Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton crash, Monza, 2021

Verstappen given three-place grid penalty for Hamilton crash

2021 Italian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen has been given a three-place grid penalty for the next race for causing a collision with Lewis Hamilton.

The Red Bull driver will serve the penalty at the Russian Grand Prix.

The stewards ruled Verstappen was “predominantly to blame” for the collision.

“Car 44 [Hamilton] was exiting the pits,” they noted. “Car 33 [Verstappen] was on the main straight. At the 50m board before turn one, car 44 was significantly ahead of car 33. Car 33 braked late and started to move alongside car 44, although at no point in the sequence does car 33 get any further forward than just behind the front wheel of car 44.

“During the hearing the driver of car 33 asserted that the cause of the incident was the driver of car 44 opening the steering after turn one and ‘squeezing’ him to the apex of turn two. The driver of car 44 asserted that the driver of car 33 attempted to pass very late and should have given up the corner either by backing off sooner, or by turning left behind the kerb.

“The stewards observed on CCTV footage that the driver of car 44 was driving an avoiding line, although his position caused car 33 to go onto the kerb. But further, the stewards observed that car 33 was not at all alongside car 44 until significantly into the entry into turn one. In the opinion of the stewards, this manoeuvre was attempted too late for the driver of car 33 to have ‘the right to racing room’.

“While car 44 could have steered further from the kerb to avoid the incident, the stewards determined that his position was reasonable and therefore find that the driver of car 33 was predominantly to blame for the incident.

“In coming to the penalty the stewards emphasise that they have only considered the incident itself and not the consequences thereof.”

Verstappen was also given two penalty points on his licence, which are his first two for the current 12-month period.

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2021 Italian Grand Prix

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394 comments on “Verstappen given three-place grid penalty for Hamilton crash”

  1. I think the stewards are about right

    1. Yes they are right, but it is just unfortunate he’s getting the penalty even if I believe he was clearly in the wrong. I was already enjoying how he was forcing Mercedes to lift up their game

    2. How is it right? Lewis had his front left wheel nearly on the line of the turn 2 apex. He left NO space for Max, thus forcing him all the way onto the curb, causing Max to bounce into him. One of the worst decisions I’ve seen the FIA take in 10 years. And for a championship fight ! Disgusting.

      1. Look at the flip side of the FIA coin…. when racing, only one wheel has to be on the track for the lap to be legal. Do you want all 4 wheels inside the line when racing? Like many pro-Max arguments, you can’t have it both ways. T4, L1, offered as evidence ;-)

      2. I think the stewards’ quotes included in the article make that pretty clear.

      3. Did max leave a full cars width at turn 4 on the first lap? Did Hamilton keep turning and end up in top of Max’s car?

        1. Did hamilton get a penalty on that one or was that ruled a racing incident?

          1. Hamilton avoided the crash by leaving the track and rejoining behind Max. What would he have got a penalty for?

    3. Verstappen on the radio after the incident “that’s what you get when you don’t leave the space”.

    4. Richly deserved. This was 80% Max’s fault. What’s more, he dished it out earlier in the race. Can’t have it both ways

      Red Bull have a lot to answer for here. They have been pumping Max up since he was (just) 17 with comments like ‘max will not give way’ or Íf you see max in you mirrors you know he’s coming through’. Blah Blah Blah.

      Meanwhile Dan is now a winner after leaving Red Bull.

    5. Coventry Climax
      13th September 2021, 2:09

      No they are not ‘about right’. To me, it was Hamilton who was moving in the braking zone, and cutting off room for Verstappen, who had greater speed, and nowhere to go but on the outside. Braking because someone is leaving the pits is a ridiculous suggestion. But Verstappen obviously still made the first corner and would -therefor- also have made the second. I distinctly remember the entire BBC crew praising Verstappen for being able to brake so late and still make the corner without any lockups or slides. Well, that first corner today looked very much like that.

