Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2017

Verstappen expects power deficit to remain: “There is not much coming”

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In the round-up: Max Verstappen doesnt expect Renault will make up their power shortfall any time soon.

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Marcus Ericsson, Pascal Wehrlein, Sauber, Hungaroring, 2017

Two-thirds of Sauber’s table tennis doubles team practice together
Philip (@Philipgb)

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  • 27 comments on “Verstappen expects power deficit to remain: “There is not much coming””

    1. Dont worry about the lack of engine power Max, Keith makes up for it with his love of you!

      1. Can we get you a saucer of milk ;-)

    2. Will be interesting to see where Rosberg is headed. He is clearly far to clever and young to just keep celebrating free life.

      1. He’s far too clever to not be celebrating free life I think you mean :D

      2. I reckon he’ll be involved with Mercedes, just not as a driver.

        1. Maybe he will be involved with the new Mercedes Formula E team in a Manager role?

          1. *Management role?

      3. Wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually goes FIA role. Groom him to be the FIA president. He would be very capable. They need someone young and relevant

    3. So if Renault don’t have the appetite for becoming an 800-900 person team……….
      Well they don’t have the appetite to win then do they.

      Ferrari, Mercedes and Redbull have all shown what u need to win. Strength in depth! Remember everyone making jokes about the number of top technical guys Mercedes recruited. Well who’s laughing now.

      Renault under-invested in these Hybrid PU’s (and paid the price) and now they are already planning to under-invest in their team.
      Anyone else still wonder why the Renault F1 works team have been so hit and miss over the years?

      They try and do it on the cheap!

      1. You couold be right. There’s that old saying; “If you buy cheap, you pay twice”?

      2. @thebullwhipper, Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari don’t have a workforce of 800-900 people either – they all operate with smaller workforces than that, and have tended to outsource more work in recent years instead (such as Ferrari outsourcing a large chunk of their engine development work to AVL).

        Abiteboul is talking about building up to about 650 staff, which would be pretty similar to the headcount at Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes (about 700 in those teams); if anything, 800-900 might be starting to get a bit bloated. If headcount alone was the determining factor for success, then Toyota should have been thrashing everybody in the 2000’s given they had the largest workforce…

      3. But you see what FI have achieved with minimal infrastructure. It’s not how many you have, it’s the quality, skill set & organisation that counts. Punching above your weight is key.

    4. I don’t get the caption…

      1. Quite simple:

        Two-thirds of Sauber’s table tennis doubles team practice together

        A doubles team has 2 players.
        Two-thirds of that is 1.5 player.
        Thus one of Sauber’s team members is just half a player.

        I’m not sure which one though.

        1. That is some dreadful arithmetic.

        2. Still didn’t make it funny.

      2. @grippgoat I think it refers to the case Van der Garde, when Sauber had 3 drivers signed for 2 raceseats. So a “Sauber table tennis doubles team” consists of 3 players instead of 2.

        1. Ding ding ding

      3. It’s a play on the fact that a few years ago sauber had contracts with 3 drivers yet obviously there are only two seats. Van Der Garde took them to court in Melbourne and actually won, although he (I presume) just took the settlement money because the two other drivers started the race.

        The joke is that they have hired a third player for their doubles team and two of them are seen practicing.

    5. Renault never did have a massive team – they made up for it with talent and ingenuity.

      I wouldn’t be betting against them so fast.

      1. And leadership.

        And I’m not convinced they have all that much of the three you’ve already mentioned.

        I’ll bet now that this time next year we’ll still be seeing their PU massively behind and the works team still well in the midfield.

      2. @sham,
        You probably mean the people at Enstone facility. Those people have always been punching above weight since their Benetton days…

    6. If I remember correctly, they also had a driver named Fernando Alonso…

      1. And a crook named Briatore…

      2. And a movable aero device (that wasn’t, unlike some floors going around at the time).

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