Planned Hard Rock Stadium F1 circuit for 2021 Miami Grand Prix

F1 urges fans to lobby Miami politicians to approve plans for 2021 grand prix

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Formula 1 is urging fans to lobby politicians in Miami to agree to run a race in the American city in 2021.

Last week the championship announced it had reached an “agreement in principle” to add the city to the 2021 F1 calendar. If it goes ahead the race will take place in May on a temporary track laid out around the Hard Rock Stadium.

F1 has been trying to arrange a race in Miami since the championship was purchased by Liberty Media in 2016. However local opposition to the race has been strong, and forced the promoters to abandon plans to hold it on a downtown track near the AmericanAirlines Arena.

Now F1 is urging fans to contact politicians in Miami and encourage them to support the race.

“We need your help to bring Formula 1 to Miami,” read a message posted on, a domain owned by Formula One Licensing BV. “Complete the form below to tell elected officials Miami needs F1.”

Planned Hard Rock Stadium F1 circuit for 2021 Miami Grand Prix
Miami’s planned Hard Rock Stadium F1 circuit
The form includes a pre-written letter which states “I am stunned that the Miami-Dade County Commission is even considering the idea of turning down the opportunity to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

“A chance to host an event of this magnitude and global recognition is rare, and passing up this opportunity would be a disservice to the community. The most important auto racing event in the world is looking to make a home in Miami!. It would be shameful and embarrassing for Miami do anything except welcome F1 with open arms.”

The form appears to send the emails to various Miami Dade County commissioners.

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2021 F1 season

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54 comments on “F1 urges fans to lobby Miami politicians to approve plans for 2021 grand prix”

  1. I think it is “shameful and embarrassing” that they are even saying this out loud to people.

    1. They should propose the racetrack on the Trump Doral Resort Golf Course, the best resort in this corner of the milky way galaxy. Yes, run on the grass. Wimbledon does it. Trump would love it.

      Yes, pathetic post, I know it. So is the suggestion, subject of this article.

      1. They should build a racetrack over that property. It is a stain on the Miami landscape, even if it is way far away from Biscayne.

    2. And quite common in US politics to use lobby and other kinds of pressure

      1. There’s no other kind of pressure. Lobbying is, by definition, pressuring.
        That’s like saying “I like to eat food and other kinds of sustenance.”

    3. Oh I’m sorry, I thought F1 refused to get involved in politics? That’s what they usually say about Bahrain!

    4. To all of you that bash Formula 1. Please think about the fact that it is the second most watched sport in the world. It is transmitted by TV to over 250 countries around the globe. It also brings in the wealthiest fanbase of any sport, which means that it will be a great boost to tourism money.

  2. Or we could instead lobby F1 to hold any additional US races on proper circuits rather than flat, featureless & uninteresting car park circuits.

    After they took the USGP away from Watkins Glen after 1980 how may different layouts of how many different street circuits did they go through trying to find something that worked with none of them lasting more than a few years.

    There repeating the same mistakes now.

    1. +1
      F1 in Elkhart Lake, Laguna Seca, Barber MS or Mid Ohio. Ok, appart from Laguna Seca they are propably all too remote, but man, that would be great.

      1. What most of these courses have in common is that they are at least half a size too small for Formula 1 cars, have not kept up with the times in terms of circuit design, and have no chance of attracting the necessary investments or crowds.

        The US has exactly one track that can host Formula 1, and it’s no coincidence that it was purpose-built for just that.

        Leave the regional tracks alone, I’m sure there’s plenty of space to build a second, or third, truly world-class race track somewhere on either coast.

        1. @proesterchen

          I’d argue two tracks. They could theoretically race at Indy again in a heartbeat, but once bitten, twice shy. It’ll never happen again!

      2. All great tracks- but Barber, Laguna Seca and Mid Ohio would all have to be lengthened to hold F1 races. F1 cars would surely lap all those tracks in under a minute. Also Mid Ohio is somewhat remote- it’s an hour from Columbus and Cleveland, while LS is an hour from San Jose (the airport there has British Airways flights daily).

    2. +1

      “Now F1 is urging fans to contact politicians in Miami and encourage them to support the race.”

      No! Americans have more important issues to contact their representatives about atm. As an F1 fan I’m urging F1 to drop this Miami event altogether.

  3. The problem is the constant corruption in miami Dade politics. The local residents don’t see any of the money that these events generate, but they see all the disruptions. Miami Gardens is a mostly middle class black neighborhood with some lower income areas, but while they are heavily taxed they don’t receive the same public services that similarly taxed areas receive. It is a legacy of the segregation apartheid system that was part of South Florida since it’s inception.