      Obviously both drivers are not giving in. And rightfully so. We’ve had such a situation many times before in F1, and we called it fighting, then. The drivers involved then, are on most lists of highly admired, great drivers of the past.
      The drivers involved today however, are constantly whining to race-control (ugly word, sounds like there’s someone or something determining everything, which might not be too far from the truth) attempting to have the other drivers get penalties. And by the so-called fans of today, drivers of the ‘wrong team’ are called ugly names, and a steadlily growing number the comments on forums such as here are pretty sad to read. And then the FIA isn’t very helpful either, with arbitrary rules (like track limits), mid-season rule-changes, inconsistent penalties, ridiculous explanations for ridiculous decisions and allowing the use of inferior tyres despite a so-called quest for safety. If safety really was important, than the chicanes at Monza would have been made wider, it’s asking for trouble the way they are now. If racing as one really was important, we wouldn’t have races in debatable countries. If less controversy is actually the plan, I can’t see any decisions to back that. It’s plain hypocrisy.
      The FIA and Liberty are currently doing a very good job killing F1. Todt-, Masi- and Brawn-speak, it’s contempt of everyone and everything but money.
      So this is the ‘show’ they are all talking about and saying it is what the ‘fans’ want? Yuck.

      1. I couldn’t agree more.
        I’ve been a serious race fan for 58 years and competed a little as well.
        I can hardly believe some of the calls the stewards make. That collision was absolutely on Hamilton.
        What is the point of hard evidence if it’s just ignored?

        1. Keith Crossley
          13th September 2021, 4:50

          You made me add it up – serious race fan for 64 years: And Max simply has to stop expecting everyone in his path to jump off the track to make way for him (or be bashed off).

          1. It is true Verstappen had more momentum near the apex; as the stewards mention, he gets there by breaking very late to get alongside, at a point that chicane had no space for two cars. It is exactly why he gets a penalty I think.

      2. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        13th September 2021, 8:51

        So the way to win is to drive at full chat at everyone, and oblige them to get out of the way or have a crash? ((Facepalm))

        1. That worked great for Senna!

      3. Hamilton didn’t move in the braking zone, he changed his as is normal when exiting the pit and braked appropriately.
        Stop inventing nonsense because moving in the braking zone is only applicable with drivers who have been running in tandem up to that braking zone.

    6. I think they should remove those curbs which started the whole accident the rear left of max hit the curb the car get push up and to the right which the right rear of max toughed the rear which of the upgoing movement get launched over lewis.
      Without the curbs max would probaly rubbed lewis car and both would continue the race.

      The view of the stewards is a bit strange as Max should have a 10 seconds time penaulty nothing more.

      1. The view of the stewards should have taken the curb incident with the desicion.

      2. Every other driver knew what was there hence they aborted their attempt going round the outside on that part of the track. Only Max who decided to drive over it.

      3. How can he be given a 10 second penalty? That is not one available to the stewards if a driver is out of the race.

    7. With his do or die approach I think Verstappen is losing way to many points in this championship. He needs to get smarter if he is to maximize his talent. Championships are not just won by finishing in front all the time. Consistently scoring points as often as is possible is equally important. At Silverstone Max could have gone wide and then complained that Hamilton pushed him off track. Hamilton would have had to give the place back or get a penalty. Max chose not do this and continued to turn in knowing another car was there. Any smart racer knows this is highly likely to end badly. In Monza he was not significantly alongside when they approached the 1st corner, but continued round the outside anyway knowing full well that there was never going to be space at turn 2. A smarter driver would back out or go wide and stay in the race. In both cases a significant amount of points were lost just because he refuses to concede. There are also the financial implications to the teams having to repair the cars, which is more significant now there are cost caps.

      I think Max has tremendous talent, but if he is not going to wisen up, his chances of winning multiple championships is greatly reduced

  2. Classic maFIA

    1. The report is mystifying and inane. The contact is rear tyre to rear tyre, from that perspective the whole argument is mute. Both drivers made a better effort of making the turn than most contacts this Sunday, crucially nobody benefitted from it, until the penalty, now Bottas is most likely going to finish ahead of Max in Russia. The Giovinazzi penalty is also ridiculous, he was rejoining the track, he missed the corner because he was not in control so how can he rejoin safely, he did his best and Sainz who stuck his car on the outside kerb was running out of track and clipped Gio. Spinning waa more than enough penalty for Sainz not using his left foot.

