 06 was a good season still. Otherwise it would of been just like 02 & 04

      3. LOL 2005 had some classic races. McLaren Mercedes fireworks was interesting. Raikkonen was just too fast.

      4. Eh…. 2005 was a really nice season without real dominance. Like how it should be. I think 2002 was the season you’re looking for. But please admit: this year and most of last year are utterly boring….

    3. Agreed. 2014 was actually quite exciting overall I thought, but 2015 has returned to the processional “racing” of past seasons. It’s made infinitely worse by the woes of Renault and Honda. And now Bernie et al are scrambling like lemmings heading for the cliff to bring excitement back by artificial means like refueling. Sorry state of affairs.

  4. Oh my god. That was horribly boring.

    Seriously, F1 can’t get worse. 4.

    1. Liam McShane (@)
      7th June 2015, 20:39

      If F1 can’t get worse give it a 1 not a 4. I think sometime people don’t understand how these rating systems work. 5= an average race.

      Race gets a 1 from me. No real racing and ridiculous fuel saving. You know there’s an issue when the commentators are saying it’s closer to endurance racing.

      1. @motor_mad Yeah my mistake about that four.

        Boring race, after the early charge of Massa nothing really live it up the race. I miss last year’s F1 for some reason.

      2. @motor_mad

        I agree in that if it can´t get worse, that would be a 1. However, while this wasn´t a particularly entertaining race, I don´t think it comes close to Indy 2005, which to me is the race that marks the worst till now.

        Today was just slightly below historic average. A DRS-drive-by on the straight isn´t more or less entertaining than cars following each other, and we have seen a three-digit number of races where that happened.
        Could have been better if Kimi had kept it together on his outlap.

      3. @motor_mad I use 6 for an average race.

    2. Mark (@marlarkey)
      7th June 2015, 20:41

      I gave it 4 because it did have some moments of good action… I race with no moments of any note would be 1-3

    3. If it’s boring you, switch off. That is literally the only thing that will get the message across to Bernie, Jean and co. because it takes money out of their pockets.

      This is the second race of the year that I’ve not watched because I already knew which team would win it 18 months ago, as did most of us. I stop by F1Fanatic to confirm it was as yawnworthy as I expected, and that’s the sum total of my f1 involvement at this point, after having watched almost every race live for nearly a quarter century.

  5. Dull. DRS, hard tyres, no action of note. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. but I thought the tyres were too soft, now they’re too hard, people can’t make their mind up

    2. Weren’t these the two softest compounds that Pirelli has?

    3. what do you mean hard tires

      1. @alfa145, I would guess that would be a reference to the fact that Maldonado managed to get over 50 laps on a single set of tyres, whilst many others also got more than 40 laps from their sets too. As bezza695 says, whatever tyre choices Pirelli makes, it seems that people will complain either way…

    4. I’m not going to start complaining about the tyres. Most of us have been griping that they were degrading and the cause of bad racing and for once they were not the dominant factor….so I’m happy with that.

      We all keep looking for gimmicks to make the racing exciting. Some fans want DRS, some want refueling, some want us to spin a wheel to determine how long a pit stop will be while Bernie wants sprinklers to make fake rain. WTH, people? No. Just simply NO.

      If we ever want to see racing again, get rid of the downforce from the huge front wings and do more underbody aero that is not so sensitive to “dirty air” so they can get up behind each other. Then use wider tyres and more mechanical grip. We’ll all be amazed at the racing and their will be no need for silly gimmicks. No tyre degrading, no refueling, no DRS…just good racing.

      I’m beating a dead horse here, but I’m going to keep on talking about that d@mn front wing and why it’s destroying F1 until others start to listen.

      1. +1 You know what, I think those chunky front wings must be making drivers nervous about overtakes anyway. That’s another minus.

        1. Absolutely! They are so big and stick out so much that any contact and they get damaged….and your entire race goes away. You have no choice but to dive into the pits for an extra 10 second stop to replace the whole assembly or you ruin your tyres trying to run without it.
          And oh. my. God….I’ve heard it estimated that the teams literally spend 10’s of millions of dollars playing with those twiddly bits of carbon fiber on the front wings! Talk about a good way to cut costs!

    5. There were actually overtakes out of DRS zone.

  6. F1 has some serious issues to resolve after yet another boring race.

  7. 7. Plenty of racing in the midfield and watching Massa and Vettel move through the field for 5th and 6th was fun. A more enjoyable race to watch then most of the others despite no battle for the win.