    Closing down 199th street is a non starter. It can not happen, it causes far too much disruption to the local community. The traffic in the area is bad enough 20 weeks a year.

    While they keep raising bed taxes for hotel rooms, that money doesn’t seem to do any good for the local communities since the local sales tax and property taxes continue to rise as well.

    If they want this race to go through with local support they should address the issues of the local miami gardens inhabitants, but they will probably just bypass the local community and deal with the corrupt county govt.

    1. Interesting perspective @megatron, are you (or do you know) a local?

      1. I used to own property in the miami gardens area, and I have alot of family that live throughout the soflo area. I visit soflo often, even went to a dolphin game earlier this year.

        I want the race to happen, but I also want it to be good for all the locals, not just the corrupt politicians who are in Stephen Ross’ pocket.

        1. i would pray to you to request your folks down there to lobby against this race.. please please please

    2. @megatron – interesting insight from on the ground. Thank you for sharing this.

    23rd October 2019, 14:57

    They have experience with South Florida Politics… World Famous for being among one of the most corrupt and shady government bodies on the planet. Where events like this are held up by politicians that will not approve the project unless their own pockets are lined. This type of public pressure also moves the needle so It is very telling that the week after the announcement they made they are already doing this full court press. It is literally what will be required to make the race happen. The Miami Marlins have forever scarred this community for being swindled out of Tax payer money to build a stadium for an Baseball team that didn’t deserve a taxpayer funded stadium. David’s Beckham MLS Team is going through it now trying to get a stadium built that was voted on by the community and approved but has been held up by the Miami City Commissioners for the most minute of issues. Now the team which is starting play in March 2020 will have to play at their training facility which was approved by the Ft. Lauderdale City commissioners in about a week. I think for F1 to happen in Miami, they will have to start filling some pockets or making backdoor deals with the powers that be… I’m sure they are trying to avoid that if at all possible but it might be what ultimately be required.

    1. You are absolutely correct, I had forgotten about the the Marlins stadium debacle. And why can’t the Miami Soccer team play in Marlins stadium? It’s beyond disgusting how much corruption reigns in soflo.

      1. Though one has to remember that the idiocy of public (aka taxpayer) funding for stadiums for private, very profitable companies has been rampant for decades and throughout the US.

      2. Being a local, I can +1 MEGATRON 100%. Corruption is in Miami/ Dade county DNA ever since the” bay of pig” it’s the way things get done in Cuba and this way of life got imported in Miami long ago. There is a lot of pockets to fill before you get anything done around here. The owners of the stadium should know…. Ask yourself why IMSA, Indy, FormulaE, never made it more than a year in Miami? If the fans need to beg the politicians, they need to do it with $ or beg them NOT to do it, that might work too :) . I have posted the same thing on another forum, but their headquarters being based in corruption ground zero, my posts never made it past the censure. let see it it sticks here:)

      3. Because soccer matches should never be played in baseball stadiums. The fact that NYFC plays in Yankee Stadium is beyond idiotic.

      4. Because soccer games should not be played in baseball stadiums. Period.

        1. Amen, mfeire. Seeing NYCFC play in Yankee Stadium is pathetic. I know it’s not all their fault, seeing as they’re struggling to secure a plot to build a stadium, but it’s not at all what the facility was built for.

  5. *facepalm*

    No… just no…

  6. Nope, not going to do it. This is a terrible idea and a boring, half-assed track design.

    If they’re going to make a street/car park track they should go to Chicago or Las Vegas. Or Disney.

    But I’d prefer they didn’t do a street/car part track at all and instead held the race on a proper racing circuit. COTA has hosted some great races and people give the facility high marks. If we’re going to have another Grand Prix in the US it should be of similar quality and experience, not some improvised, rushed effort.

  7. Why are they denigrating their own product? Isn’t it embarrassing enough that they are so desperate for another US race that they compromised on revenues, try to squish it into prime European season, and race on an f*ing parking lot many kilometers away from their much-vaunted “destination city.”

  8. @kcollantine

    Refresh each of the ‘letter-sending’ pages and you will find a bunch of different templates. Here are the ones I’ve found:

    “Having a Formula 1 race here in Miami is extremely important for all industries, especially hospitality. I have multiple friends and family that work in the field, and they have point out that world-class events like F1 attract fans from all over the globe, bringing in tens of thousands of hotel guests, restaurant attendees, and nightlife patrons. Miami is a tourism economy. An F1 Grand Prix, similar to Art Basel and the Super Bowl, will bring huge benefits.”