      1. Spinning was more than enough of a penalty for Gio since Sainz cannot use his left foot.

      2. yeah, that penalty was a bit much. i was surprised sainz just drove into him. as much as i may agree with the penalty for max – if it needs a penalty, im questioning all the stewarding due to that call on gio

      3. Are you reading the article at all…

        But further, the stewards observed that car 33 was not at all alongside car 44 until significantly into the entry into turn one. In the opinion of the stewards, this manoeuvre was attempted too late for the driver of car 33 to have ‘the right to racing room’.

        Its so clearly max’s fault

        1. Please pass on this message to Brundle who is an experienced race driver and confounding his viewers with his statements.

  3. I’m not sure how this is consistent with the penalties at the Red Bull Ring.

    1. Consistency? From the stewards?

      Surely, you jest.

  4. For me, the right call.

    I love both drivers but I keep having flashbacks to Max talking about Lewis’s lack of respect at Silverstone when Lewis celebrated whilst Max was in hospital. It was interesting that Max didn’t check on Lewis despite landing his car on top of him.

    Anyway, game on!!!

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      12th September 2021, 18:00

      @sonnycrockett no, it’s not the right call. It’s clear that a driver cannot race Max for position and when you can’t race someone for position without risking your life, then that person shouldn’t be in F1.

      I think Toto realizes that this is going this championship is going to cost his team dearly.

      I would be ok if Mercedes concede the championship and state they won’t race Max on track. If he’s on track, he just get a clear green light and moves ahead. It’s a shame they have to end the championship but I think they should.

      It’s not going to look good for Mercedes if Lewis dies on track. F1 is done, of course, but they’d be fine with it since that’s what they want from Max.

      1. Is this irony or are you genuinely so overly-dramatic?

        Romain Grosjean took a low level flight over Alonso in Spa, 2012. Ferrari didn’t quit the championship the next day.

        1. @sonnycrockett there’s very little in that comment that makes any sense at all. But I think he’s implying that the FiA are discouraging making moves on Max by ruling in his favour.

          As I say, basically incoherent, as it was Max that got the penalty for failing to make a move stick.

          But your guess is as good as mine!

        2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          12th September 2021, 18:18

          @sonnycrockett no, this is genuine concern. Romain was very heavily reprimanded for that and his continuation in F1 was called into question as a driver.

          1. I still think it’s ‘overly-dramatic’,
            But I reckon you need a professional to work with you on that rather than some advice from other commenters.

      2. Is this a joke? What utterly nonsense.

      3. @freelittlebirds
        What is it with you?
        Now is the time for a civilised debate, but you love the hyperbole, implying that Verstappen will kill Hamilton if they continue racing.
        What utter nonsense. You represent what is wrong with F1 fans currently.

        1. @Neutralino

          this is fair argument given that max’s response, he clearly intended to crash if someone doesnt give him the corner! he would have never made that corner, he made it extremely clear that if someone doesnt concede a corner, he will not hesitate to crash and play russian roulette! his gun is always fully loaded… almost all his races are like this, he is in front or he is behind his response is always ” i didnt do nothing wrong, if i did, i would be penalized” this stupid argument is the result of FIA encouraging the mindless driving win at all costs like his!

          1. @mysticone
            Why are you copying a link to the incident, I’ve seen it obviously. And as well, my position is that think the penalty is fair enough.

            It’s ridiculous Hamilton fans like yourself, who cannot even compose sentences or use grammar properly, who are bringing this sport down. You ought to be embarrassed, spreading lies such as this being a deliberate crash.

