Daniel Ricciardo, Renault, Circuit of the Americas, 2019

Ricciardo says he couldn’t have held Norris back another lap

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In the round-up: Daniel Ricciardo says he wouldn’t have been able to keep Lando Norris behind him if the United States Grand Prix had gone on another lap.

What they say

Ricciardo finished less than four tenths of a second ahead of the McLaren driver:

The first lap was cool. I went back and forth a bit with Lando and then initially got him, he got me back and then I got him a few laps later. So that was fun.

Then I think he could see his one-stop wasn’t going to work behind me so they called him in for two. Actually I think just before that Albon had boxed for two, and I know he’s got more pace in the Red Bull, but he came back through us so quickly. So when I knew Lando pitted for a two stop, I feared the last few laps of the race were going to be not too fun.

He got on my gearbox in the last corner, actually, but we held him off. I think one more lap, the two-stop had us.

It was nice to be sixth and beat them and get more points. Two good weekends in a row now, it’s nice.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

The Circuit of the Americas’s bumps are the kind of variables F1 needs more of, says @Fer-no65:

I’d not go as far as say ‘good!’ but I did smile at the thought of thousand of engineers in complete shock after finding their vastly developed simulations didn’t include these bumps. Not knowing exactly what conditions they are going to.run weekend in weekend out is great.

If such thing was more common, and tracks didn’t resurface their tracks year after year (like Silverstone did recently), maybe they’d make cars that can cope with the bumps instead. Not saying that’s ideal, but it’s became such a laboratory exercise even the slightest of variations disrupt teams preparation massively.

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  • 16 comments on “Ricciardo says he couldn’t have held Norris back another lap”

    1. I agree with Stewart drivers need a voice and they deserve to be listened to. They have a unique and vital perspective on safety that can sometimes be overlooked in the pursuit of performance.

    2. Knighthood generally comes after retirement.

      I agree that he has done well, but lets allow for due process and stop with the anti discrimination polemic. After all, Lewis is part of a very elite club and has become very wealthy as a result of his success.

      1. I guess Andy Murray, comfortably the 4the best player of his generation, is the exception to this ‘rule’.

        1. @frood19

          Imagine how good he’d be with a Raquet advantage
          Sir Andy already has an 81% win rate. That’s 2 x that of Fangio’s

      2. On the contrary. It irritates me how many not yet retired sportsmen get honours or knighthoods.
        They win awards in their sport. That should be enough while they are competing. Honours should only be after a whole career.
        It happens every time England do vaguely good at a sport and immediately after any Olympics.

        1. @eurobrun

          Don’t confuse Olympic athletes with F1 drivers.
          Sir Steve Redgrave was getting up at 5am to train in cold water then going off to work. Track and field athletes are working 9-5 then training before and after work. How many F1 drivers have had regular jobs? Lewis was made at aged 12 and grew up in luxury from then.

    3. Not knowing exactly what conditions they are going to.run weekend in weekend out is great.

      If only somebody could design a system which would create wet patches on a dry circuit on a sunny day. I would knight that person immediately.

      1. That would be Paul Ricard circuit….

      2. Berny? Is that you? ;)

    4. Another interesting column-post by Palmer, and in principle, I agree with him on everything, although I regard the German GP as the ultimate turning-point in the WDC, not yet the French GP.

      The COTD has a point in there, although resurfacing is something that has to be done occasionally, not only for racing-circuits but regular roads as well.

    5. 25 years ago today Damon Hill won a tense, soaking Japanese Grand Prix, cutting Michael Schumacher lead to one point, while Martin Brundle survived a frightening crash

      You know make a guy feel old @keithcollantine. Remember this like it was yesterday and it is still one of the most enthralling Grand Prix I have ever watched. I may have to watch it on my commute home today…

    6. I thought the BBC coverage of formula e ended halfway through the season, I ended up watching it on quest after it disappeared from the red button as well.

      1. Quest was the only way I could reliably watch it without searching for days and with the ability to record it on Sky to watch as and when I could. Unless BBC commit to showing it on a real channel, then I have no interest in them.

        1. I don’t own a tv so i just go to the BBC sports website and watch it from there. All live BBC sports are linked from there.

          1. @riptide

            Early last season Id go to the BBC page 20 minutes before a race and it would link to a previous race. Gave up in the end.
            Did watch some on Eurosport. The build up was very down to earth and good to watch. Teams and drivers very approachable too

            1. Exactly this. And impossible to catch up from the site without first finding the results!

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