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Pirelli announce 2018 tyre test schedule involving all ten teams

2018 F1 season

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All ten team will participate in test to develop tyres for the 2018 F1 season, Pirelli has confirmed.

Last year Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull handled all the testing for Pirelli’s wider, 2017-specification rubber.

Ferrari will begin the programme next week within the planned in-season test at the Bahrain International Circuit which all the teams are attending.

The testing will take place entirely on circuits which will feature on the 2018 F1 calendar with the exception of Magny-Cours, where McLaren will test in July.

18-19th AprilFerrariBahrian International CircuitDryWith in-season test
16-17th MayRenault, Toro RossoCircuit de CatalunyaDryFollowing the grand prix
31st May – 1st JuneRed BullPaul RicardWet
29-30th JuneRed BullPaul RicardDry
18-19th JulyWilliams, HaasSilverstoneDryFollowing the grand prix
19-20th JulyMclarenMagny-CoursWet
1st-2nd AugustMercedesHungaroringDryWith in-season test
3rd-4th AugustFerrariCircuit de CatalunyaDry
7-8th SeptemberMercedesPaul RicardDry
31st October – 1st NovemberSauber, Force IndiaAutodromo Hermanos RodriguezDryFollowing the grand prix
14-15th NovemberMcLarenInterlagosDryFollowing the grand prix

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  • 7 comments on “Pirelli announce 2018 tyre test schedule involving all ten teams”

    1. Weird to see Magny Cours on that list.

      1. @fer-no65 especially for wet tyre testing. I’d have thought they’d use Paul Ricard for both wet tyre tests given they have the sprinklers

    2. They complain they can’t test wet tyres but are using McLaren to do it? Three laps of wet tyre testing at Magny Cours then

    3. Good direction/decision.

    4. Why do a wet tyre test in June and July in the south of France?

    5. Just a thought, what happens if it rains for the dry tyre tests?

    6. Can’t remember last time someone tested at Interlagos. Might be a wet test depending on what the weather feels like!

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