          2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            12th September 2021, 20:24

            @mysticus exactly, this is russian roulette with one driver having a loaded gun…

          3. @Neutralino

            since you understood everything i wrote, i consider your grammar cop mumbo jumbo to be bs. people like you are the ones bringing embarrassment to themselves by arguing grammar rather than points raised! which part is a lie?

            he has always been beyond aggressively defending positions regardless of his track position, and people were avoiding him like a plague until silverstone. now his back is hurt, he is out to drive even more dirty by deliberately crashing all thanx to FIA who never really penalized him in the right manner. all this light hand warnings and the minimal penalties he received made him think his driving is actually ok when everyone on the paddock disagreed! I for once thought he was getting better, but now he is driving like a madman without limits (all thanx to FIA for enabling him). It is turning into dirty Schumi era… I m sure MAX FANS like yourself are pretty fine with such driving as long as MAX is the one not loosing anything out of the incidents…

          4. @mysticus
            Keep lying, I don’t see why you’d argue that this crash was deliberate unless you have an ulterior motive.
            It’s clear that you’re a rabid Hamilton fan, and that’s fine. What isn’t fine is defaming other drivers.
            Drivers, being professionals, should be given the benefit of the doubt that they aren’t out to crash deliberately.
            Oh and by the way, I’m not a Max fan, so think again.
            Mate you can’t even spell (it’s losing not ‘loosing’), so how are you meant to think clearly and rationally about a complicated incident? It’s evident that you don’t have the mental capacity to do so.

        2. Consider that Horner basically accused Hamilton of being an irresponsible homicidal maniac in Silverstone.

          That caused a great deal of outrage focused at Hamilton, because Horner was basically trying to try the case in the court of public opinion, rather than at the FIA.

          1. Indeed. In this instance if it was not for the halo, Hamilton would be dead… Where is Christians moral comments? If Hamilton goes collides with verstappen, apparently Hamilton should have backed off and is dangerous for not doing so. If verstappen collides with Hamilton then simplymracing and Hamilton should have backed off. Basically if verstappen wants to overtake you or you want to overtake verstappen then you as verstappen has the God given right to be in front no matter what…

      4. It was the other way around at silverstone, both drivers want to continue and want to win points
        Imo hamilton got a blue flag that says fast drivers are coming..and cant brake so fast to let room for the one coming out the pit
        Anyway it will keep tough racing to the end

      5. ver has Never Been a Gentleman.

        Spoilt and Arrogant actually

    2. Max didn’t check on Lewis

      Who was busy trying to exit on reverse and very obviously OK

      1. So the car didn’t drop on his head again, perhaps?!

        1. The wheel was in front of him at that point.

          1. If you’d just had an F1 car on your head would you:

            A. Stay where you are; or
            B. Try to move away?

            Answers on a postcard…

      2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        12th September 2021, 18:24

        Damon Hill had it right. You can also tell that Christian is not fully on Max’s side. This was again a step too far…

        1. No he didn’t. He implied that Verstappen crashed deliberately. Hill’s biases have always been extremely clear, which is why his ‘punditry’ is scantly used. Even Sky knows his takes are persistently bad ones.

          1. No, Damon said that Max chose to not back out– and he questioned Max’s reasons for that, one of which is conceivably, if somewhat terrifying, that Max would rather crash Hamilton off the track than allow him to win.

          2. i think we claim “deliberate” crashes too easily. schumacher may have done a few. senna too. but many times, and in this case, max is guilty of “Wishful” thinking, and maybe some anger where he allowed a high chance of contact because he was seeing red. nobody crashes JUST to crash…..or very rarely.

          3. Verstappen seemed intent on contact with Hamilton when every sane driver in that lost position cut the corner instead. Why was that?

            Also add that Verstappen claims he should have been given space. When he also ran Hamilton off on lap 1 yet again.

            How does he do the mental gymnastics to make this make sense in his own head?

    3. He walked around the bavk of the cars to check and then left. What should he have done then, congratulate him for (in max’ view) turning into him and causing them to crash?

