Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Istanbul Park, 2020

2020 Turkish Grand Prix championship points

2020 Turkish Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix

2Red Bull240
3Racing Point154
8Alfa Romeo8

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2020 Turkish Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2020 Turkish Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Mid-pack’s more and more interesting … n even ol’ Ferrari rising up! What’s not to like?

  2. Renault lost out a lot compared to the direct rivals that are RP and Mclaren.

  3. While I’m a Mclaren fan, I don’t think Racing Point deserved the 15 point penalty this year so I would rather RP be beaten by more than that 15 points or finish ahead on merit. Renault must look at Ocon’s results and wonder what could have been.

    1. Lots of technical DNF though, and today he was 11th behind Ricciardo on 10th @slowmo, not sure Ocon is Renaul’s main issue to fix.

      1. @bosyber How many times has he looked like beating Ricciardo without any technical issues though. He’s been a long way off all year and really needs to improve. Alonso will likely finish his career next year without a huge improvement.

  4. Perez 4th, despite missing 2 races…
    And he’s still in limbo for next year…
    Madness. Red Bull, sign him up!

    1. @eurobrun they are still waiting for ‘Mr. THEY RACE ME SO HAAARD’ to perform so that they can justify a mediocre driver in the second seat.

  5. Great race for Perez who recovers his dominant position in the N2M2F1* champiomship from Ricciardo who had a bad day at the office today finishing eight. Stroll had an incredible qualification lap and a seemingly perfect first stint but tyre management was the key and he was nowhere after his pitstop finishing seventh while Perez went on to win. Good day for Ferrari with an astonishing first lap for Vettel and overall a good race for Leclerc who seemed poised to overtake Perez for the win in the last few turns but went wide and was passed by Perez and Vettel in the last one. Albon at some point seemed like he could win the race and was indeed the fastest but faded in the end ending fifth, being passed by Sainz who in a quiet but efective race managed fourth while his teammate Norris made sixth (and the fastest lap). The last points went for Ocon, ninth, and Kvyat, tenth

    The WDC classification is now:
    Perez 180 pt
    Ricciardo 171 pt
    Leclerc 150 pt
    Norris 138 pt
    Albon 124 pt
    Sainz 123 pt
    Gasly 114 pt
    Stroll 113 pt
    Ocon 83 pt
    Vettel 74 pt
    Kvyat 65 pt
    Raïkkönen 23 pt
    Hülkenberg 20 pt
    Giovinazzi 20 pt
    Grosjean 11 pt
    Latifi 8 pt
    Russell 6 pt
    Magnussen 4 pt
    Still very tight, with eight drivers mathematically able to win the WDC, although it would be a surprise if it went to other than Perez o Ricciardo, with Leclerc heading for third. In the last four races Sainz has scored better than both Norris and Albon and 3 races from the end on the championship seems on his way to outscore them both. But time will tell.

    The WCC classification:
    1 Racing Point 313 pt
    2 McLaren 261 pt
    3 Renault 254 pt
    4 Red Bull Racing** 248 pt
    5 Ferrari 224 pt
    6 Alpha Tauri 179 pt
    7 Alfa Romeo 43 pt
    8 Haas 15 pt
    9 Williams 14 pt
    Even Ferrari might mathematically win but Racing Point seems very solid at the top spot. The second spot is hotly disputed and today McLaren surpassed their rivals Renault and RBR; Ferrari has leaped way ahead of Alpha Tauri today and might still bid for second.

    Finally, the medal clasification of the drivers (Bernie’s style)
    1 Ricciardo
    2 Leclerc
    3 Perez
    4 Albon
    5 Stroll
    6 Norris
    7 Gasly
    8 Sainz
    9 Vettel
    10 Ocon
    11 Kvyat
    12 Hulkenberg
    13 Giovinazzi
    14 Raïkkönen
    15 Grosjean
    16 Latifi
    17 Russell
    18 Magnussen

    *N2M2F1: no Mercs no Max F1
    **As he is the only RBR driver in N2M2F1, Albon’s score is doubled for the WCC.

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