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Wehrlein completes latest Pirelli test after Hamilton pulls out

2016 F1 season

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Pascal Wehrlein completed another day of testing Pirelli’s 2017 tyres at a wet Circuit de Catalunya.

The Manor driver and Mercedes reserve was called up when Lewis Hamilton pulled out of the test due to a sore foot.

Wehrlein did just 31 laps in the test – less than half a race distance – which had been arranged to test Pirelli’s wider dry weather slick tyres for next year. Nico Rosberg also had a shortened test yesterday due to bad weather.

“Obviously the weather hindered progress to some extent both today and yesterday as is not entirely unexpected at this time of year in Europe,” said Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery.

“The same can apply to the early part of next year, which is why we are in favour of some guaranteed warm weather testing in 2017, before the season gets underway.”

2016 F1 season

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  • 14 comments on “Wehrlein completes latest Pirelli test after Hamilton pulls out”

    1. Wehrlein was left to test the effectiveness of the new rubber, after Hamilton pulled out!
      (if you know what I mean!)

      1. Family friendly site, chaps 😃

      2. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
        13th October 2016, 17:52

        You won’t get the COTD that way, hahaha.

      3. haha nice one

      4. Didn’t understand.

    2. As someone who has been watching F1 for only a decade, I’ve had mixed feelings about the wider tyres. But that overhead shot looks phenomenal 👍

      1. I’ve been watching for over 15 years, since the 2000 Monaco Grand Prix and all along I wanted F1 cars to be wider in terms of chassis width and tyre width, because I was also watching CART (Champ Car) and A1GP races which clearly proved that wider track and fatter tyres were infinitely more attractive. I was also watching F1 cars of the 70, 80s and all the way up to 1997 on magazines and YouTube, and they too proved that wider chassis and wider tyres are the way to go for a complete visually aesthetic fiesta. They make the cars look aggressive and that’s why single-seater, open wheeled racecars were once the stuff of posters. I feel the Lola CART racers of the mid-1990s were the ultimate in terms of aesthetics! And they also have advantages in increasing mechanical grip, which is beside the point.

    3. I like the Manor Racing text on his helmet, in a factory Mercedes car. At least he had a racing suit, as far as I remember, Pedro de la Rosa jumped into the Sauber in a Mclaren overall in Canada 2011.

      1. Theres been a couple of times drivers have had to borrow helmets from other drivers. Im sure i remember jaques villeneuve doing a race wearing michael schumachers helmet

        1. That was David Coulthard in Monaco in 1996 @rick1984. His helmet kept misting up and Schumacher’s was the only one which (a) fitted and (b) had the right logos on it.

          1. Wow, that certainly was news to me!! Thanks guys for bringing this to the discussion…

            Can’t imagine something like that happening today. Of course the fact that both the teams had Marlboro as their primary sponsor certainly helped, but arch-rivals doing this is, well, refreshing. I believe drivers usually have two to three helmets at a race weekend, so were all of Coulthard’s helmets misting up or was it that he didn’t have more than a single helmet for that weekend?

    4. This is perfectly ok. Lewis should avoid furthering his sore foot.

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