    4. Those comments still baffle me somewhat as I get the impression he wanted to take some moral highground that wasn’t there. There’s plenty of radio evidence to show Hamilton asked if Max was okay and he was told he walked out of the car, there for not seriously injured. Going to hospital for check ups means very little.
      We notice very quickly those insistent of blaming Hamilton for everything for some reason very quickly reason Max was morally right to walk away as “the engine was revving on Hamilton’s car, there for he was clearly alright” which is meaningless as for all he knew Hamilton could have been unconscious with his foot pinning the throttle.

      1. max didn’t even look as he left ; too embarrased at his stupidity

  5. A bit harsh but so was the penalty for Hamilton at Silverstone.

    1. Agreed. A reasonable, balanced comment. I think today I couldve accepted an outcome of racing incident or a penalty for Max. Maybe a little harsh that he did get a penalty but it was harsh on Lewis at Silverstone.
      My issue is that Max REFUSES to yield in any situation. This approach is costing him vital points in the championship. He should be out of sight now and his stubborn approach has contributed massively to him only being 5 points ahead. There will be more incidents between Lewis and Max this season, no doubt.

      1. @deanr
        The thing is that I don’t think this cost Verstappen any points today. The Mercedes was clearly quicker, plus Hamilton would’ve had the benefit of being on the mediums for the final stint, rather than the hards on Verstappen.

        1. Silverstone did, big time. And it will cost him in Russia.

          1. @deanr
            It remains to be seen what the cost will be in Russia, if anything.
            And I think the Silverstone incident has been done to death, which was more Hamilton’s fault, and was an incident that Hamilton was extremely lucky to emerge unscathed from.

          2. Don’t you think Max gets a new engine there…… so a 10 drop or 13 drop doesn’t matter much for Max.

            But i think those curbs must be adressed as those made Max fly up on the rear and with that movement the both rear did the rest. Otherwise Both would contine.

            I found it strange Lewis tried to reverse to contine to race i would think he would to exit as fast as possible..

        2. They probably would followed Norris around the whole race

        3. I think he did it partially on purpose. He had no chance if had had not taken Hamilton at that corner so took him out. He had zero chance of making the corner. He was practically off the track before turn two!

      2. I think the reason Max is only 5 points ahead is because Lewis took him out at silverstone benefitting from full points. Max was leading the championship ahead of Silverstone so clawing back those lost points to go five ahead now shows he’s got a better car and won’t back down to the desperate tactics Mercedes are playing.

      3. The one that should be out of sight is HAM.

        Let’s say VER only lost points at Silverstone, by not giving up the 1st lap fight with HAM and settling for 2nd. That’s 18 pts lost. That’s about it. Russia? RB expect them to lose out to Merc/Max may end up taking an engine penalty anyway which they will have to take eventually. Baku & Hungary was no fault of his own/out of own control.

        HAM? Let’s see – Monaco off weekend (finished 7th – car capable of finishing 2nd as per Bottas’ performance), thats 12 pts lost. Baku 25 pts lost. Austria lost 6 pts (damaged own car running over kerb – car capable of 2nd as Bottas finished there).

        Monza lost 9 pts – should have been a cakewalk for HAM in both sprint & race (should have finished 1st in both with VER finishing 3rd in sprint behind Bottas and 2nd in race (due to Bottas’ engine penalty), so HAM should have gotten 28 pts to VER’s 19 pts.

        So total points lost:

        VER: 18 pts – so should be 244.5 pts now
        HAM: 52(!) pts – so should be 273.5 pts now

        +33 pts advantage to HAM.

        This is similar to Vettel’s level of performance in 2017/18 for HAM if we’re being honest. Let’s not kid ourselves. HAM should leading comfortably.

        1. *Correction:

          VER: 37 pts (corrected for Monza pts lost) – so should be 263.5 pts now
          HAM: 71(!) pts (corrected for Monza pts lost) – so should be 292.5 pts now

          +29 pts advantage to HAM.


          1. Verstappen should have won Baku, Silverstone, Hungary and Monza. Boom almost 100 points that he should have had in the pocket!