    “Formula 1 is a massive global event and we need to do everything we can to host it here in Miami-Dade. It is like a Super Bowl every year for those of us in North Dade. The jobs and work it will generate will help all of us, including the hundreds of local residents and small businesses that work at the stadium. Don’t say no to Formula 1 – Its the Super Bowl of auto racing – Don’t kill it. Make it happen!”

    “It is shameful that a small number of people can protest and put the hosting of Formula 1 at Hard Rock Stadium in jeopardy. If we can’t host such an event on the site of our premier sports and entertainment venue, what does that say about our community. There are just a handful of residents opposing this, some of which don’t even live very close to the stadium, while tens of thousands of fans have shown overwhelming support across all forms since the prospect of the Miami Grand Prix was announced. As a resident of this community, I trust that you as an elected official will not let the concerns of a few override the support of the majority of people in Miami-Dade. Do the right thing and support Formula 1 at Hard Rock Stadium.”

    “As an avid fan of Formula 1 and the competition that surrounds it, I am excited to see Miami join the exclusive club of cities that have the privilege of hosting an event with such global reach and economic benefits. Millions of fans attend Grand Prix’s around the world each year, with over 1 billion fans follow the sport through broadcast or online. Those that follow the sport are well aware that noise is a minor issue, as the cars have recently switched to quiet hybrid engines, and races only run for short periods of time over 2-3 days. Don’t turn your back on Formula 1, do what’s right for all Miami-Dade residents.”

    “Don’t forget the impact that big events like Formula 1 have on small businesses. For example, every Super Bowls organizes a small business vendor program, which awards vendor contracts to business owners. The Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix would provide a unique opportunity for small businesses. Events of this magnitude generate revenue for the local economy and provide crucial exposure to businesses.”

    “Tourists from across the globe recognize Miami as a world-class nightlife, entertainment, and sports destination. Florida is no longer a state filled with retirees, it is now a hub for international events that fans flock to attend. The Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix fits perfectly. Do what is right and what is best for the community, not for a handful of neighbors who live near a stadium.”

    “Big tourism events like Formula 1 and Super Bowls help small businesses in our community. For example, the Super Bowl organizes a small business vendor program each time it takes place in Miami, which awards vendor contracts to Miami-Dade business owners. The formula 1 Miami Grand Prix would provide the very same opportunity for our small businesses. As a Commissioner, you should support Formula 1 and the benefits it will bring to many of our small businesses by generating spending in our local economy at a time of year when tourism spending slows down. Please do what’s right for our small business community and support Formula 1!!!!”

    1. Wow, just wow. The constant F1 = Super Bowl references are nauseating…

      1. @geemac

        Why? It is true from an economic standpoint.

      2. @geemac, it’s probably not surprising that they are using that as a common frame of reference for a major sporting event in the US, though I’d agree that it does seem to be rather hammering the point home a bit too bluntly…

        1. The Superbowl is not just a major event in the US, but the stadium this track is supposed to run around has hosted the Superbowl five times already and is due to host a sixth at the end of this season.

          Hence, a Superbowl is a familiar measure for people in the area.

    2. Nice findings, @imhotep222.

      BTW, Keith goes by (at)keithcollantine on this site.

    3. Wow…… They aren’t just asking you support them. They are asking for you to lie – “I have multiple friends and family that work in the field” etc…..

  9. I get why they want somewhere like Miami, very flexible weather-wise, surface-level “glamour,” and apparently easily greased-palms (based on above descriptions).

    But this is as bad as the sprinkler idea. Stop-start rain races are interesting because they happen so rarely that teams do not deal with them very well. As soon as it becomes a regular event, teams will nail the strategies much more frequently.

    Similarly, someone wants this because they see that Austin and Mexico City have had good attendance and want a cut of the US market. But adding new venues does not always increase the size of the pie, it can also simply make each piece smaller. To add a race in the US, the venue is going to have to be really amazing. The US simply doesn’t care about F1 as much as other places do. Yes, there are fans but not in the same concentration or at the same interest level as in Europe. Imagine World Rally saying, let’s just race around a parking lot (car park), how much interest would there be? You might get a crowd the first year because of the novelty of getting to see WRC cars and drivers, but that’s not what WRC cars are made for.

    The failed tracks over the last 20 years have often (though not universally) been down to poor attendance due to being boring or otherwise not well-supported. I cannot imagine a less boring track than a parking lot. As an F1 fan in the US, this is stupid.

    1. @hobo

      “this is as bad as the sprinkler idea.”

      Unfair. It’s much, much worse than the sprinklers :)

      Actually, I think the sprinklers have been made into something they weren’t – Bernie was joking, but even so he never suggested random sprinklers. Designating a race as full-wet and watering the track consistently throughout the weekend is, well, at least a bit less silly – football plays on watered pitches and no one cares.