    1. Agreed, good battles all through and there was always the chance of a fight for first. 7 from me.

    2. Pity Hamilton didn’t have a teammate of the same caliber in say Alonso or Vettel. Nico is just plain average.

      1. I also believe that Nico is just not a driver who has what it takes. And I didn’t like how Mercedes is manipulating Nico to back off each time he closed up the gap to Hamilton. They really want Hamilton to win smoothly this year.

        (‘Please Nico, you have to back off, because of … (brakes, fuel, whatever) for the next 10 laps, after that you have a possibility to attack Hamilton’ – 10 laps later: ‘Sorry Nico, you will have to back off a few more laps, otherwise …’)

    3. +1. 7.

    4. Agreed. for me getting a lot of that action from on boards helped make it feel exciting too @dragon86

    5. There was some action and I would vote a 7, but I have higher expectations from Canadian GP. So it’s a 6 for me.

    6. Well said @dragon86, though the mercedes were so far ahead because they both were close to the limit, so it did feel like an extended fight – they just both kept it together. Nicer than someone winning with half a minute to spare. I gave it an 8.

      1. You realize Mercedes won with half a minute to spare?

  8. 5. One of the most boring Canadian GPs I’ve ever seen. Only Massa’s pass on Ericsson and Hulkenberg’s spin provided any excitement.

  9. That should have been a fantastic Grand Prix. It flopped massively. DRS was too powerful (recurring theme in 2015) and the tyres were too hard (recurring theme here).

    1. but I thought that’s what everyone wanted as they were sick of too soft tyres

      1. Seriously! Everyone has been griping about the tyres being too soft and going off…now we’re going to gripe because they didn’t???

        1. +1 I was pleased they warmed up quick enough,but didn’t go out too fast. Exactly how it should be.

          1. I agree, the tyres were nearly spot on. The only thing I could say is that it would have been better if the super softs would not last half distance. As it was, without the both compounts rule, they could probably have done the race on 2 sets of super softs, and if they had brought mediums, someone might have managed to do the whole race on one set.

            What happened, by the way, to the gap between the compounds they used to have in each race?

          2. Sometimes compounds behave different than you expect, like Bahrain and Canada. I think Raikkonen was on supersofts almost all race long whereas Vettel was on softs all along. That was probably why they ended up so close in the end.

    2. @craig-o Agree with you on here. This race had potential, but for some reason all settled down after 20 laps. Really disappointing race.

      1. The drivers couldn’t push as they were all in fuel conservation mode for this race, so they all ran to a pace. Terrible racing.

      2. Vettel was pushing till the end, almost caught Raikkonen.

  10. DRS killed what could have been some actual fights through the field.

    This season shows perfectly why F1 needs to be competitive and also why it needs to allow the drivers to fight instead of just blast passed each other. Make the cars easier to follow behind, remove DRS, less lift and coast, slightly better tyres and give F1 teams a fairer distribution of money. These solutions are there, so why aren’t they properly discussed by the guys in charge? I really don’t get it.

  11. Boring, and all the DRS-passes were just awful to watch. 3/10.

    As a Kimi-fan, I’m really starting to hope he’ll retire after this season…

    1. Issue with drivability related to the engine. I suppose he can’t really predict that. Otherwise it was a normal race for him with a Ferrari goof up.

      Why he went on SS should be interesting to hear. Vettel was flying on Softs to have a representation of the pace given by those tires.

      1. Kimi just said in interview for Finnish MTV3 that he had the same issue in hairpin on both his outlaps from pits (I guess he was better prepared second time).

        On the attack in the end he said that their speed was pretty much dictated by amount of fuel today so he had to save fuel and not go after Bottas.

        1. @hmmh Thanks for that piece of info. Seems like Kimi would have been on 3rd place without much issues if not for the spin and subsequent cook up of the tires.

          With fuel being critical, nothing much one could have done chasing a race.

    2. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      7th June 2015, 20:57

      @diceman yeah, what’s going on with Kimi? he should retire while we still have a decent opinion of him.

    3. That was not fully Raikkonen’s fault guys. Chill. If Ferrari want the championships they have some way to go and things to sort out.

  12. Boring race, 4. A shame for the mcLarens, both drivers seemingly loosing patience. Kudos to Bottas and Massa, Vettel a bit less due to this ignored red flag.

    1. Not intended as an answer, sorry.

  13. 1 AM here. I wonder why I stayed awake :(

    Nothing really happened other than some stupid moves by a few experienced drivers.