        2. You’re Nadia Comaneci on the keyboard because this is some kind of mental gymnastics. Lists all of the times Hamilton lost points then all of the Verstappen ones are “out of his control”

        3. Verstappen only lost 18?!? You’re not serious right? 25 at Baku, 18 minimum at Silverstone, 17 minimum at Hungary. That’s 60 – all through no fault of his own. All of Hamilton’s lost points you’ve listed were all his own fault except Monza. He’s also gained 16 through luck at Imola. So I’m seriously struggling to comprehend your thought process here.

      4. I think the quote from the circuit that perfectly shows that Max expects people to “let him pass” was from F1 Race Director Michael Masi who told Sky F1: “The stewards assessment was that Lewis effectively had the corner, and the other element of it was that Max had other options where as we saw at numerous occasions today, drivers in similar types of scenarios took to the bumps beyond Turn 2 and re-joined the track.”

        He had other options …… but expected Lewis to concede the corner to him. Max is a brilliant driver, but if he doesn’t temper his arrogance, he will never be a great.

      5. You are exactly correct.

        At the beginning of the season, when Max said I’m going to look at the long game & make decisions accordingly, what did you think he was talking about. Answer: incidents just like this where you try a bump pass on purpose. Which is to say, a bump pass is totally unreasonable in a Formula 1 car and contrary it is not something any F1 driver deserves.

        Here’s an Idea, turn left cut the track like a normal human!

    2. It isn’t harsh, he could have got a 5 place for deliberately causing an accident. Every other driver in a similar situation, some even with more claim to the corner, bailed out of the move, only Max who wanted to make a 90 degree turn at speed.

      1. Yes the penalty is Too Soft.

        He goes into Impossible Spaces knowing that if it’s against Lewis, the Stewards will be lenient on him

      2. Exactly, Ricciardo in the sprint race was actually ahead of Verstappen going into turn 1. As was Hamilton fully alongside going into turn 4.

    3. 25 points to Hamilton, that was really harsh…

  6. I think this is very heavily punished. But it is what it is.

    1. Why? Even if you argue that the overtake attempt wasn’t malicious it was RECKLESS and he taken out his nearest rival in the WDC.

      If there is no punishment all max needs to do when lew is next to him is wreck him and go on to win the WDC..

      1. I think it was a situation where both could have done more to avoid this. Max got pushed on the kerb where Lewis could have done the same as in lap 1 with Norris. And Max was a bit optimistic to assume Lewis would give more room.

        And if you compare this with Silverstone I think the penalty is way too high.

        1. This is less of a penalty than Silverstone! Could max not have backed off at Silverstone? In todays incident Hamilton gave room for turn 1, max.went in far too hot and almost went off track! Look at turn 4 on lap one. Did max.give Hamilton any room at all? Did hamilton decide to back off to avoid a crash?

          1. Max couldn’t back off as he was the one in front in Silverstone (noone does that) that works only if they are next to each other and there is room to backoff.

            Here things went to fast as Max had the temp in his tyres but Lewis didn’t Max thought he could take him to drag Lewis after turn 1. Now i understand Max comment as both would be in turn 1 Lewis that better position but Max outdrag lewis.

          2. There is a reason why this incident is similar to Silverstone. Verstappen is on the outside, and rather than yield he still continues on. At silverstone he was just slightly level when he decided to carry more speed.
            Here is coming from behind and still wanted to take more speed on the outside and claim the corner.

