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No talks with Red Bull over 2019 yet – Ricciardo

2018 F1 season

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Daniel Ricciardo says he hasn’t discussed extending his Red Bull contract beyond next year as senior team figure Helmut Marko said he will be on the market for 2019.

“The only thing I’m aware of is that my contract with them is at an end next year,” Ricciardo told the media in today’s press conference. “So I guess he’s referencing that.”

“Nothing’s been said between us beyond next year,” Ricciardo added. “I don’t think he has a plan yet beyond ’18.”

Red Bull’s plans for 2019 and beyond have been face potential disruption as they are expected to lose their Renault power unit supply. That could force them to use Honda’s engines, which are currently the least competitive on the grid.

Ricciardo is keen to see the team begin next season in more competitive shape than they were at the start of this season.

“I still don’t really know why the last years we’ve had slow starts and then found a way to come back,” he said. “So I guess the idea again is because there’s not many changes for next year what we learn from this year hopefully we take to next year and we start stronger.”

“For sure if next year’s not a very competitive season at all then that of course will be addressed. I feel like I say every time this year that where we are now you’d think that next year we should be competitive. Hopefully as competitive as I’d like to see.”

“Mercedes has been winning too long, we’ll try to change that.”

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  • 14 comments on “No talks with Red Bull over 2019 yet – Ricciardo”

    1. Red Bull would do well to lock up at least one of Ricciardo or Verstappen in a long contract, if they want to continue running their own drivers from 2019.

      Sainz seems more than capable of making the step up, but now occupies a seat at a factory team, which could be more attractive by the time 2019 rolls around. As for the other seat, Kvyat has proved not to be good enough for it and Gasly is an unknown quantity so far. Everyone else is too inexperienced for a top team. Of course, the team have taken experienced drivers from elsewhere in the past (Coulthard/Webber).

      1. Verstappen has 2 more years on his deal, Ricciardo 1 year.

        If RedBull fail again next year or are forced to drive with a Honda in the back in 2019, Ricciardo can leave as a free agent. Now, according to Dutch media Verstappen has an option in his contract for 2019 that states RedBull must be a top 3 constructor in 2018 or he will become a free agent as well. It’s very likely RBR will be a top 3 team though. Dutch media also reported that the Verstappen camp now wants to change that option from a ‘top 3 constructor’ to a ‘top 3 in drivers standings’ but RedBull are not cooperating.

        So, with Bottas and Raikonen without a contract after next year, a possible Honda in the RBR for 2019 and Max forced to stay there for 2019, Ricciardo is in a good position I think.

    2. Mercedes and Ferrari should fight over this guy. They both need a #1 backup.

      He is also very marketable.

      1. Number 1 backup. He beat Vettels easily in there 1 year together. As a Ferrari fan I would rather have Max though. If Leclerc follows his promise through to F1 ext year I would take him over Ricciardo.

    3. Dan is playing a smart game here, keeping options open and looking to increase his earning capacity in the meantime.

      He has been outpaced by Max this year but all thoughts are Max has been vetoed by Lewis and Seb, so Max has no place to go.

      We were in Malaysia this weekend and most drivers stayed where we stayed. We had a drink or two with Jos the Boss (really nice bloke) and he said he thought both Max and Dan better off staying at Red Bull.

      My immediate thought was Max has been given the no from Red & Silver and you want Dan to stay as you think Max can beat him- fair call from Dad there.

      But Seb may go (unlikely) but more so Lewis does walk Dan is a great driver with great marketability (best in F1) now in a winning car…………………………. unless the Mercs do continue to struggle….

      Jos may just be right :) Maybe they both should stay!

      PS- Did anyone else think the post quali chat when Dan jumped in on Toto and Johnny & Paul was more of a job interview than a media spot :)

    4. Hans Braakhuis
      5th October 2017, 13:40

      Drivers have no veto.

    5. There are other stories/rumours circulating that Mercedes have been pursuing an agreement with Max for 2019 onwards. I think this is more likely than Max going to Ferrari. I think Lewis might be more accommodating than Seb not that it is really their decision. I am sure Red Bull will try to keep both their drivers but I cannot see them both staying, especially if Red Bull are not more competitive in 2018.

      Maybe Dan will go to Ferrari and RBR will end up losing both of them! Or if the Renault team continue to improve there could be a swap with Sainz?

      1. Verstappen can’t leave RedBull after 2018 even if he wanted to. His contract runs through 2019 unless RBR fail to be a top 3 constructor in 2018, which is not likely.

        1. I’d love to see the panic in Helmut if McLaren were somehow able to outpace Red Bull next year though…

          1. Yeah I don’t believe in McLaren really. Do you think they would have won 2 races this year if they had Renault power? I don’t think they would have won a race even if they had Merc power tbh.

          2. I think that is an unlikely scenario. What will be interesting is how the Honda engine performs next year. Honda have been talking to Mahle, who do some magic tricks for Ferrari, so we should be seeing an improved Honda engine soon.

        2. I have seen this and your comment. I did not appreciate this so thanks. Maybe Dan will be the one to leave RBR after 2018 after all then.

    6. The Verstappen-Sainz relationship got so toxic that it forced RBR to swap Kvyat and Verstappen at Spain last year. I don’t think they are very keen on those 2 to ever drive at the big team together. If Max leaves RBR a RIC-SAI pairing wouldn’t be a problem.

    7. the real question in my mind is how will the Red Bull magic influence the Honda? if I recall correctly, Red Bull re wrote almost all of the Renault software last year and brought in Ilmor. Will this data be going to Renault, or will Red Bull keep it and apply to Honda?

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