Esteban Ocon, Force India, Suzuka, 2017

2017 Japanese Grand Prix team radio transcript

2017 Japanese Grand Prix

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The first evidence of Force India’s clamp down on its drivers appeared during the Japanese Grand Prix when Sergio Perez was told in no uncertain terms he had to maintain position behind his team mate.

Perez did as he was told, but wasn’t about to leave anyone in any doubt who he thought would have come out ahead had the pair not been told to stay in formation. “I could have overtaken Esteban”, he remarked on his way back to the pits.

Perez wasn’t the only drive who wanted to be let past his team mate. Mercedes arranged a swap between their drivers, who were running different strategies at the time.

And Romain Grosjean asked to be let past Kevin Magnussen so he could attack Felipe Massa, only for Magnussen to make a pass stick anyway. Even so Grosjean, much like Perez, felt he could have had a better result.

However the most important moment of the race in terms of the championship happened before it started. Sebastian Vettel was clearly aware of the restrictions on communications during the formation lap when he asked his team about the problem with his power unit, but they were unable to fix it anyway, and his race was soon over.

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2017 Japanese Grand Prix team radio transcript

Lap* Driver Message
PR From Lewis Hamilton

I feel like the front are overheating. I don’t know if you can take some more pressure out the fronts, more the balance rearwards? Think that might be good.
PR To Jolyon Palmer

Good luck and have fun.
FL From Sebastian Vettel

I know you’re not allowed to talk to me but if there’s anything for safety or reliability let me know.
FL To Sebastian Vettel

Driver default delta two off.
FL To Sebastian Vettel

Driver default alpha four six when you can.
1 From Stoffel Vandoorne

I got hit by the Ferrari.
1 To Stoffel Vandoorne

Copy. Do you think there is any damage?
1 From Stoffel Vandoorne

I can’t tell.
1 To Carlos Sainz Jnr

Puncture, rear-right. Stop the car, Carlos. Engine temperature rise. Stop the car.
1 From Carlos Sainz Jnr

Sainz: Yep, sorry guys.
1 To Carlos Sainz Jnr

Temperatures are decreasing. Is the car damaged?
1 From Carlos Sainz Jnr

Sainz: Yep, I’m really sorry guys. I just went for it, didn’t happen.
1 To Carlos Sainz Jnr

It’s OK Carlos. Shame to close the race like this. But anyway thank you for all this time.
2 From Sebastian Vettel

I have very little power.
2 From Sebastian Vettel

Power back on, correct?
2 To Sebastian Vettel

Yes correct.
2 From Sebastian Vettel

I still have the same issue out of nine.
4 From Lance Stroll

I think I have a wing problem, puncture or something.
4 To Sebastian Vettel

Box Sebastian box, we retire the car.
6 To Kevin Magnussen

We are on the limit of overheating the rear tyres, we need to manage a little bit.
6 To Max Verstappen

If you think you can have a look at Hamilton then do so, Max.
6 To Nico Hulkenberg

OK Nico so tyre pressures are all high. All four tyres on the high side.
9 From Jolyon Palmer

Struggling with a bit of rear grip at the moment and also some understeer at Degner 1.
9 To Jolyon Palmer

11 To Daniel Ricciardo

Nice job mate, let’s get stuck in.
11 From Max Verstappen

I have a blue light on. I don’t know what it means.
11 To Max Verstappen

Ignore it for now Max.
12 From Pascal Wehrlein

I’m just sliding everywhere.
12 From Max Verstappen

Yeah blister, left-front.
14 To Romain Grosjean

Good job, just look after rear-left at the end of sector one. Your opportunity will come later.
14 From Stoffel Vandoorne

I feel like I have quite a bit more pace than him but I’m just stuck.
14 To Stoffel Vandoorne

Keep hounding him, keep making his life difficult.
18 To Fernando Alonso

How’s front wing?
18 From Fernando Alonso

I have very poor grip but more oversteer.
21 To Esteban Ocon

Racing Palmer, we need everything now.
22 To Max Verstappen

Box and pit confirm please Max.
22 To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis box, box, pit confirm.
25 To Max Verstappen

So Max Lewis at this stage is looking to go to the end.
25 From Stoffel Vandoorne

I have a problem. I have vibrations.
25 To Stoffel Vandoorne

We’ll take a look. Can you give us more information? What kind of vibrations?
25 From Stoffel Vandoorne