          3. @macleod. So no one backs off… Are you sure about that? Did you watch turn 4 on the first lap? Max clearly left zero room for Hamilton and so Hamilton backed out of the move and went across the corner to avoid a collision. At Silverstone Max was ever so slightly ahead going in to the corner on the outside! He then came across to take a fairly normal racing line and Hamiltons car slightly slid out. They collided. Hamilton could have backed off quicker (He was backing off already before the contact) and Max could have took a wider line (He easily had over a cars width on his left). But in your mind it is okay for the lead driver to not back off at all… Okay so lets look at Monza. Hamilton lead into the corner, Max braked far too late to make the corner properly. Lewis gave plenty of room at turn 1 to avoid a crash. Max could have at that point took the escape road or took his car over the bumps as many other drivers did. He did not want to back off though so tried to stay on the track. By doing this his car was practically at a right angle to Hamiltons coming out of the corner. Hamilton was at the far right side of the track so could not have been further over. Max would have hit him no matter what but unfortunately was flung into the air which made the crash far worse. At no point was Max ahead of Hamilton through the corner and the only reason he was even alongside was because he was braked too late. So given that Max was behind and lewis was ahead, should max have backed off (Given that in your opinion no one backs off if they are the lead driver into a corner?) I remind you that Hamilton backed off considerably in at turn 1 and 2 but still could not avoid max hitting him.

            The only chance Max had of making the corner was to hope that Hamilton stopped and let him through (Something Max believes every driver should do for him).

            It seems that it is okay for max to never give in and bully his way through but it is not okay for any other drivers (Especially Hamilton) to do the same.

  7. Tit for tat. Move on to the next race boys

    1. You mean the predominantly part I guess.

  8. As much as I feel this was a racing incident and as a Verstappen fan, I accept the Stewards decision…

    1. Me too. Max was slightly optimistic here and again overestimating Lewis

      1. @Mayrton More like underestimating.

        1. Underestimating his stupidity or overestimating his skill level

  9. Surprised, as I had it down as a pure racing incident, but can understand the reasoning.

    Neither driver would have done what they did had they been up against someone other than their title rival, but I guess Verstappen had a better view and more opportunity to avoid.

    1. @neilosjames I agree. Yours is one of few objective, sensible comments I’ve seen this evening.

      Racing incident from where I was sitting. Max went for a move that didn’t quite come off, because he got firm but fair resistance.

      I hate to sound like one of these people shrieking about health and safety (because I want the sport to protect the competitors as best it can) but this sport comes with risks. This kinda thing is what we watch for. Two top level guys going wheel to wheel and sometimes crashing.

      Glad everyone’s safe and well.

    2. A bit disappointed by this decision, but it is what it is.

    3. @neilosjames

      Paul Di Resta’s (who in my opinion is one of the more balanced analysts on Sky) frame by frame analysis of the crash was very good. He did say it’s a difficult one to apportion blame on either one of them, but he did say Max was within his rights to go the for gap. He called it a racing incident, which is what the appears to be.

      The accident was exacerbated by the oscillations induced by Max hitting the sausage kerbs.

      But hey, where’s the fun if you cant be outraged at something!

      1. Paul de Resta, is a Verstappen fan boy, I wouldn’t listen to his analysis when Verstappen is involved.

      2. If Paul made those comments, then he should print it on his shirt so he doesn’t contradict himself when he accusses another driver of being in the wrong.
        He saw other drivers who were even level with the car they were side by side with yet bailing out, but he give a driver who was always behind and only got close because he refused to brake for the corner as being in the right? Come on Paul. Max was going too fast and badly positioned for the next corner.

    4. Neil, thank you for being reasonable.

  10. Crying Horner incoming…

    1. Max is a fantastic driver but Whinger Spice and his boss really spoil things.

    2. @ben judging by his interviews he knows max was at fault otherwise he would be calling for Lewis head if he thought Lewis was at fault

    3. Taking a penalty at Sochi isn’t so bad. How many times have we seen the pole sitter get slip streamed and passed into turn one? That’s a long start finish straight.

  11. Exactly the penalty one would expect for something like this, but you never know until they actually hand it out.

    1. RandomMallard (@)
      12th September 2021, 17:55

      @f1osaurus For once, [gulp] I… I… I agree with you! Worth penalising, relatively lenient penalty for a pretty minor incident hugely exacerbated by the placement of the sausage kerb

      1. @randommallard It’s shocking that you finally see the light yes :)

    2. Lewis had his front left wheel less than a meter away from the white line on the apex of the second corner. He left no space for Max. He ran into him. Look at the footage how close his FL wheel was near the apex. This is dumb.