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Circuit de Catalunya “analysing options” for F1 race after delaying WRX and ELMS rounds

2020 Spanish Grand Prix

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The home of the Spanish Grand Prix says it is “analysing options” with Formula 1 as the spread of the Coronavirus has caused many races to be cancelled or postponed.

A statement issued by F1 today indicated the championship may not begin until late in May. Spain’s round is scheduled for May 10th.

The circuit announced today it will postpone three race weekends over the next two months to new dates in response to measures introduced by the Spanish government to contain the virus. These are the Ultimate Cup on March 21st-22nd, European Le Mans Series on April 4th-5th, and World Rallycross on April 17th-19th.

“These measures do not affect the staging period of the Formula 1 Gran Premio de Espana 2020”, said the circuit in a statement, adding “Formula 1 and the FIA have announced changes in the grand prix calendar, and we are already analysing the different available options with Formula 1.”

The circuit added its Moto GP round, scheduled for June 5th-7th, has not been affected.

“Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will continue monitoring the evolution of the pandemic, staying in permanent contact with the different bodies and health authorities in order to continue implementing the applicable measures and recommendations, ensuring the health and safety of our visitors,” it added.

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5 comments on “Circuit de Catalunya “analysing options” for F1 race after delaying WRX and ELMS rounds”

  1. Sonny Crockett
    13th March 2020, 15:06

    I’m due to attend this race but accept that if it’s postponed then it’s for the right reasons.

    Some things are (much) more important than motorsport, no matter how much it brightens my weekends!

  2. There seems to be a race by early season race organisers to pick one of the empty summer (break) weekends.

  3. Pedro Andrade
    13th March 2020, 15:43

    Given Spain is one of the mot badly hit countries in Europe, I’d be really surprised if they don’t cancel this one.

  4. I work pretty close to the track and today they told us not to go to work for 2 weeks. Can’t see the situation improving soon. Catalonia declared it’s confined from now on at least two weeks, too.

  5. Shame my wife and I attended the Spanish Grand Prix, all three days last year. I thought it was better and cheaper than attending Silverstone. Even the FIA official programs were cheaper and they were written in English. Plus it was about 25 degrees Celsius.

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