Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly, 2019

Ricciardo and Gasly debut in new teams’ colours

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In the round-up: Daniel Ricciardo and Pierre Gasly appear in new colours for the first time since switching teams for the 2019 F1 season.

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Comment of the day

Would you have liked to see Force India bring back an old F1 team name instead of change to Racing Point?

On the one hand, a real shame that they didn’t succeed in getting a nice name from history, which would be much better than Racing Point’s bland, descriptive name. On the other, as long as the old name has nothing to do with the team, it would feel a bit odd to have that old name involved.

If only Sauber was being kept…

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Happy birthday to Tom Watson and Ian Hayward!

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  • Born today in 1956: Hector Rebaque – Mexico’s last F1 driver before Sergio Perez

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  • 23 comments on “Ricciardo and Gasly debut in new teams’ colours”

    1. Should be interesting to see what Renault can do this year with a decent driver. He could take them to third in the constructor’s championship. Especially with Red Bull getting the Hondas.

      1. That’s a tad tough on the Hulk; ‘decent’ is the minimum I’d give him.

        1. Hulk has been around as long as I’ve been fallowing formula1, as has the hype train…

          I have never been wow’d by the man…

          So yeah, sometimes life itself is harsh.

      2. not sure the gap is that large between Danny Ric and the Hulk. I mean, yeah, maybe a couple of tenths here and there, but not enough to get Renault on the podium. Ofcourse, this all depends on RedBulls form (or rather Honda’s reliability). Because i can’t see Mercedes or Ferrari slump this low to get to Renault’s level, or Renault improving on its own to challenge the leaders. RedBull though might be the variable: they are capable of building a great chassis but it all depends on how reliable it will be.

        1. If Ricciardo doesn’t wipe the floor with Hulkenberg his career will lose its shine fast. You’re only as good as the last teammate you beat…

          1. If we consider Hulk as a less talented driver than Ricciardo sure. But something tells me he isn’t

          2. And I will always have plenty of patience for drivers in their first seasons with teams, so if DR starts off on his hind foot vs the engrained Hulk at Renault, I won’t be sounding alarm bells. Also, while driver comparisons on teams are natural, in Renault ‘s case, and other teams, they need to focus on working together rather than conducting a rivalry. Certainly there is no time for them to be hiding info from each other just for the sake of besting each other. I expect cooperation and collaboration between them moreso than a rivalry, although of course there will be inevitable comparisons made, and neither driver nor his fans will want to be outdone. I get that, but the spirit on the team needs to be about both drivers advancing the cars and the team, and they need to make the rivalry part light-hearted.

    2. Will be fascinating to see what Danny Ric does to his helmet now he’s not Red Bull bound any more.

    3. I can see Danny Ric and The Hulk becoming best mates. He needs a new one now that Hartley is gone :(

    4. Will be great to see Mallya extradited back to India . Hopefully Briatore will one day face justice

      1. Extradite him to Singapore ;)

    5. Simple renaming exercise: call the team Jordan (as it was back in the day) and get sponsorship from 7Up. Paint the car green and blue, sign some kid called Schumacher and you’ll be everyone’s favourite!

      1. on the other side of the spectrum they will be called racing pointy, paint the car pink after a water brand and hire a kid called Stroll

    6. After having been used to seeing Dan in the RB-colors for quite some time, it feels a bit weird to see him in yellow. BTW, why did RBR conduct their equivalent 2019 driver photo sessions at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi? They were just there little over two months ago, so why did they travel all the way back there again for this purpose unless the images were taken at the time (shortly after the race weekend) already.

      An interesting stat concerning Hartley.

      I agree with the COTD.

      JB’s answer to the last question in the interview, though.

      1. BTW, why did RBR conduct their equivalent 2019 driver photo sessions at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi? They were just there little over two months ago, so why did they travel all the way back there again for this purpose unless the images were taken at the time (shortly after the race weekend) already.

        I am pretty sure those backgrounds in the promo photos are photoshopped – didn’t RBR made shooting with Max and Pierre in London recently?

        1. @fandukaja That could very well be it. I hadn’t thought of that possibility before.

      2. I’m hoping that they’ll release a clothing line with the black as well as the yellow. I don’t look good in yellow :)

        Nice to see the photos appearing. It just adds to the feeling that we’re getting closer to the start of the season

    7. Lewisham Milton
      5th February 2019, 9:58

      Should have called it Lotus…

    8. Yellow colors looks nice on RIC. It also complements his ‘honey’ badger nickname.

    9. if renault does not even do a podium this year, this team is finished.

      1. Why? They’ll just come back next year hopefully stronger and having learned even more and having taken a few more steps toward podium level finishes.

    10. Can somebody please buy these guys a razor, especially Gazly as he looks atrocious!

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