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UK government in discussions to restart sports

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In the round-up: The British government is in discussions to resume major sports.

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Can F1 really survive without Ferrari?

Ferrari have done very well to make themselves appear so vital to F1’s survival that the mere implication of their leaving is considered such a drama.

If the sport can’t survive without one competitor then it doesn’t deserve to – irrespective of the historical connotations. All that does is highlight the enormous power imbalance between that one and the others – let alone shine an uncomfortable light that despite being so vital, important and significant that they still haven’t won a title in years.

F1 should be making more efforts to ensure smaller, lesser funded teams survive and attracting more than worrying whether Ferrari will take their ball elsewhere.
Adam (@rocketpanda)

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On this day in F1

  • 50 years ago today Chris Amon won the non-championship BRDC International Trophy at Silverstone over two heats

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  • 11 comments on “UK government in discussions to restart sports”

    1. Spectators aside, F1 has to be almost the easiest (tennis) to make Covid-19 safe, no physical contact, full body and head protective dress, and that’s before possible changes due to C19, travel will be the biggest problem.

      1. For travel, stay in Europe and should be able to keep team transports clean and sterile. Even flights on private planes could be done safely unless customs inspectors infect a team.

        1. @hohum @jimfromus Indeed stay in Europe for the beginning at least, and most preferably Silverstone to only create travelling needs across country-borders for three teams rather than all of them, which would be the case with Austria.

    2. @rocketpanda Re COTD, I agree. Well said.

    3. Today’s COTA Indy simrace was the best virtual event I’ve watched yet. Great race, plenty of drama, plus an F1 driver finishing on the top step.

      F1 could learn a thing or two from the organisation and participation. Thoroughly enjoyed it and the bonus was it felt like a Sunday… so my weekend already feels longer!

      1. so my weekend already feels longer!

        My weekend feels never ending ;)

    4. How rubbish isn’t it when a ‘gaming computer’ comes up with stupid popups in the middle of games to potentially cost you the game. You’d think that’s exactly the sort of thing you’d avoid with a dedicated gaming computer..

      1. Popups are due to software settings… Dedicated gaming supercomputer or toaster PC, he could have popups depending on what settings he set / didn’t set. The gaming computer bit is just about smoothness and quality of the game itself.

    5. That guy (whoever it was) did a Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll, LOL.

      I agree with the COTD. F1 definitely would survive without Ferrari and the smaller lesser-funded teams indeed should be a greater priority than Ferrari.

    6. The COTD is absolutely spot on.

      Extremely well stated.

    7. Re COTD… hearty agree. I would go so far, considering all the side deals and bonuses Ferrari gets, an asterisk beside each of their championships… *this manufacturer received special consideration not apportioned to other competitors. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Ferrari, but can you imagine such an arrangement with Federer or others? If Ferrari want credit for their contribution to the sport it shouldn’t be in the form of giving them a competitive advantage.

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