Hard to tell what it is.
25 To Stoffel Vandoorne

Do you feel it in the steering or just in the chassis?
25 From Stoffel Vandoorne

In the chassis and a little bit in the steering.
27 To Stoffel Vandoorne

So Stoffel we don’t want to hold up Fernando but let’s see if we can use his pace and follow him through Stroll.
28 To Sergio Perez

ACS off. Hulkenberg has been off-track, we’re now well inside his window.
28 From Lewis Hamilton

After his pit stop Hamilton caught Bottas, who had stayed out.
Hoping he’s not out for too much longer because this is compromising my pace, my tyres. I’ve got poor downforce behind
28 To Lewis Hamilton

Copy that Lewis, we are on it.
32 From Max Verstappen

Are the tyres looking good?
32 To Max Verstappen

All OK.
32 From Lewis Hamilton

Struggling with my rears.
32 To Lewis Hamilton

36 From Romain Grosjean

I’ve got the tyres to try to attack Massa.
36 To Romain Grosjean

Message understood.
36 From Romain Grosjean

Please let me try.
38 To Pierre Gasly

If we can overtake these cars in front there are points available. Massa is struggling.
39 From Sergio Perez

Guys, can I attack Esteban? He’s just too slow.
39 To Sergio Perez

No Checo, no. Hold position. We will have more updates for you in a few laps.
39 From Sergio Perez

He needs to pick up the pace. This is too slow.
40 From Pierre Gasly

Big flat-spot, I need to pit.
41 From Nico Hulkenberg

My DRS is stuck open. It doesn’t [censored by FOM] close.
41 To Nico Hulkenberg

41 To Nico Hulkenberg

No tyre change, we’re just going to try to close the flap.
43 To Kevin Magnussen

Good boy!
46 To Kimi Raikkonen

OK you’re clear to push now Kimi.
46 From Kimi Raikkonen

I’m pushing all the time.
47 From Lance Stroll

Something’s wrong with the car.
47 To Lance Stroll

Are you OK?
47 From Lance Stroll

Yeah. I’m out. I don’t know if I can make it back.
47 To Lance Stroll

If you can get back we’ll try.
50 From Sergio Perez

What Esteban is doing?
51 From Lewis Hamilton

There’s a lot a vibration on these tyres.
51 To Lewis Hamilton

Copy, we’ll have a look.
52 From Max Verstappen

Am I allowed to give it everything?
52 To Max Verstappen

As long as you’re sensible.
VL To Lewis Hamilton

Get in there Lewis boy. Beautiful work, Lovely managed race. That’s a fantastic result.
VL From Lewis Hamilton

Got some vibrations on this in-lap.
VL To Lewis Hamilton

OK copy so is that from PU or just tyres?
VL From Lewis Hamilton

Yeah from the PU.
VL To Lewis Hamilton

Copy, we’ll advise.
VL From Lewis Hamilton

After I shift.
VL From Jolyon Palmer

Thank you mate. Thanks everyone. It’s been a pleasure.
VL To Daniel Ricciardo

Well done Daniel, that’s a great drive. Smoky move onto Ocon into the first turn that reapid that one so well done, another podium.
VL From Daniel Ricciardo

Yep well done guys, another double podium.
VL From Sergio Perez

Good job guys, good points for the team. I could have overtaken Esteban at the restart I think he messed up there. But I followed the team instructions.
VL From Romain Grosjean

Good job everyone, double points finish that’s always something special. Shame we couldn’t use the pace of the car. So much more.
VL To Romain Grosjean

We’re going to take that pace to Austin, dude.
VL From Romain Grosjean

Yeah. OK. Well good job everyone.

Note: Only includes messages which were broadcast in the race coverage.
Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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Japanese Grand Prix data

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29 comments on “2017 Japanese Grand Prix team radio transcript”

  1. “Great job guys. Fantastic with the strategy. Thank you so much for all the hard work and to everyone back at the factory” etc etc…

    “Got some vibrations on this in-lap.”

    And people were complaining that he doesn’t change his victory speeches ;)

    1. Sundar Srinivas Harish
      11th October 2017, 14:46

      And the Tifosi tremble with anticipation…

  2. Read a lot of comments on several F1-sites about how Lewis was controlling the pace towards Max, radio on lap 32 makes that very questionable!

