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Chance of rain during qualifying as cool Sao Paulo GP weekend begins

2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix weather

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[raceweekendpromotion]This weekend’s Sao Paulo Grand Prix is expected to see overcast conditions and considerably cooler temperatures than the last F1 race at Interlagos two years ago.

Friday is expected to be the coolest day of the weekend, with temperatures at a maximum of 17C, much lower than the 26C high for free practice in 2019. As this is a sprint weekend, qualifying that afternoon will be held in cool conditions, and could coincide with a shower as there is a 60% risk of rain after midday.

Saturday should see the skies lighten a little, with bright sunshine occasionally breaking through the clouds. Temperatures will increase slightly, to 19C, and the risk of rain will fade. The sprint qualifying race is more likely to be dry.

The general improvement in conditions will continue on Sunday, which is forecast to remain dry and become progressively sunnier. A weekend ambient high of 21C is forecast.

There will be moderately strong wind all weekend, coming from the south east. Friday will see the highest speeds of up to 40kph, while Saturday and Sunday will be limited to 30kph.

Fluctuations in the weather conditions could prove significant in the title battle. Mercedes’ trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin believes the cooler the temperatures become, the better things are for his team.

“The weather inherently is very unstable there, you can have a 50-degree track one day and it can be a wash-out the next,” he said. “I think if it is a hot circuit, then that’s probably going to move in their direction. A bit of cloud cover may well suit us.”

If that proves the case, Mercedes could have the upper hand in qualifying and sprint qualifying but Red Bull may be in a stronger position when it comes to race day.

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2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Chance of rain during qualifying as cool Sao Paulo GP weekend begins”

  1. As i said earlier it seems the rainfront is moving it was first rain on thurday, dry on Friday, Saterday and Sunday temps 18-19 and 24 on sunday. I checked it again and the front moved:
    Rain still Thurday, Friday, dry but cool Saterday and dry on Sunday, Monday Temps Friday 18C, Saterday 20C and Sunday 24C and Monday 27C

    So we have to watch the weather by day!

    1. @macleod

      So we have to watch the weather by day!

      +1. You’re absolutely spot on !
      I can assure you, having lived in Sampa, that you can witness the 4 seasons in a single day which is incredible.

      1. 4 seasons in one day i only witness that in the Ardennes (Belgium) very strange indeed. :)

        1. @tifoso1989 Latest check: seems the same what i said but only showers instead of rain…..

        2. @macleod
          I’ve worked in Belgium (Brussels) for one year and the weather seems pretty straightforward. Cloudy/rainy and cold for most of the year with the exception of the summer. I didn’t get the chance to go to the GP and experience what I used to see in the TV, though my Belgian colleagues used to tell me a lot about Les Ardennes region.

          1. @tifoso1989
            I think most Belgium collegues will told you about strange weather in the ardennes especialy when the summer lastst almost into the winter. But i had snow when i awoke in the summer in my tent getting hail in the aftermorning sun after noon closing with thuderstorms and pouring rain a bit like the Belgium GP. The Hills and valleys there can do strange things :)

          2. @macleod
            Snow in the summer, never heard of that before but it is Belgium :) Thanks for sharing !

          3. @tifoso1989, It was oktober i don’t call it summer it was hot the whole month like a after summer and suddenly the temperature dropped in the night and when i opened the tent it was white. Problem was our clothing was for the hot teperature 28C not for the -5C in the morning. It was really cold….

  2. The only wise decision they made about sprint quali was to set the last attempt on the year in São Paulo.
    Interlagos almost always allows good racing. Plus, we can see rain.
    So, the last impression about sprints will possibly be based on the race on variable weather conditions Interlagos.
    Yes, it can backfire – too much rain, forcing lengthy safety car outings or even postponing/cancellation.
    Not to mention the alleatory results from a rainy quali influencing on the championship result. I mean, no matter what something odd can happen with VER/HAM if the rain is too much.

  3. Divine intervention!


  4. Still remember in 2018, whenever it rained it was sure that Ferrari and Vettel (used to be good in wet) would struggle. Germany, Hungary race, Belgium QF, Suzuka QF – which played into HAM’s hands knowing how good he is in the wet.

    The problem for him though, is Max is just as good in the wet. So even with forecasted wet quali it wouldn’t be obvious who would most likely struggle/choke….

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