  10. They really are trying everything they can to get that Miami race onto the calendar.

    They asked a specific question about how excited fans where to hear about the deal being agreed in principle in one of F1 Fan Voice’s opinion polls the other day too. Got the sense they were desperate for your response to be something along the lines of “OMG YES I’m so super stoked F1 will be in Miami, best city everr” etc…

  11. As if Miami knows a damn thing about Football, the Dolphins are 0-6 playing to empty seats and stinking up the league in that very stadium.
    Maybe the owner should keep his eye on the ball?

  12. If it doesn’t happen, it might be “shameful and embarrassing” for FOM and the high rollers trying to ram this thing through, but I have a feeling that most Miami residents (especially those living around the stadium) would be relieved.

  13. Tempted to join the protestors after reading this. There are many things F1 does not need, and more boring, cookie cutter, car park race tracks is one of them.

  14. I don’t feel any great hope or excitement for an F1 race in Miami… it’s doesn’t hit me as a ‘wow’ city in the way a London or New York or Tokyo Grand Prix (or even a real Las Vegas GP) would, and the track – while not as horrible as Sochi or Abu Dhabi – doesn’t exactly look thrilling.

    So my lobbying finger won’t be awakening for this.

  15. Ha, fat chance. I don’t have strong enough feelings towards racing in Miami, i.e., I don’t really care, either way, so not going to bother doing something like that, LOL – this whole attempt seems a little desperate to me.

  16. It’s my fault … I assumed that people being paid five figure sums per annum would be able to sort this kind of thing out without my help. I stupidly thought that that was what they were being paid for.
    It’s all my fault.

    Can I send somebody all of my money in an effort to apologise for not being a good little fan?
    Maybe the grinning fool with the silly moustache?
    No not that one … the other one ……..

    1. the grinning fool with the silly moustache


      “grinning” – Phylyp looks in the mirror, practices a grin. What comes out is a grimace, but, eh, close enough
      “fool” – massively over-qualified on that count, no worries
      “silly” – see above
      “mustache” – back to mirror. Dang, no face fungus. Hol up, while I grow one. Don’t go Chasing after Carey to give him your money.

  17. Not. Your. Personal. Army.

    Liberty could afford to pay people to fill out their own stupid forms, and it wouldn’t be anymore “authentico”.

    I’m offended that they’d ask… for a car park race no less! XXXX off liberty!

  18. Sounds like desperation to tick a box on something they need to tell their shareholders because they promised them it would happen.

    This whole “we’re going to add more races in the US” is becoming farcical.

  19. It’s not about the money you understand, it’s about the racing. It’s about the fans.
    They are desperate to show you the best carparks America has to offer.

  20. Quite honestly, having a GP in Miami isn’t a bad idea- it’s one of the best cities in the US for an F1 GP. Other areas other than Miami or Austin I would include as ideal spots for an F1 GP is New York, Los Angeles (probably the best 2 cities over here for an F1 GP), Houston, New Orleans (maybe), Tampa, Atlanta, San Francisco, Nashville, and Charlotte. Whereas other more working class industrial cities like Indianapolis, Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, anywhere in Ohio or Louisville just wouldn’t work culturally. And other wealthier and more international cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Boston, Seattle or Orlando wouldn’t work because for various reasons such as a greater public disinterest, potential environmental damage and general disruption of daily life in those areas. And Las Vegas is a city I just don’t like; the reception of having a race there would be IMO polarizing in the F1 community. It’s a far different place than it was in 1982- back then it was a large gambling city, now it’s more of an events and shows city.

  21. If they want me to tell politicians what I think of the idea of a potential race around a car park in Miami, I’m sure I can do that for them….. Perhaps we should all email politicians in Miami and share our thoughts?

  22. a terrible idea for a track layout, terrible idea to appease the “beautiful people”, screw them. give the sport back to the true fans. the ones that can’t afford to buy Paddock Passes etc. the ones that sit on the hillsides, in the grandstands, in the heat, cold and the wet. the ones that buy overprice team gear. go instead to Road America. the money you’ll spend on building a Mickey Mouse track, greasing all the politician’s pockets,
    you could bring RA up to F1 standards and probably have a better race than Miami.

  23. Formula 1 is a huge spectacle and as a Miami resident I would love to see it here. Other big cities around the world generate so much money on this event. Why can’t we? :-) Yes, politicians in Miami are corrupted but still. It’s already a joke that it will be near Hard Rock and not street race in Downtown Miami. Singapore, Monaco, Abu Dhabi… I’m jealous about you, we Americans are lame.

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