Felipe Massa, Williams, Albert Park, 2016

2016 Australian Grand Prix practice in pictures

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Practice for the 2016 Australian Grand Prix began on a damp track under grey skies.

Persistent rain showers kept the drivers on their toes during the first 90 minutes of running and several of them ventured beyond the confines of the track as they were caught out by ever-changing grip levels.

All 22 drivers appeared on track during the first official timed session of the year, including the two Renault RS16s resplendent in their fresh yellow liveries.

The rain worsened during the second practice session which saw even less running by the drivers.

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24 comments on “2016 Australian Grand Prix practice in pictures”

  1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    18th March 2016, 4:04

    The more I see that Renault, the less I like it. There’s something about that particular yellow that looks dull, deteriorated, maybe just to me.

    1. Dull?? It was the most stand out car due to that saturated yellow colour.

    2. Unfortunately the chasis is a brick.

    3. Best looking car out there for me.

    4. @omarr-pepper, that’s what I think as well. They yellow just isn’t bright and shiny enough. Makes the car look like a piece of Lego in some pictures.

    5. And of course people would still complain. Wouldn’t be Formula 1 otherwise.

  2. Willem Cecchi (@)
    18th March 2016, 5:55

    The Manor looks fantastic.

  3. I think that the yellow Renault looks even better on track than on the launch or the rendered pictures!
    They have a new sponsor too, Computacenter that is a Dutch company so it does not look like “local sponsor” only…

    I only watch this morning a live feed of FP2 and nove of the striking liveries seen in the pictures, such as Red Bull and the Renault yellow one, looked as good as in the static pictures.

    Haas definitely seems to be using a lighter shade of grey or even white (although in that case is not a simple white).

    1. Actually Computacenter is a UK company based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire and Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services. I work for Computacenter and wasn’t even aware of this, so we kept this all very quite!

      1. The first Google search gave me their offices at Schiphol-Rijk, near Amsterdam, so I assume dit was the HQ, forgetting that Google results are based on your location (and even your own preferences and history) and I am living in Amsterdam.
        Thanks for the correction, Curtis.

        Still my comment that it must be a full sponsorship should apply as it is not a local company sponsoring for this event, even though I found now news about this new sponsorship (on typical F1 media I mean).
        Computacenter does not have offices in Australia, so…

  4. Could you add a button to download ALL images at once?

  5. The Red Bull is stunning.

    1. Agreed! Love the matte finish livery.

  6. Hasn’t Maurizio’s hair become more grayish white over the past year? Also looks like Seb lost some hair.

  7. Interesting Renault seem to be testing out two different nose designs. The mutant airbox is weird but nice.

    That Renault is one of the better looking cars this year, I hope they do well. The Red Bull is very nice too.

  8. Looking at the pictures, I start to think that we might overreacted about how different are the liveries. I really like most of them and to be frank, I don’t have any problem distinguishing who is who. Could we have more color? Of course, but to say that there are only gray/silver liveries I think is overreacting.

  9. Are the Haas sidepods whiter than when they were in testing? Looks a bit nicer.

    1. I thought the entire car was silver …so there’s a lot of white and it looks much cleaner.

  10. I like that Renault. It looks like a ‘cleaner’ Jordan. Get some shark on its nose, B&H as well as a sponsor.

    1. It looks really good on track. It’s almost orange – not far off what the McLaren could have been if Ron Dennis wasn’t in charge!

  11. Subjective and intentional. Only 3 photos (out of 121) belong to Sauber. Non of them for ERI. When Sauber and Force India Fold (they will fold), everybody will be crying about it. Sauber will then have the recognition it deserves. And journalist will write a lot about the good stuff privateers bring to Formula 1. In the meantime (and its not just this year, it has been happening for years now in f1fanatic) we give privateers such as Sauber little coverage. I get this is Keith blog and he is able to hate Sauber. I just point out its not just Bernie pushing us out. Media is doing its part too.

    1. @mumito I wasn’t able to get my hands on a lot of Sauber pictures at first; now that I have I’ve updated the gallery.

      If you’d care to know the actual reason this is the case instead of leaping to the unreasonable conclusion that I have a vendetta against them I invite you to answer the following question: How many laps did Sauber do in the second practice session?

      1. Sauber ran as many as Williams. As many as VET. @keithcollantine I thank you for your website. Dont take it personal. I m furious with the situation. F1 fanatic is the best out there and the community is great. This is not the first time I complain about the lack of space Sauber has. Once we are gone (it might be sooner than later and we might not see a new spec in 2017) everybody will say they always supported Sauber. Im pretty sure the Sauber morning would be very sad and everybody will cry. Hinwill knows how to make cars, how to take risk with drivers (Currently on grid VET, RAI, MAS, PER, NAS, GUT). If Sauber doesnt score in the first 3 races….we are out. And its not that we are VJM or a Brawn…we have been racing for 21 years now. 4th in the current grid.

        1. @mumito And appealing to the media is going to help this how? Get the competition you are a part of to fix their product. There is hardly any digital media presence of F1, how this can be blamed even partly on the media and not squarely at the feet of FOM is ridiculous.

          You know how many eyeballs F1 could be, but isn’t reaching right?

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