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Force India confirm launch date for 2017 car

2017 F1 season

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Force India has confirmed the launch date for its 2017 F1 car.

The successor to the VJM09 will break cover on February 22nd at Silverstone. Mercedes will show their car to the world for the first time at the same track 24 hours later.

Force India will look to improve on their best-ever showing in the world championship last year with their new car. It will be driven by Sergio Perez and former Manor driver Esteban Ocon.

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2017 F1 season

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  • 8 comments on “Force India confirm launch date for 2017 car”

    1. I hope they add more color, and less of black!

    2. Let’s hope the car will be a winner

    3. Hopefully F.I will bring more green & orange,like 2014!I would bet that Williams will announce their car at 23 February as well😱😱.

      1. Yeah, I still think that was a better livery. The green and orange(actually saffron) came from the Indian flag.

        1. It was more spectacular!!Orange & green are colours that are missing now,so it would be nice to bring them back.Who didn’t like,for instance,the black & orange Arrows??Or the green Jaguar?Even Caterham’s liveries were nice.F1 teams need to work on their liveries,cause in the last couple of years,they are really dull & most teams use the same colours…

    4. I’m glad that proper launches are back, since 2012 or 2013 the majority of launches have taken place at the first pre season test, nice to see the first three teams announce that they’re launching before the first test, got to be good for sponsorship chances right?

      1. This isnt a proper launch, the teams will be revealing their liveries and new cars at circuits during testing. The launches earlier where in hotels or auditoriums around the tracks with much more fanfare than they are today. I think only Ferrari does that today.

    5. I thought the height of force Indiahhhh’s livery was 2014

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