Lando Norris, McLaren, Albert Park, 2020

Norris “gutted” to miss Australian Grand Prix after McLaren withdrawal

2020 Australian Grand Prix

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Lando Norris says he is disappointed not to be racing in Melbourne this weekend, but supports McLaren’s decision to withdraw from the Australian Grand Prix.

McLaren announced its withdrawal after one of its team members tested positive for the Coronavirus.

“While I’m gutted that I can’t race, the most important thing right now is everyone’s health,” Norris said in a social media post.

“We’ve been doing everything we can to limit spread and that has naturally involved me being around as few people as possible. My only thoughts are with the team and everyone in the world fighting this.”

The remaining nine teams have not yet indicated any change in their plans for the race. The Australian Grand Prix Corporation confirmed a total of nine people have been tested for the virus so far. Seven were cleared, including four team members from Haas, and the outcome of the other test has not yet been announced.

Members of the Victorian government are due to meet this morning to discuss whether the race will go ahead following the first Coronavirus diagnosis within the F1 paddock. The first free practice session for the race is due to begin in less than six hours’ time.

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  • 10 comments on “Norris “gutted” to miss Australian Grand Prix after McLaren withdrawal”

      1. @hobo Someone referenced this article earlier on the topic about what the drivers think of the situation and if they should race. Notice this article does not confirm anything but just raises the idea that it seems F1 is heading towards cancellation.

        Let’s wait for the official word.

        1. BBC is already reporting that the race is cancelled

          1. And are also admitting that is not official, and that it just appears that’s the way it is heading. I’ll be surprised if the race is a go at this point, but I am also surprised we haven’t heard their decision yet, for soon fans will be heading to the track if they haven’t been told not to bother. I would think we’ll officially hear soon particularly for that reason.

            1. To be honest, this is an absolute embarrassment by F1 to have not sorted this out by now…. They say the priority is safety of everyone involved – if it was, they’d cancel and move on. Instead, we’re hours away from FP1 and there is still radio silence – do fans go to the track only to be turned away? Do they stay at home only to find out it’s happening? There’s reports all over Twitter contradicting each other with some saying drivers have left the country and others saying FP1 is going ahead…

              I would have said I’d be amazed if they went ahead with it but we’re slowly drifting towards the territory where I’d be equally amazed if they cancel it this late in the day!

          2. I have an opinion
            12th March 2020, 22:10

            The premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews, has just make a statement on television that the race will be closed to the public. Whether the event goes ahead at all has been left to the discretion of the race organisers and competitors.

    1. All sorts of information soaking through from various sources (mainly journalists) – the promoters of the race allegedly insist that the race will go on and the vote of the teams on whether the race will take place ended up with 5-5 tie. What a disgrace and absolute fail from FIA.

    2. Oh wow… There’s videos on Twitter now of large numbers of fans queuing up at the gates with someone from the circuit shouting on a loudspeaker that “gate opening has been delayed whilst we work through today’s programming and scheduling.”

      What an absolute clusterf…….

    3. Confirmed IF the race takes place, there will be no fans in attendance. I assume everyone currently queuing at the gates has to get back in their cars and head home. It’s being left to the FIA to decide if they race or not.

    4. Norris will need to get used to it. Don’t see how any races will be happening this year. The virus isn’t going to die down in time to save any of the races.

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