Ferrari 640, Finali Mondiali, Monza, 2018

Pictures: Classic F1 Ferraris in action at Monza Finali Mondiali


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Ferrari’s annual Finali Mondiali (world finals) event took place at a rainy Monza last weekend.

Giancarlo Fisichella, Marc Gene, Andrea Bertolini and Davide Rigon did demonstration runs in the team’s 2009 F1 cars. CEO Louis Camilleri and F1 team principal Maurizio Arrivabene were present to hand out the prizes to winners of Ferrari’s GT championships.

The Corse Clienti drivers also had the chance to lap Monza in their collection of classic F1 Ferraris, including examples from the eighties and ninties:

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  • 11 comments on “Pictures: Classic F1 Ferraris in action at Monza Finali Mondiali”

    1. I hate being that guy longing for the “good-old-days” but I look at some of those Ferraris from previous decades, with simpler aero, and I think they look both beautiful and functional. I also remember how much easier it was for many of those to race close to each other, and to push the car harder without worrying so much about tyres.

      1. I’m also glad that they didn’t repaint the cars with the new sponsors like most people do for their roadshows.

        1. @sundark I agree. I tend to despite the fact most of the time old cars get re-liveried for the ongoing season’s car livery rather than the original one.

    2. I favorite car out of the ones used for this event (as well as my favorite modern-ish Ferrari F1 car) is the F10.

    3. That 640 (and the first Jordan) is IMO the most beautiful looking F1 car ever.

      That is F1!

    4. The guy driving the 248 in the skull helmet looks awesome!

    5. The 640 is sublime.

    6. Looking at the wings set-ups, I am curious why all these cars are carrying so much downforce at Monza.

    7. I like the 412 T2. I have a model of this one at home. I am sure we would all welcome as much aero assistance on the cars as this model has or maybe a few more tweaks.

      I don’t know why we cannot go back to something similar but with modern engines and other technical advances. Is this ever likely to happen or is it just wishful thinking?

    8. Makes me wish Ferrari would go back to black front and rear wings on their current cars.

    9. I pin-point 2001 as to exactly where F1 cars starting going the wrong way aesthetically. I never liked that odd upward front wing, and things got progressively worse ever since.

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