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Vettel congratulates Hamilton on ‘deserved’ championship

2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel has congratulated Lewis Hamilton on winning his fourth drivers championship after a fourth place finish confirmed he was unable to catch his rival.

Vettel’s championship ambitions came to an end in Mexico as the opening lap clash between the two left both fighting back through the field with Vettel unable to reach the second place he needed to keep the title fight alive.

“It’s disappointing, obviously,” says Vettel. “Lewis has done a superb job all year round and deserves to win the title, so congratulations to him. It’s not about anybody else. Today is about him. It’s his day.”

After an enthralling season-long battle between the two drivers, the result sees Hamilton emulate Vettel as a four-time Formula One world champion.

“I don’t fear him,” says Vettel. “I like racing with him. Obviously I would’ve liked a little bit more of that this year. But overall they [Mercedes] were just the better bunch.”

2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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  • 5 comments on “Vettel congratulates Hamilton on ‘deserved’ championship”

    1. Good gesture.

    2. Nice gesture Vettel, Lewis did really deserved it. Now get yourself together and let us have a stronger championship next year with Max in the mix too.

      1. And Fernando, maybe… that would be spicy.

        But nice words from Seb. To german media, he even went as far as saying that the better man won this year.

        Huge difference to the 2012 title, when we remember the defeated contender’s comments…

    3. Fans are at each others throats but the actual contenders have more respect for each other than the people behind keyboards.

      1. Generally speaking I’d agree, but Vettel has shown a number of times now that it only holds true until the red mist descends, which happens to often with him (Mexico last year at Whiting, Baku with Hamilton being two cases in point).

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