Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Albert Park, 2020

Caption Competition 168: Snapping Verstappen

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F1 photographers got a different angle on Max Verstappen during the Australian Grand Prix weekend.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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  • 49 comments on “Caption Competition 168: Snapping Verstappen”

    1. Wanna see me make it dance?

    2. “So what i want you to do now is bend over really far and sloowly take down your overalls”

      1. Winner.

    3. Public still refuse to adhere to social distancing guidelines whilst queuing to get into the local supermarket.

    4. “Be honest guys… does my bum look big in this race suit?”

    5. Young driver the subject
      Of paparazzi fantasy
      They want him so badly
      Knows what a star he’s to be
      Inside him there’s longing
      This guy’s an open page
      Focusing, he’s so close now
      This driver is half his age

      Don’t stand to close to me
      His teammates are so jealous
      You know how bad drivers get
      Sometimes it’s not so easy
      To be the teacher’s pet
      Temptation, frustration
      So bad it makes them cry
      Wet chicane, podium’s waiting
      His car is warm and dry

      Don’t stand so close to me
      Loose talk in the paddock
      To hurt they try and try
      Strong words in the stewards room
      The accusations fly
      It’s no use
      He sees red
      He starts to shake and cough
      Just like the old man in
      That book by ‘drian Newey

      1. We are the crowd
        We’re c-coming out
        Got my flash on, it’s true
        Need that picture of you
        It’s so magical
        Comments so fanatical

        Helmet and cap
        Garage meticulous
        Not sure why that strap
        Photo of Max before us
        It don’t have a price
        Ready for those flashing lights
        ‘Cause you know that Max I

        I’m your biggest fan
        I’ll follow you til ur dad slaps me
        Boy, you’re a superstar
        You know that I’ll be
        Your papa-paparazzi
        Promise I’ll be kind
        But I won’t stop until that boy is mine
        Baby, you’ll be famous
        Chase you down til you turn to me

        I’ll be your girl backstage at your show
        Velvet ropes and guitars
        Yeah ’cause you’re my rock star in between the sets
        Eyeliner and cigarettes

        Tyres are burnt
        Brake car and we turn
        Wet tyres of dry
        Purple sectors, so fast I cry
        Watching you my Samurai
        ‘Cause you know that Max I

        1. The economy might tank during a lockdown, but it won’t stop the creatives to become even more annoyingly vocal.

        2. I’ll follow you til ur dad slaps me

          @coldfly – This made me laugh, thanks!

    6. Max decides to turn the other cheek

    7. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      28th March 2020, 12:08

      Max frustratingly makes a late move just as the snappers were about to take their pictures.

      1. Electroball76
        29th March 2020, 22:04

        Dr. Marko told me to practice antisocial distancing.

    8. Ok folks, now take your pics, and hand out copies to the other drivers, cause that’s the view they’re going to have on Sunday.

    9. Check out these skidmarks!

    10. This is how everyone will see me from here on.

    11. Verstappen exclaimed, “I’m ready to go racing, even if I have to turn my back on the world!”. He then spun around to make his point.

    12. Until the giggling started Verstappen was unaware that Albon had stitched across his racing suit.

    13. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      28th March 2020, 13:01

      “Something’s broken!”

    14. “The chap in the beige T-shirt said he couldn’t wait to see the back of me, so…”

    15. How my competitors knows me? Well… From behind!

    16. Channeling his inner Miles Davis…

    17. Max provides photographers with an opponent’s eyed view

    18. Max introduces the candidates for the 2020 RedBull junior drivers program.

    19. Max enlists journalist’s help with his Dancing with the Stars application

    20. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      28th March 2020, 14:57

      Netflix were eager to get Gasly’s perspective

    21. So, Max, you know the fans really like to see some time the other side of you!

      1. “I’m smiling, because I farted.”

    22. Derek Edwards
      28th March 2020, 16:12

      Definitely Max aperture from this angle.

    23. Verstappen showing the journalists where Vettel hit him in Silverstone.

    24. Guys remember we are in Australia.
      Everything is wrong way round.

    25. The paparazzi were eager to snap up Newey’s new iteration of the exhaust-blown-diffuser.

    26. I wonder who will be the first one to smell my fart? Damn its strong.

    27. “Honestly guys, do you really need to know how the nurse took my temperature?”

    28. “Lewis, Lewis … you’re gonna have to do a lot better than “Look behind you” to get past me. Did you really think that old trick was gonna work on me?”

    29. “Mr. Horner, I don’t quite see how this will help me get the best of Lewis?”
      “No Max, I told you to try reverse *psychology*, not reverse photography!”

    30. It’s not everyday you get the view of the driver’s seat.

    31. It had become apparent to the journalists that Verstappen had fallen victim to the great Australian toilet paper shortage.

    32. Due to the lack of action the whole weekend in Australia, Max volunteered to entertain the locals with their favourite routine: Priscilla’s ping pong balls

    33. After dismissing it as bragging, Verstappen smuggly assembles the media to show why he calls it his “3rd leg”

    34. Max: Here it comes boys. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    35. Without his face mask on, Max refused to face the media

    36. Max can sometimes come across as a bit of an .@rse in media sessions.

    37. Yep. That’s definitely his best side.

    38. “Let’s take a photo of someone wearing long trousers”

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