Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Monza, 2015

Vettel hails ‘best second place’ at Monza

2015 Italian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Monza, 2015Sebastian Vettel says his first podium appearance at Monza as a Ferrari driver was ‘the best second place’ of his career.

Vettel ran second for the entirety of the Italian Grand Prix to record an emotional podium finish to the delight of the Tifosi in the attendance.

“It’s an incredible day, it’s the best second place I ever had in Formula One,” says Vettel. “Thanks to all the Tifosi for giving me those emotions today on the podium.”

“It’s fantastic to see so many fans, feel the support we get as a team. It just makes our lives so much more worth living when you see all the fans coming underneath the podium. In terms of emotions it’s more than a victory.”

Vettel jumped team mate Kimi Raikkonen at the start of the race when the second Ferrari fell into anti-stall as the lights went out, dropping him to the back of the field on the run down to the first turn.

“It’s a shame because otherwise I believe we could have both cars on the podium today,” says Vettel.

“The speed was there, unfortunately not enough to win, but we’ve tried everything. Monza is known to be a power track and we all know how dominant Mercedes was here last year. I believe the engine guys have done a great job. There are for sure things that we need to improve: we’ll do step by step.”

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  • 20 comments on “Vettel hails ‘best second place’ at Monza”

    1. I’m sure he’ll be high on happiness today, but tomorrow he’ll surely sit down wondering how Hamilton crushed everyone so badly. But kudos for a great race. No mistakes really.

      1. @me4me I doubt anyone will be wondering that. It was a fully-upgraded, all-token-used Mercedes PU, no one expected this to be any different.

        1. Hamilton wasn’t even going full speed.

      2. Having himself crushed the opposition in dominant machinery while on top form I’m pretty sure he already understands.

      3. What a difference between Vettel and Hamilton. When Vettel was winning, Hamilton couldn’t stop sniping at him. When Hamilton wins Vettel salutes him. Vettel is a class act. The blond with the pretty earrings could learn a thing or two from him.

    2. Happy for him. To think that this same crowd was booing him two years ago. Here’s hoping Ferrari can put more of a challenge to Mercedes in 2016, and hopefully go for the title in 2017.

      1. Exactly. The same crowd that was booing Vettel in 2013 was cheering for him today …. Make up your mind people !!

        1. Didn’t they do the same when Schumacher moved to Ferrari?

          I never get why people get so enthused over the Tifosi. They boo other drivers just for being on (from) another team. They walk out when Ferrari isn’t doing well during a race. They don’t even show up at the race if they think Ferrari can’t get a podium.

          Although it was nice of them to make space for the real F1 fans when Schumacher’s car broke down.

          1. The “tifosi” are an embarrassment to real F1 fans. It always makes me cringe when people compare that lot to Silverstone regulars.

            1. Nice WUM attempt from the two comments above. The “tifosi” fill Monza year in, year out, even when Ferrari aren’t winning.

        2. It was really heart warming. They cheered “Sebastian” for a long time during podium ceremony.

        3. I heard quite a few boos for LH too. At least the tifosi are somewhat consistent. Still a bunch of tactless high-strung fans in my books tho

          1. Michael Brown
            7th September 2015, 0:27

            When people often describe the tifosi, they say that they’re “some of the most passionate fans in the world.” What they forget to add is “Only if you drive for Ferrari.”
            Although, Massa got some cheers, probably because he is a former Ferrari driver.

          2. It’s to be expected….the driver and chassis that beats Ferrari in Monza isn’t going to receive a rousing ovation. Having said that, I noticed many Merc and Hamilton shirts and hats in the crowd, as well as Union Jack flags….Lewis gets crowd support in every stop around the F1 globe.

            1. Pffff. All Rosberg and Button supporters.
              The ones with hats AND flags you ask? Rosberg-AND-Button supporters every last one of them. :D

    3. ,, To be second it means to be the first loser ” – Ayrton Senna

      1. @nacional Vettel didn’t say it was as good as any of his 41 wins.

      2. This is what Vettel said in an interview from

        Q: The thousands of fans with their huge Ferrari flags – it almost seems like religious ceremony. Is it for days like these that you joined Ferrari?

        SV: Yes, of course. But when I said that it was the best second place that I have ever had, don’t get me wrong, it is still second place – and of course we aim for more. Second is the first man who is beaten. It did not feel that way today, but in terms of points it definitely is.

      3. @nacional And it was as stupid then as it is stupid now.

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