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While one top motor sport series resumes real-world racing this weekend, others are taking a break from the regular esports events.

IndyCar’s iRacing Challenge has finished and there’s no Virtual Grand Prix this weekend. However there is a selection of other esports races you can watch. Details on when and how to catch them all are below.

DateSeriesOrganiserEventGameTrackFormatStart time (UK)Start time (US Eastern)Watch
16/05/2020Race at Home ChallengeFormula ERound fourrFactor 2TBCElimination race15:3010:30YouTube Facebook Twitch Also on Formula E’s website and Twitter account, and TV channels
16/05/2020All-Star SeriesTorque EsportsAll-Star SeriesrFactor 2TBCRaces17:0012:00YouTube
17/05/2020E-Sport GT SeriesSRONurburgringAssetto Corsa CompetizioneNurburgringRaces12:4507:45YouTube Facebook Twitch Also on some television channels
18/05/2020Esports WTCR raceWTCRMalaysiaRaceRoomSepang International CircuitQualifying, race18:3013:30YouTube Facebook
20/05/2020All Star EseriesAustralian SupercarsRound seveniRacingDaytona and TalladegaRaces10:0005:00 Facebook Twitch Fox Sports 506, Kayo, 10 Play, Sky Sports NZ

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