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Sir Frank Williams admitted to hospital

2020 F1 season

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The Williams family have confirmed that Sir Frank Williams has been admitted to hospital. The 78-year-old is in a ‘stable’ condition.

Williams parted ways with the team he founded following its sale to Dorilton Capital earlier this year. The team issued a short statement from the Williams family.

“Sir Frank Williams has recently been admitted to hospital where he is currently in a stable condition,” it said. “Frank’s medical condition is a private matter and therefore the family will not be releasing any further details at this time.”

“We ask for you to respect the family’s privacy.”

Williams suffered paralysis in a road car accident in 1986 and has used a wheelchair since. He was hospitalised in 2016 to recover from pneumonia, following which he made a return to attending grands prix in person.

The Williams team added in a statement: “Everyone at the team sends their best to Sir Frank and wishes him a speedy recovery.”

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9 comments on “Sir Frank Williams admitted to hospital”

  1. Get well soon Frank.

  2. At first glance I thought the worst but luckily he seems to be okay. That would have been too much for this year.

  3. Hope he gets well.

  4. Thinking only positive thoughts. Get well soon you amazing F1 icon.

  5. Get well soon Frank

  6. In a perfect world he’ll have that big grin when he hears an engine fire up in the garage next year at Silverstone!

  7. Get well soon Frank, hoping you have a swift recovery.

  8. Sir Frank,

    I do not know if you will read this, however, I want to thank you for the great amount of pleasure and satisfaction you and your team have given me – right from the beginning.

    A marvelous achievement, indeed. Thank you for that and get well soonest.

    Michael A. (Melbourne)

  9. Hang in there Frank.

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