Rio Haryanto, Manor, Albert Park, 2016

Haryanto given grid penalty for first race

2016 Australian Grand Prix

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Rio Haryanto has collected a three-place grid penalty for his first F1 race, the FIA has announced

The Manor driver has been docked three places on the grid for the Australian Grand Prix after he was judged to have caused a collision with Romain Grosjean in the pits at the start of final practice.

The stewards ruled Haryanto “left the team garage and did not pay attention to the approaching car which was in the fast lane”. The Indonesian rookie has also been given two penalty points on his licence.

2016 Australian Grand Prix

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  • 11 comments on “Haryanto given grid penalty for first race”

    1. Yay, Indonesia has got more points in F1 than Malaysia…..:\

      1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
        19th March 2016, 5:47

        I hope this kind of thing can be applied consistently throughout the season.
        double punishment is kind of harsh I think, the fact that he’s rookie may play a part to this ruling.

    2. Was it really his fault? Debatable.

      1. RaceProUK (@)
        19th March 2016, 14:02

        I’d place the blame more on the Manor pit crew

      2. In this (surprisingly official FOM) video you can see the accident:

        It’s tricky. It looks like there would have been no way to see Grosjean coming, but he did leave the garage very slowly. It’s close between it either being his team’s or his fault, but I’d say it’s the team’s.

        The grid penalty should stand either way, but the 2 points on his license seem rather harsh.

    3. That was quick!

    4. New Maldonado in the making?

      1. That is a bit hard and unkind, it’s his first race. Didn’t see the incident but was it his fault or the engineers for releasing him.

    5. Looks like the domain is already taken :D

      1. Nico has…

    6. He couldn’t beat Vettel’s shortest time elapsed into one’s career before penalty record though.

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