Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Baku City Circuit, 2021

2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix championship points

2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Team Total
1 Red Bull 174
2 Mercedes 148
3 Ferrari 94
4 McLaren 92
5 AlphaTauri 39
6 Aston Martin 37
7 Alpine 25
8 Alfa Romeo 2
9 Haas 0
9 Williams 0

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2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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43 comments on “2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Max was both unlucky and lucky.

    1. Lewis was both lucky and unlucky. In fact, as the championship is now level rather than +11 to Verstappen, who is luckier?

      1. Definitely Hamilton was luckier. Seems like it was his mistake with the brake magic switch, whereas with Verstappen he was just unlucky. Plus it was 11 pts as you say. Bizarrely I think Max will leave Baku feeling better having done nothing wrong.

      2. Bottas is the luckier driver…

        1. I don’t see this race helping Bottas’ chances to renew his contract next year.

          1. When is the race in Russia? Bottas 4.0 will show up there.

            …then go back to Williams(?)

      3. Luck? Is that what they are calling it now?

        it seems to me it ended as it was always going to end in terms of championship position and predestined winners of that championship.

        I found the following on a youtub video comments

        1 week ago
        2008: Hamilton age 23
        2021: Verstappen age 23

        2008: Hamiltons first win at Monaco.
        2021 Verstappens first win at Monaco.

        2008: Hamilton took the championship lead in Monaco
        2021: Verstappen took the championship lead in Monaco

        2008: Hamilton power drifts before the last corner
        2021: Verstappen power drifts before the last corner

        2008: Hamilton won the championship
        2021: ?

        1. Title going down to the wire?

    2. Sam Donaldson (ABC News)
      6th June 2021, 15:41

      Mercedes losing the DAS is biting them in the ASS.

    3. He was luck in an unlucky situation !

  2. Remember how before the season began, the narrative was that Hamilton is a flawless and perfect driver, while Verstappen is immature and error prone?

    Pepperidge farm remembers

    1. So you’ve already concluded that it was entirely driver error from Lewis?

      1. RandomMallard (@)
        6th June 2021, 15:34

        It probably wasn’t entirely driver error, as some have hinted that it may have been a switch error. But there is only one person changing the switches inside that car, and that is still Lewis Hamilton.

        However I will wait to see an official reason before making any proper judgement.

        1. Waiting to get the complete story is the rational/sensible thing to do but not for Kingshark and his ilk.

          1. Remember Imola and the Ramp?

      2. Well, the fuming brakes were a signal, no? He didn’t care…. = human error.

    2. Sam Donaldson (ABC News)
      6th June 2021, 15:34

      Agree with first narrative…disagree with second narrative.

    3. Indeed @kingshark. Hamilton is making some errors, he’s getting a bit older maybe, late thirties? Sure you’re loving point it out, but ok it’s true.

      1. This message should be in other place.. sorry.

        1. Sam Donaldson (ABC News)
          6th June 2021, 15:48

          No worry…

    4. Well, comparing Lewis’ performance to Valterri today, I know which driver I’d rather have in my team. I don’t think any driver is flawless, but sure, Lewis makes very few mistakes. Unfortunately for him today, the one mistake he made was very costly. It in no way detracts from his incredible record or driving ability.

    5. there’s more to this than meets the eye.

      Why did Mercedes change the front wing on Hamiltons car.
      What else did they change in that redflag period.

      Why even red flag, why not have SC for the remaining 3 laps.

      Instead we have this strange restart where the only thing which could go wrong, goes incredibly wrong.
      No breaks on the first corner after restart. Vestappen keeps the lead and Redbull pull ahead with their
      championship points…

      if i were a betting man, oh wait – isnt that what they do in Moneyco…

      1. And no tyre changes before the standing restart too

  3. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
    6th June 2021, 15:33

    It would have been really unfortunate for the championship as a whole if Hamilton got a huge chunk of points from today’s race(due to Verstappen’s punchure).

    The championship got neutralised with Hamilton’s mistake so its the best outcome imo (for a neutral viewer)

    1. Pretty much this.

    2. The gap would have been bigger and could be the difference between title and runner up. I just hope RedBull remains competitive to Mercs and this will be a awesome season, “if” Redbull can be competitive.

  4. Not so much with the manufacturer’s race.

  5. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    6th June 2021, 15:48

    Heartbroken for Verstappen, to lose a deserved and dominated race win – and nearly the championship lead due to no fault of his own. But kinda hilarious that Hamilton had every chance to take an enormous chunk out of Verstappen and binned it all by himself.

    Vettel looked more like the old Vettel and must have loved every moment of cruising past Leclerc. Gasly’s loss and the repassing of Leclerc for 3rd was also excellent. Also great to see Perez actually picking up the win for Red Bull, totally deserved.

    Bottas was still stuck in Finland, don’t know who that was out there today.

    1. Sam Donaldson (ABC News)
      6th June 2021, 15:50

      That last jibe is hilarious….very good…

    2. AllTheCoolNamesWereTaken
      6th June 2021, 16:03

      Bottas was still stuck in Finland, don’t know who that was out there today.

      You say that, @rocketpanda, and yet this was the first time all year that Bottas managed to finish a race in front of Hamilton. So, you know, in a sense this was Bottas’ best result so far this season.

      Which is pretty sad, obviously. But also kind of funny.

    3. kinda hilarious

      @rocketpanda am I the only one finding the toxicity of the comments on racefans recently going over the line? I mean, some of us Hamilton fans respect Max for being an amazing driver and very unlucky, and yet the other way it’s just kind of haha comments. I mean when Verstappen makes an error there isn’t the same vitriol, starting to get tiresome.

      1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
        6th June 2021, 16:36

        Going on the toxicity on the site, you’re right. There’s a lot of hate out there for Hamilton – a lot of people that seriously cross a line, though admittedly I see more vitriol directed at people that are open about not being fans of Hamilton and a significant amount bashing Vettel. Albon’s also a chew toy for a lot of people. Though there’s *a lot* of vitriol targetting Verstappen… I’m not sure how you’ve missed that.

        Me having a giggle watching Hamilton bin it all by himself is pretty tame compared to some of the rudeness that floats about.

      2. Spot on @john-h. It is very wearisome and I for one no longer spend as much time in the comments as I used to – the toxicity of some of the anti-LH posters is beyond bearable. And I have to wonder – why? To what end?

        1. @emma
          It’s because some of the Hamilton fans on this site, for example f1osaurus are incredibly unbearable. In my opinion no fan base is worse than another, and to act like Hamilton fans are the innocent party being unfairly targeted is disingenuous. I don’t believe Hamilton would be targeted so much if some of his fans weren’t so outrageous.

  6. Sam Donaldson (ABC News)
    6th June 2021, 16:12

    New bumper sticker: “Baku21 Happens”

  7. Saw a stat somewhere…
    The only person to outscore Vettel over the last two races is Perez.

    1. LOL, quite some statistic…

  8. And maybe it has gone unnoticed but after 6 races and a very bumpy start Alonso is already ahead of Ocon

    1. Now it won’t be easy with Fernando, for real!

      1. You mean “for sure”…

  9. Perez 3rd in the championship yes yes yes!! ✊✊

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