    Gave a 6 though. Vettel managing some moves along with Massa helped.

    Thinking it should have been a 5 as I type.

    Good Night!

    1. +1, I too voted 6.

      Vettel’s charge through the field was the only thing that kept me a bit intersted, otherwise I would have slept. But now I wonder if he had his usual grid position, we might have got a good race for the front. Kimi was average in this race.

      1. @mjf1fan probably should take Ferrari’s pace with a bit of salt next time. I was too excited to see the times and ended up staying awake for the race. Better judgement next time.

        But it was nice to see them get the fastest two laps of the race however insignificant they maybe.

        1. Yeah it was nice to see both of them getting top two flaps in race.

          I think next time it would be Mexican gp when i will have to be awake late night to watch the race. I am hoping it would be much more entertaining to watch. ( Would be estatic to see a Ferrari win there :D)

  14. I decided to not watch F1 races anymore and did so for a couple of ’em. And then came back again to see what’s up as it’s Canadian GP, and seems like my decision was right, I didn’t miss anything. Now I’m firm on my decision not to watch any of the races and just follow the points results saving me tens of hours hopefully. Good Bye F1 2015! See ya next year.

    1. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      7th June 2015, 20:58

      @functor give the trophy to Lewis already. Nico is not a real challenger and he may never become one.

      1. Can we just give a couple of trophies to Hamilton and Mercedes, then go back to racing please?

  15. Just an okay race. Expected kill more spice given it is Canada .

    No Safety car or reliability issues and tires are very durable. So no big drama there .

    Gave a 5.

    1. Yeah the race was just fine, not sure why people get so angry about it. You’re exactly right, I feel like the race was just a safety car away from being good, if we had a safety car in the last 10-15 laps would have made it an 8 or 9 I feel (would’ve been good to see Vettel against Kimi).

      1. and if we’d had some challenges for the lead it could have been an 8/9 also. Coulda/woulda/shoulda but it wasn’t so it didn’t rate very high.

    2. I’ve long since decided that this scale is on a curve. DRS did it’s job, but there was little to care about otherwise. Would have gave it a 4, but the Marmot gave me enough of a chuckle to bump it up to average.

  16. This is the closest I ever got to falling asleep during a race. F1 needs to axe the number of engineers used for strategies, their calculations to perfection make the races so predictible and boring.

  17. This is the closest I ever got to falling asleep during a race. F1 needs to axe the number of engineers used for strategies, their calculations to perfection make the races so predictible and boring.

    1. Ich think the Monaco GP would disagree with you

      1. Yup, there came something unusual, they made a mistake and it immediately got the race more exciting. But as long as a race goes along without any incidents it’s got almost no spark.

    2. OmarR-Pepper - Vettel 40 victories!!! (@)
      7th June 2015, 21:00

      @hunocsi I am actually having more fun now, replying and writing lots of times. And believe me, I almost fall asleep too, even having the race from 1pm to 3pm here!

    3. Well did you think Vettel would have ended up ahead of Massa after his first pit stop?

      1. Ted Kravitz said on Sky before the start that engineers told him a two-stopper would be faster around here, and also knowing the Ferrari’s pace compared to Williams, yes I thought.

  18. Well that was boring. There were some interesting bits, like watching Massa and Vettel come through the field and Rosberg trying to catch Hamilton. However, the former was pretty much spoiled by DRS (it was always a question of “when”, not “if”) and the latter fight never really materialised, as Hamilton just managed to always keep the gap at around 1.3 seconds.

  19. Uzair Syed (@ultimateuzair)
    7th June 2015, 20:41

    Last year’s race was exciting! This race was the exact opposite. 5/10 for me.

  20. Pretty dull. A couple of good battles, but most of the time, racing was crushed by DRS. Aside from Räikkönen’s. Hülkenberg’s and Grosjean’s mistakes, nothing too thrilling happened after the first dust had settled.
    It looked as though we might get to see some action between the Mercs, but when Rosberg came close, he had to save his brakes, and when Hamilton pushed, he had to start saving fuel. So they were pretty much stuck with each other. A rather disappointing stalemate instead of a showdown.

    1. when Rosberg came close, he had to save his brakes, and when Hamilton pushed, he had to start saving fuel

      I wonder when it will dawn on people that this is the Mercedes code for “maintain your positions”?

      1. F1 would be far better if engineers on pit wall couldnt tell the drivers anythin in the race

      2. Nase (@)