    1. LH plays mind games at times during race to disrupt opposition strategy or give them false hope. I believe it’s to force their hand to go aggressive, therefore compromising their strategy. As you saw, MV was in no shape to even mount a decent attack till they hit traffic and also, MV’s tyres were way worse than LH’s come end of race. He was in control of that race.

      1. MV said in an interview that he could see Hamilton was struggling with his rears, just like he said he noticed Vettel had a loss of power in the 1st lap. (He also said that despite Lewis his rears he wasn’t in a position to overtake unless Lewis made a mistake.) So either they are both liars/playing mental games, or it is the truth.

  3. From Lewis Hamilton: Got some vibrations on this in-lap.
    To Lewis Hamilton: OK copy so is that from PU or just tyres?
    From Lewis Hamilton: Yeah from the PU.

    Will Lewis Hamilton’s PU fail the next race, stay tuned …. (evil grin)

    1. Sorry @redbullf1 but they’ve already said its fine.

      1. Oh man … sigh


    2. @redbullf1 Hamilton played down those comments after the race, but make of that what you will:

      1. wow can’t believe I missed that article haha


  4. Good boy MAG… damn good dive on MAS… and listen to GRO saying the FI was in reach…as if if… think GRO should be lucky MAG opened the door for both if them – MAG was faster all race before and after MAS blocked the way…

    1. The uncensored version is “That’s how you use your b*ll* Mag, Good boy “

    2. I think this was Magnussen’s best weekend of the season. He scored 8th position on merit…Good qualy and great race.

      1. Great balls of fire!

        Saved my raceweekend really – and ALO ruined the final blocking the fight in the top as usual..

        And Hulk made a “MAG” on RAI so his wheels turned green on the grass – without a penalty…. ???
        (Ups My mistake HUL, VER, HAM and VET cannot be penalized according to the FIA rules)

        1. Raikkonen admitted that his move was over-optimistic. In his own words in the post race interview: – “I went wide.” (Instead of saying that Hulkenberg pushed him wide), so I don’t think Hulk was at fault at all there.

    3. And in the post-race interview Grosjean said he would have made it to Q3 in qualifying (had he not crashed). Yeah right….

      I guess those statements come from Grosjean as “marketing statements”. He is clearly under pressure from Magnussen. He has to drive to the limit, and a bit more, to match Magnussen. Then errors like in Suzuka qualifying happens.

      Grosjean still wants to be a warm name for other teams in 2019, so he sends out these “marketing messages” for him self.

      The odd thing is, that the press just convey these statements as they are without adding journalism to how sensible the statements are. The Haas car wasn’t capeable to be in Q3 in Suzuka. When MAG and GRO were not held up by Massa, MAG pulled a lead over GRO.

      We have seen similar “marketing statements” from ALO this year. I guess to as little success as with GRO, though.

  5. 52. To Mad Max: “As long as you’re sensible”

  6. Perez doesn’t hesitate to pick on Ocon, does he?
    He REALLY is afraid of Ocon being promoted to a better team before he is.

    1. Michael Brown (@)
      11th October 2017, 20:12

      They just have the best relationship don’t they

  7. To me, it was a revelation to witness (on YouTube) the reaction to the drivers briefing being broadcast. In a similar way, the radio excerpts seem to be as equally enthralling serving to form the basis for a script of a virtual soap opera. It almost seems as if you now don’t need to have seen the race but merely to read the radio excerpts & comments to be fully up to speed with modern F1. Which is both good, and bad. I would like to strike a blow for F1 sanity and say right now, that “team orders” should be banned in every shape or form. They are robbing the paying punter of proper racing.

    1. You don’t need to watch the F1 race on telly. Just wait for F1 Fanatics lap time charts post race….

  8. I suppose I should qualify that by saying that if you (as a driver) rise to the dizzying heights of F1, you surely do not need to be told how to drive? Pit Wall – back off!

    1. To Pitwall: Back off!
      From Pitwall: We are going back off and off to eat ice cream now dont come to pit anytime soon :)

      1. You know, that ‘joke’ was old by the time Kimi was drinking his coke.

  9. Perez isn’t doing himself any favours by mentioning that “he followed team instructions” . He sounds like quite a sore loser, and it will be interesting to see his behaviour and chemistry with the team once Ocon starts beating him more regularly.

  10. On lap 11 Max din’t know what that blue light was on his dash! Weird but the same time shows how much complicated those cars are.

  11. What’s with the small number of broadcast messages? It seems like some of the transcripts during the short lived radio-ban were longer than this…

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