Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Baku City Circuit, 2017

2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix championship points

2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel extended his lead in the drivers’ championship to 14 points as McLaren scored their first points of the season.

Drivers’ championship

1Sebastian Vettel153
2Lewis Hamilton139
3Valtteri Bottas111
4Daniel Ricciardo92
5Kimi Raikkonen73
6Max Verstappen45
7Sergio Perez44
8Esteban Ocon35
9Carlos Sainz29
10Felipe Massa20
11Nico Hulkenberg18
12Lance Stroll17
13Kevin Magnussen11
14Romain Grosjean10
15Pascal Wehrlein5
16Daniil Kvyat4
17Fernando Alonso2
18Jolyon Palmer0
19Marcus Ericsson0
20Stoffel Vandoorne0
21Antonio Giovinazzi0
22Jenson Button0

Constructors’ championship

3Red Bull137  
4Force India79  
6Toro Rosso33  

2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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    25 comments on “2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix championship points”

    1. I have to say Wehrlein is doing a proper job in the Sauber. 5 points already, despite probably being the slowest overall car on the grid is something.

      Quite some differences between team mates now too:
      RAI has 47% of VET’s points
      VER has 48% of RIC’s points
      KVY has 13% of SAI’s points

      Meanwhile, Stroll only is 3 points behind Massa now, while Ericson, Vandoorne and Palmer remain pointless, while their teammates do have points.

      1. And he had to ask for permission to overtake Ericsson

        1. Not only that, Pascal did crash into Marcus and damaged Ericcsons floor

          1. Nobody seems to mind Bottas or Ocon doing well this race, but let’s give Pascal a hard time.

            1. Erm… your initial post was about Pascal.

        2. He asked in the beginning of the race but couldn’t keep up with Ericsson. Instead of gaining he lost ~ 4 sec before the first sc.

          Then Wehrlein crashed into Ericsson and a couple of laps later forced by the team to let him pass, they could have kept Van Doorne behind them quite easy.

          Can’t really agree on that he did a better job than Ericsson today.
          Pascal also had the possibility to change tyres during sc while Ericsson had to stay out.

      2. If the RB does improve and is able to win regularly, Ricciardo still has a fighting chance to win the Drivers Championship. From here on forward Max should be used as a number 2 driver to maximize Daniel’s chances imho

        1. Have you been drinking?
          Red bull lucked into a race win and had no business being anywhere near even a podium….
          so pump the brakes ,all that red bull is contending for is 5th place in any given race

      3. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        25th June 2017, 19:23


        While points are what matters, there are quite a few teams teams where bad luck has helped the other driver quite a bit.

        With Toro Rosso, Kvyat has been pretty much equal to Sainz but had totally rotten luck. He’s had to retire in over half the races as well as suffering bad luck in the first race where he clearly looked better than Sainz and he will have beaten him if it wasn’t for his issues. Sainz has since had some very stong races, but also some awful ones. Collecting 4 penalty points and 2 3 place grid drops. So it isn’t just a lot of championship points he’s collecting. He’s also been responsible for 4 retirements. He even spun the car in this race and Kvyat had to retire again. Kvyat has just kept it clean this year but been so unlucky with reliability.

        The Red Bull drivers are very close to each other. Both have had bad luck, although verstappen has certainly has worse. There points would be very close if it wasn’t for Verstappen’s luck.

        Williams has missed out on loads of points due to Massa’s and Stroll’s bad luck as well as Stroll’s poor driving at times. Massa has missed at leased 35 points down to bad luck this year. If he hadn’t had this bad look, he’d be comfortably ahead of both force india drivers as well as Verstappen. I know this wouldn’t be the case if Verstappen hadn’t had bad luck too but it really shows how much these retirements are costing him.

        The Sauber drivers have been about equal this season. Wehrlein fully deserved his points in Spain but Ericsson wasn’t far off getting a point either as he was 11th. This race in Baku was a bit lucky for Wehrlein to get a point really. Ericsson was ahead until the team allowed Wehrlein past. Just before this Wehrlein had contact with him causing a bit of damage. Ericsson was promised the position would be given back if Wehrlein didn’t pull away. Wehrlien didn’t pull any further away than Ericsson was ahead of him before and he didn’t get the position back. Unlucky really. Ericsson’s race pace has looked better than Wehrlein’s this year as 3 out of the 6 times they have raced together, Ericsson has been 30+ seconds ahead of Wehrlein. When they raced in Monaco, when Wehrlien retired through no fault of his own, Ericsson was about 40 seconds ahead at this point. But then he binned it later himself so that wasn’t great. In the 3 races where Wehrlein finished ahead, the gaps were 7 seconds in Bahrain just before Ericsson retired 5 laps from the end, 20 seconds in Spain and barely anything at all here. Wehrlien is better in qualifying but Ericsson certainly looks to be better in the races.

        Points just don’t show how well any of these drivers have been doing if I’m honest.

    2. I just noticed that every team has scored points! When was the last time this happened?

      1. Last season

        1. 🤦🏻‍♂️

      2. Last season, and before that, 2009.

    3. Vettel scores the winning goal after elbowing a competitor in the face in front of the ref after the play had already stopped.

      Good game F1. Pat yourself on the back.

      1. Haha COTD. A farce of a penalty which they worked out just as Hamilton had a problem which would also cost him 30 seconds. Call me sceptical but so much about this race felt ” for the show”. A VSC for the second safetycar would have been fine. I mean the pack was already together from the first one. How much more time to clear the track did they gain from a safetycar over the VSC ?

      2. Marian Gri (@)
        25th June 2017, 17:23

        …and we all know who started THIS: crybaby HAM! He even asked his team if BOT could push VET into him so he can try the overtake! That great he is! Let’s hope he won’t win this champ, it’ll be just a farce!

      3. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
        25th June 2017, 18:23

        Not really. He has actually penalized himself with his irrational reaction. Why?
        Because Hamilton had that safety problem with the cockpit cover and had to pit. If Vettel had kept his cool, Hamilton would have pitted anyway, and Seb would have gotten a “karma” reward after feeling damaged by Hamilton. The points reward would have been enormous.
        Instead, he reacted like a child and instead of getting serious points in favor, just managed to get two more points. And now that Mercedes has recovered almost all their advantage (I mean, almost similar to last year levels), I wouldn’t be surprised if Vettel loses the WDC exactly by a little margin, a margin he decided to throw overboard today.
        Now, I agree he should have been black flagged. But the guys asking a race ban… come on, I know you are Ham fans but that would be too much.

        1. Fair comment, agree’d the points gap could have increased a lot more than it did

    4. When will Kimi get a break?

      1. He should start a club with Max and Massa

    5. Before the start of the season, I had thought Sauber would have needed 9 or 10 cars to retire or have serious issues bedore scoring a point. It ended up Being Mclaren. Had Mclaren a little more power in their cars, they could have made the podium.

      1. Well yeah… with 8 out of 20 retiring, McLaren managed to get in the points…chapau!

    6. Seb given another 3 driver penalty pts, total now 9. Another 3 & he misses a race .that should cool his head next time it overheats.

      1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
        25th June 2017, 18:27

        Nice stat. I really hope Arrivabene reminds him of this EVERY SINGLE RACE!
        What Seb did today was really, really stupid. Some other people were saying he might have just “lost the car” when he put his car side by side with Lewis’s,… but even that move (without the slam) would have been dangerous already. Luckily neither of them got suspension damage.

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