Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Sochi Autodrom, 2016

2016 Russian Grand Prix championship points

2016 Russian Grand Prix

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2016 Russian Grand Prix

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20 comments on “2016 Russian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Big Mag (@)
    1st May 2016, 14:45

    Alonso 0 points ???

    1. Yes. There are 101 points per race, so with 4 races gone the totals should be 404. In fact they are 396, so it is just Alonso & McLaren’s 8 points from today that are missing.

      1. Big Mag (@)
        1st May 2016, 20:23

        Close race between Renault, Force India and McLaren so far. And Haas looks like they have lost their edge. The midfield will be a fierce battle.

  2. Basically difficult to conclude anything about the ROS-HAM points difference until we start getting some straight fights between them for first and second during races. If Hamilton resumes the advantage seen the previous two seasons, the gap can be recovered in much the same way as 2014 when he had to recover twice from big points deficits after DNFs. Or Rosberg may well be on level terms now. Without any pressure on Rosberg, very difficult to tell which.

    1. David BR
      I agree its not big issue but if Both have equal DNF’s Ros can still have the lead. So Hamilton need not only require extra DNF for Nico but he needs to beat him on races quite a lot and he has Engine down in china so he might run into issues with penalties and we are watching how tough it is now to get a penalty and get back into position

      1. I’m sure Hamilton will get engine penalties etc. but if he can start winning races, the pressure will mount on Rosberg. In 2014 and 2015 that led to crucial mistakes from Rosberg, particularly in heavy braking corners. The issue I think is whether he really is now stronger mentally, so far that hasn’t been tested. What we have seen is him being more determined when competing into corners level with Hamilton, e.g. at the start. It’s just frustrating now that we haven’t yet been able to see how they match up in an even race.

        1. I guess its more of Rosberg is getting the edge now unfortunately. The moral shattering for lewis will be in equal fight Ros getting pole which is not truly unheard of but if he gets pole consistently like 2014 and ending stages of 2015. Imho Ham’s task will be tougher than 2014 he cant pass due to increase of wake and Ros was in control much more than he was back in 14.
          But Even if Ham wins 3 and Ros gets a DNF he will close to 4 Points and a Ham DNF will mean he will be far away again. So What Ham need is that Ros having one extra DNF than him

          1. The last part of the puzzle for Lewis is becoming more of a Leader at Mercedes, and having a commanding moral authority. His issues are clearly systemic, and it’s going to take a comprehensive approach to solving issues dealing with process management, manufacture quality/ quality control, and accountability/performance with in his side of the garage.

            I suspect whom ever is responsible for those particular items is not doing their job. And I suspect that the best way to deal with this is demand accountability, and start using competition with in the organization to start promoting people who are truly interested in doing a stand up job, for themselves, and the team.

            I suspect the biggest problem Lewis has right now is the leadership at Merc, and it’s recalcitrance. After all, they have no competition, no reason to change, and that is a big issue.

          2. @xsavior
            Well Rosberg has the same issues last year when he has Failed Engine in Monza and Damper Failure in Sochi. No body said about the manufacture quality/ Quality control etc etc.This is what happens in F1. Some times it goes one way some times it goes the other.

            was Ros Lucky to not to have Issues, Yes He was. Was Ros was lucky to handed wins no he was there always and as you said they have no competition so he get what on offer and he did his job.

            I dont think Lewis has any problems with Merc Leadership. That leadership is what allowed him to fight it out to win 2 titles and earned 2 constructor titles. Every now and then Issues will come up for every one.

    2. Agreed. Last season HAM averaged 3.1 more points than ROS per race, even including the three end-of-season races where HAM appeared to be less motivated. If he can do that for the remaining 17 races of this season he will still win the drivers’ championship.

      Of course he would have to avoid letting his present predicament get inside his head, and he has not shown himself to be much good at that. Also last season ROS had to manage on only 3 race engines after losing one in Monza FP3. This year it could be HAM who is an engine down by the end of the season.

      So it is quite possible that HAM could beat ROS to the title, but I think it is now unlikely.

      1. Well, 3 race wins for Hamilton and a DNF for Rosberg (one bit of bad luck) and Hamilton’s in the lead. It wouldn’t really take that much. I still think the title will be down to how they match up in even races. One factor we can probably dismiss though is Ferrari mixing up their order much.

  3. We need to start seeing some straight fights between Hamilton and Rosberg. I don’t think that even Rosberg will be completely satisfied with his title if he wins it in this way. He hasn’t proved much.

    1. I higly doubt Mansell feels bad about his 1992 title over his 1986 loss. Or Prost feels worse about winning in 1993 than he did about losing in 1983. I don’t think Schumacher ever said he enjoyed 2006 more than he did 2004.

      Point being; Rosberg is still giving his all and gets the maximum performance. He is lucky, no doubt about it, but to win on others misfortune, you have to be there to capitalize. In 2012, Fernando Alonso was rated very highly for this, so I don’t see why we should shun Rosberg’s 2016 performance because Hamilton has had bad luck so far.

  4. Had some fun with this last time; comparisons between the standings in 2015 after 4 rounds and now.

    Rosberg is up 34 points, Hamilton down 36. Of course this means Mercedes is down 2 points compared to 2015. Ferrari however is down 31 points due to their retirements. Raikkonen is up by one point, meaning Seb is down 30.

    Williams is still behind Red Bull and is 10 points down on their 2015 score, while Red Bull is up 34 points.

    Romain Grosjean is up 10 points, as is Haas compared to where Lotus was at this point last year. Renault, despite their poor performance, is ‘only’ 6 points down on Lotus’ points after 4 rounds in 2015.

    Despite being involved in two first lap incidents this season, Kvyat is up 17 points compared to last year. Force India, oft perceived as having a bad start, is only 3 points down on their 2015 score after 4 races.

    1. Is this accurate? Alonso finished sixth but the table says he has zero points.

        1. Big Mag (@)
          1st May 2016, 18:38

          Keith doesn’t answer my mails anymore. I wonder why?

  5. Alonso has 8 points after 4 races, not 0.

  6. Tom (@newdecade)
    1st May 2016, 20:51

    Ricciardo also down a spot from 3rd. Thanks to Kvyat for ruining his race as well as Seb’s.

  7. @keithcollantine McLaren says 2 points

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